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Thu Oct 16 17:51:47 2014 UTClccn-nr20010001470.19Juntos pero no revueltos0.720.90Raza Espíritu de una raza /145872051nr20010001475388662lccn-n78011438Radiotelevisión Españolalccn-n89638607Saenz de Heredia, José Luis1911-lccn-n50068819Televisión Españolalccn-n95110508Rabal, Francisco1926-2001lccn-no99071034Mayo, Alfredo1911-1984lccn-n86094925Bardem, Juan Antonioausdrtlccn-n85273973Nieto, Josélccn-n85178912Mariscal, Analccn-no99071035Soler, Pilarlccn-no2003027800Silos, Blanca deDivisa Ediciones (Firm)DramaHistoryFilm adaptationsBiographyMotion picturesCriticism, interpretation, etcSpainMexicoMurderersDon Quixote (Fictitious character)Usigli, Rodolfo,Motion picturesTelevision mini-seriesRevolution (Mexico : 1910-1920)Insanity (Law)Ex-nunsBoysSingersManners and customsCivil War (Spain : 1936-1939)Motion pictures, SpanishMarried women--Social life and customsSpain--MadridCervantes Saavedra, Miguel de,Man-woman relationshipsFranco, Francisco,Don Quixote (Cervantes Saavedra, Miguel de)Heads of stateSerial murderersKings and rulersSpain--Granada (Reino)Bank robberiesOutlawsGay politiciansHusband and wifeGaysJealousyPinto, Mercedes,AdulteryMale homosexualityEmployee theftParent and childMiddle class familiesSpain--ToledoChildrenFamiliesMoroccoMurderArniches y Barrera, Carlos,France--Bordeaux (Aquitaine)Married peopleGoya, Francisco,ArtistsPaintersExpatriate artistsAuthors, Spanish19881995199619971998199920002001200220032004200620113006586791.4372PN1997ocn064435057272ocn052237294visu20020.90Raza Espíritu de una razaHistoryDramaPedro Churruca, a marine, has been killed in Cuba during the confrontation between Spain and the United States. His widow, Isabel Acuña educates her children to follow very different paths. Isabel lives with a military man; Jaime enters a monastary; Pedro pursues a political career, and José a military career. The Spanish Civil War provokes a disintegration of the family212ocn052579734visu20030.82Bardem, Juan AntonioCalle mayorDramaFilm adaptationsFor 18 years, since she left the convent, Isabel has passed her empty hours walking up and down the main street of her provincial town. Some bored young men decide that one of their number should pretend to court the spinster143ocn061667940visu20000.86Saenz de Heredia, José LuisFranco, ese hombreBiographyA documentary on the life of Francisco Franco, President of Spain, who was still alive during the making of the film132ocn145831604visu20030.82Fortunata y Jacinta Fortunata and JacintaDramaThe interpersonal relationships of men and women in Madrid's middle class during the last quarter of the 19th century113ocn129977633visu20010.74Mercero, AntonioLa guerra de papáDramaTold from a four-year-old's pespective, this film explores one day in the life of Quico (Lolo García), the child of a middle-class Madrid family102ocn052435619visu20010.50Cervantes Saavedra, Miguel deEl QuijoteCriticism, interpretation, etcDramaFilm adaptationsThe adventures of the legendary 'hidalgo' Don Quixote as written by Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra102ocn049233990visu19990.19Juntos pero no revueltosCast of characters living in the same tenement building. Negrete plays an opera singer looking for work but rejected for his antiquated style. The main plot revolves around the idea that Rodolfo (Negrete) falls in love and marries a woman carrying another man's child102ocn053202907visu19990.66Buñuel, LuisEnsayo de un crimenHistoryDramaFilm adaptationsArchibaldo de la Cruz's criminal life began on the eve of the Mexican Revolution, when he wished his nanny dead. A bullet blasted through the window and killed her. Thus begins his life of murder, alleged murder and insanity101ocn058602162visu20040.56El diputadoDramaPolitical thriller about a gay man high in the ranks of the Spanish Socialist party whose love affair with a 16-year-old boy jeopardizes the destiny of the nation. Previews follow feature film92ocn070151898visu20010.88Llanto por un bandidoHistoryDramaAn outlaw struggles against an unjust government in 19th century Spain92ocn053035721visu20020.84Requiem por