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Thu Oct 16 17:52:07 2014 UTClccn-nr20020189240.23Back and forth De ida y vuelta /0.290.59La tarea Homework /152902520nr20020189245781513lccn-nr00023084Vanguard Cinema (Firm)dstlccn-no96058587Facets Video (Firm)lccn-no2003113375Cinemateca (Firm)lccn-no99038284Fuentes, Fernando de1894-1958proausdrtlccn-nr99005745Producciones Calderónlccn-n90638527Gout Abrego, Alberto1907-1966lccn-nr97045478Calderon, Pedro A.lccn-n81130561Junco Martínez, Tito1944-viaf-17434377Sevilla, Ninónlccn-nr97042699Palma, Andrea1903?-1987Condor Media (Firm)DramaHistoryFilm adaptationsInterviewsCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyFilm and video adaptationsMexicoArgentinaMotion picturesSocial historyRevolution (Mexico : 1910-1920)Motion pictures, MexicanVilla, Pancho,NightclubsYoung menWomenMuñoz, Rafael Felipe,Political scienceSoriano, OsvaldoUruguay--MontevideoMothers and sonsUruguayMale friendshipBoysManners and customsMan-woman relationshipsMexico--GuadalajaraRich peopleWidowsParents of gaysMale homosexualityLópez Páez, JorgeGay men--Relations with heterosexual womenGay fathersHuman rightsCubansCubaCivil rightsPolitical refugeesUnited StatesPolitical violenceSocial classesRanch lifeHomosexualityComputer programmersCastro, Fidel,Political prisonersHuman rights monitoringValls, Jorge,Revolution (Cuba : 1959)Economic historyRanchesMigrant laborTeachersSouth Orkney Islands--Falkland IslandsFalkland Islands War (1982)1988199920002001200220032004200520062007332063101791.4372PN1997ocn079683687ocn1877544792821ocn056125821visu20040.26AventureraDramaLeft alone after her mother runs off with another man and her father shoots himself, Elena attempts to make a new life for herself in Juarez but is drugged, seduced, and forced to work as a dancer and call girl in a nightclub. She soon rises to stardom as a dancer, but still plots revenge and escape2411ocn061325859visu20050.35Vamonos con Pancho Villa! = Let's go with Pancho Villa!HistoryDramaFilm and video adaptationsFilm adaptationsThis classic of Mexican cinema follows the adventures of six young men who leave their rural homes to join Pancho Villa's army. Together the men endure hardship, tragedy, and disillusionment for the cause of the Mexican Revolution2072ocn054770654visu20040.26Rebella, Juan Pablo25 wattsDramaThree young men in Montevideo drink beer, avoid responsibility, talk nonsense, encounter weird characters from the neighborhood and drift in a state of chronic boredom1743ocn055150789visu20040.33Botín de guerra Spoils of warHistoryFirst-hand accounts from the Grandmothers of the Plaza de Mayo, who dared to challenge the ruthless dictatorship of Argentina from 1976 to 1983 and have sought to find their missing grandchildren. Children now reunited with their families, and some who still hope to be, contribute1581ocn049932698visu20010.33Olivera, HéctorNo habrá más penas ni olvidoDramaFilm adaptationsA political difference erupts into a civil war in a small town in Argentina as Peronists clash with leftists in 1974. The film begins with slapstick-like violence that grows into deadly confrontations by the end of the film1471ocn055083642visu20040.26Nobody listenedHistoryInterviewsThe brutal methods employed by Castro's government to maintain power over the Cuban population are chronicled in this revelatory documentary. Includes testimony from former Castro comrades, Communist leaders and supporters of fallen dictator Batista1442ocn049499935visu20020.27La deuda interna Verónico CruzDramaFollows the life of an Indian boy, from his birth in remote Argentina, to his death in the Falklands/Malvinas war1332ocn050759372visu20020.23Back and forth De ida y vueltaDramaFiliberto, a Mexican migrant worker, returns to his home town after working for three years in the United States1121ocn050534283visu20020.23Felicidades Merry ChristmasDramaVarious people from disparate backgrounds find their lives unexpectedly intertwined on Christmas Eve1102ocn049694222visu20010.35Hermosillo, Jaime HumbertoDoña Herlinda y su hijo Doña Herlinda and her sonDramaFilm adaptationsFeature film. Rudolfo, a young batchelor doctor, has a love affair with a music student, Ramon. When Rudolfo's mother urges her son to get married, he asks Olga to become his wife. Dona Herlinda finds the solution to Ramon's unhappiness1081ocn166885441visu20070.29Allá en el Rancho GrandeDramaOrphaned siblings José Francisco and his sister Eulalia came to Rancho Grande to be watched over by their godmother Ángela. So