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Fri Mar 21 17:11:34 2014 UTClccn-nr20030305350.00Photoetchings /0.701.00Doubling back /34402646nr20030305356171100lccn-n80036752Limited Editions Clublccn-n2009070705Limited Editions Club Collection (Library of Congress)lccn-nr95038335Wingate Studioprtlccn-no2006044019Carr, Dan1951-prtlccn-nr95036799Ferrari, Juliaprtlccn-nr95036798Golgonooza Letter Foundryprtlccn-n79070121Carpentier, Alejo1904-1980lccn-n50036277Chandler, Bruce1945-prtlccn-n80014418De Onís, Harriet1899-1969trllccn-n79054652Hersey, John1914-1993Pettengill, PeterFictionHistoryPoetryLove storiesArtists' booksPictorial worksCatalogsRevolution (Haiti : 1791-1804)HaitiJapanLove storiesGeishasPeru--Machu Picchu SiteUnited StatesManners and customsSouthern StatesRace relationsMusic--Instruction and studyJazzRussian poetryInsomniaArtists' illustrated booksDolls in artDollsClownsClowns in artArtists' booksYoung womenJapanese fictionFictionMan-woman relationshipsEnglishNew York (State)--New YorkPlimpton, Sarah,PrintmakersArtists' studiosAndrews, Benny,Burnside, R. L.--(Rural L.),Printing presses198019841985198719901996199820002001200220032004200520081791818895.6344PQ7389.C263ocn017668748ocn038866131ocn052973318ocn064180226ocn044944557ocn465223439ocn465223836ocn065218858471ocn017668748book19870.50Carpentier, AlejoThe kingdom of this worldHistoryFictionIn this orgy of voodoo, race hatred, madness, and erotomania, Alejo Carpentier records the destruction of King Henri Christophe's black regime, which was built on the same corruption and contempt for human life that brought down French rule while embodying its same hollow grandeur of false elegance attained only through slave labor241ocn023095014book19900.28Kawabata, YasunariSnow countryFictionLove storiesWith the brushstroke suggestiveness and astonishing grasp of motive that won him the Nobel Prize for Literature, Yasunari Kawabata tells a story of wasted love set amid the desolate beauty of western Japan, the snowiest region on earth. It is there, at an isolated mountain hotspring, that the wealthy sophisticate Shimamura meets the geisha Komako, who gives herself to him without regrets, knowing that their passion cannot last. Shimamura is a dilettante of the feelings; Komako has staked her life on them. Their affair can have only one outcome. Yet, in chronicling its doomed course, one of Japan's greatest modern writers creates a novel dense in implication and exalting in its sadness211ocn038866131book19980.93Neruda, PabloThe heights of Macchu PicchuPoetry171ocn064180226book20050.88O'Connor, FlanneryEverything that rises must convergeCatalogsFictionPictorial works171ocn052973318book20030.90Angelou, MayaMusic, deep rivers in my soulPoetry141ocn060858616book20040.98Murakami, HarukiSleepFictionArtists' books131ocn044944557book20000.73Akhmatova, Anna AndreevnaRequiem81ocn054742302book19960.92Lauterbach, AnnA clown, some colors, a doll, her stories, a song, a moonlit covePoetry51ocn049178564book20010.97Plimpton, SarahEdges are stepsArtists' books21ocn237064512book20041.00Plimpton, SarahBlack palette21ocn055522422book20021.00Plimpton, SarahThe over and over21ocn076873142book20051.00Plimpton, SarahDoubling back21ocn037996927book19960.47Plimpton, SarahNothing could be said11ocn689277376book1980LeWitt, SolPhotoetchings11ocn279263160book20081.00Plimpton, SarahFor now11ocn465223836visu19840.47Thiebaud, WayneNeighborhood ridge [art reproduction]11ocn465223439visu19850.47Thiebaud, WayneWide downstreet [art reproduction]11ocn065218858visu20050.10Bok, GideonWingate Studio with Aldo's press threnody for R.L. BurnsidePictorial worksPanoramic print depicting the interior of the Wingate Studio, a master print workshop in southwestern New Hampshire. A large printing press occupies the foreground and a smaller working room is depicted in the background. The activity of the artists and printers are sketched in lightly as our bottles and other objects. Sketches of three male figures playing electric guitar are shown behind the printing press. As the subtitle indicates, the print was also created as a memorial for R.L. Burnside, a blues musician who died in September of 2005Fri Mar 21 15:58:53 EDT 2014batch9485