GranadaHistoryDramaThe sad and glorious history of the kingdom of Granada, the bastion of the Islman in Spain, where for Eight hundred years the splendor of the art, science and the culture emulated the civilizations of Greece, Egypt and the Roman Empire. It is now besieged by the Christian crusaders. The machinations of Emir Muley Hassan, enamored with Sun the Isabel Christian, the confrontation with Kings Catcos, who receives a visionary adventurer called Col - they all form the frame of the intrigue, adventures and battles, which was the life of Boabdil, the last ruler of Granada81ocn054106834visu20030.82Fernández, RamónNo desearás al vecino del quintoDrama"The film focuses on Pedro Andreu,a handsome gynecologist living in the small, provincial city of Toledo. Pedro is in a constant struggle for clients, as many women are forbidden to see him based on fears and prejudices of their boyfriends or husbands. His neighbor, Antón, is successful in the fashion business as he pretends to be gay and can thus attract a female clientele whose husbands and families are not threatened by him. Both men meet up unexpectedly in Madrid and end up spending the week partying and sleeping with (mostly foreign) women in Antón's apartment. Meanwhile, Pedro's mother and girlfriend, alarmed at his disappearance, travel to Madrid to discover his whereabouts, and mistakenly confirm their suspicion that Pedro is having a gay relationship with Antón81ocn052676840visu20030.63Forqué, José MaríaAtraco a las tresDramaGalindo convinces his fellow employees to plan a hold-up in the bank where they work. They prepare everthing carefully, but real robbers arrive just before the fake ones82ocn144697820visu20010.59CeliaCelia is a seven year-old girl living in Madrid with her middle class family in the early 1930's. Her imagination and energy are the impulse behind numerous adventures which make home life anything but dull, both for Celia and for her parents72ocn042651514visu19960.84Arévalo, CarlosHarka!HistoryDramaDuring the Spanish-Moroccan conflict, Spanish officers fight in the desert against Africans. While some officers return to Spain, others die for love of duty and country in Morocco. One of the officers return to continue their quest in the desert72ocn052435708visu20020.70Cervantes Miguel de Cervantes SaavedraDramaFriends and enemies of Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra share their memories of episodes in the life of the author62ocn056720099visu19990.70Berlanga, Luis GarcíaEsa pareja felizDramaMotion picturesJuan and Carmen form a humble marriage in the city of Madrid, where she keeps the home and he works as an electrician at a local cinema studio. They see a chance to improve thier modest social condition when they are selected as the "happy pair" in a contest sponsored by a local brand of soap61ocn052716354visu20020.82Larreta, AntonioGoya 1746-1828DramaThis fictionalized account of the life of Francisco Goya focuses on the great artist's deep passion for the legendary Cayetana, the Duchess of Alba, a woman who inspired many masterpieces, completed secretly in a state of despair by a man tormented with depression and neurosis. Each of the six segments of the series deals with a specific time in Goya's work and life, as well as the society in which he lives62ocn059708170visu20000.19El pequeño ruiseñorDramaThe adventures of an altar boy named Joselito who lives with his grandfather in the bell tower of the church. Joselito has a prodigious voice, but his grandfather does not want him to sing. Despite his grandfather's wishes, Joselito sings at weddings and baptisms with the encouragement of the church's priest51ocn052698170visu20020.84Miguel Hernández viento del puebloDramaSeries that narrates the life of the Alicante author, Miguel Hernandez, one of the great poets of contemporary Spanish literature, from his birth in Orihuela in 1910 to his imprisonment and death in Alicante in 1942. Narrated in first person, the series shows Hernandez's personal and literary life, his friends, their loves and their ideas. Filmed on locationThu Oct 16 15:04:25 EDT 2014batch15347