did the unfortunate Cruz, their late mother's godchild, when she was orphaned as well. They grow up together with Felipe, the patron's son, who becomes José Francisco's best friend. Now Felipe has become the Patron, and has made José Francisco the manager. José Francisco is secretly in love with Cruz, but when Ángela notices that Felipe likes Cruz as well, a series of misunderstandings put their friendship to the test. This signature film marks the beginning of a new and distinctly Mexican genre, the comedia ranchera, which continues to be exploited in Mexican cinema. The classical hacienda (ranch) setting and its folkloric, romanticized nostalgia struck a chord with the Mexican middle class in the 1930s, doing much to establish mariachi as a national musical form1081ocn056474186visu20040.28La pelicula del rey A king and his movieDramaA touching look at the obsessions of a filmmaker. While making a movie about the real-life story of a historical figure who proclaimed himself King, he finds his own dreams of cinematic grandeur are quick to fall victim to the intrusion of reality972ocn166344138visu20070.23Si sos brujo una historia de tangoHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcThe story of a group of young Argentine musicians who want to start a tango orchestra school but they need the "old guard" -- the true tango maestros -- to lead them, to transmit and pass on their teachings, so the young musicians are racing to learn and preserve the elegant and nuanced music played by the legendary Golden Age tango orchestras of Buenos Aires in the 40's and 50's before the aging musical icons pass on883ocn050044426visu20020.29Olivera, HéctorA shadow you soon will be Una sombra ya pronto serásDramaFilm adaptationsA nameless washed-up computer programmer walks off into the endless pampas after the train he is on breaks down in the middle of nowhere. We follow him as he wanders through forgotten towns, deserted hotels, abandoned highways and broken dreams, encountering along the road a succession of equally lost souls, including a globe-trotting gambler, a circus owner whose performers left him "because the whole country was a circus" and a tarot reader with large gaps in her knowledge of the future824ocn049333656visu20000.27LisboaDramaA tacky Portuguese traveling salesman gives a lift to a woman who is mysterious, sexy, possibly insane and filled with one surprise after another. She wishes to run away to Lisboa with him and initially he accommodates her. Then her maliciously psychotic family shows up to make matters worse. More confused by the mile, the matter turns darker when her unpleasant husband catches up with them802ocn050044378visu20020.25LoloDramaStory of an outcast boy living in Mexico City who is hunted and blackmailed after killing a woman722ocn049049015visu20010.26The road El caminoDramaA family funeral offers Manuel the chance to search for the father he never met. He departs on his motorcycle across Patagonia and finds romance on the road with Carolina, a young photographer. Their bond is quickly tested when Manuel is dragged off to jail and escapes while the police are beating another inmate to death. The lovers are now on the run from a murderous cop determined to kill Manuel, his only witness682ocn050304568visu20020.23Bandidos BanditsHistoryDramaIn 1913, during a disturbing era filled with danger, a young boy escapes a bunch of bandits in the forest outside the boarding school where he lives. When he returns he finds that the bandits have ransacked the school and killed many of his schoolmates. Everyone else has fled, leaving him abandoned. The next day a gang of aspiring bandits around his own age show up and he reluctantly joins them. They go across the countryside robbing people at gunpoint, and planning to seek revenge on the bandits who destroyed the school623ocn051796318visu20020.59La tarea HomeworkDramaA film student secretly uses a camcorder during a sexual tryst with her ex-lover who helps her complete her "homework" assignment603ocn048922934visu20020.24Rompe el albaHistoryBiographyDramaThis is based on the true story of the life of Pedro J. Gonzalez. As a boy of sixteen Pedro fought in the Mexican Revolution of 1910. For the next seven years he served under General Pancho Villa. Eventually he came to the United States with his wife and worked to better the lives of Mexican-Americans in California during the Depression years and to help reform the California penal systemThu Oct 16 15:43:55 EDT 2014batch16303