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Thu Oct 16 17:59:37 2014 UTClccn-nr20040114580.01Just the thing! /0.040.08Robin and the monk /73804057nr20040114586325119lccn-n98066830Remphry, Martinillfast-1098963Robin Hood (Legendary character)lccn-n96068454Oliver, Mark1960-lccn-nb99079464Chapman, Lynne1960-illlccn-n91035856Philpot, Grahamilllccn-nb99086841Hall, Franc╠žoisilllccn-n2006017183Joliffe, Nedlccn-n2001040180Brown, Jo1964-illns-al fictitious character harveyAl (Fictitious character : Harvey)ns-crank fictitious character harveyCrank (Fictitious character : Harvey)Harvey, DamianFictionJuvenile worksPictorial worksPoetryFolkloreLegendsRobin Hood (Legendary character)RobotsGorillaItchingJungle animalsCakeDinosaursPiratesPrincessesPorcupinesChildren's poetry, EnglishFriendshipRunning racesCave dwellersMonstersCowboysDucksCrocodilesMother and childRecycling centersHuntingPrehistoric peoplesBirthdaysKings and rulersQueensAnimalsAntsHeroesPartiesHaunted housesKnights and knighthoodArchery--TournamentsRacingFills (Earthwork)Automobile graveyardsFriarsFolkloreEnglandOutlawsFriar Tuck (Legendary character)Children's storiesFamilies20042005200620072008200920102011201220132014842660155823.92PZ7.H2674734231ocn057549694book20050.01Harvey, DamianJust the thing!Juvenile worksFictionBig Gorilla tries everything to relieve the pesky itch in the middle of his back, from rubbing against a tree to rolling in the mud, until he finds the solution close at hand+-+55589141253625ocn057170186book20040.01Harvey, DamianA gift for the kingJuvenile worksFictionThe king is having a birthday and the baker has prepared a special treat, but it is young Tom's responsibility to see that the treat arrives in good condition+-+98220149253243355ocn057192984book20040.01Harvey, DamianOggy and the dinosaurJuvenile worksFictionPictorial worksWhen a prehistoric hunter chases a dinosaur to its cave, he suddenly becomes the hunted+-+83556224063142ocn057170187book20040.01Harvey, DamianMake way for the queen!Juvenile worksFictionUpon hearing that the queen is coming, each animal and all the townspeople envision very different looking royal visitors+-+67656224062894ocn070986481book20060.06Harvey, DamianRobin and the knightJuvenile worksFictionPictorial works"I can hear someone," said Robin. "It looks like a rich, lazy knight," said Little John. "Let's take his money to give to the poor." But as he rode closer, Robin and Little John could see the knight's clothes were torn and dirty+-+14411149253242855ocn225365271book20060.06Harvey, DamianRobin and the silver arrowJuvenile worksFolkloreFictionLegendsThe Sheriff of Nottingham is holding an archery competition and the winner will receive a silver arrow. Can Robin Hood win the prize without being caught?+-+24311149253242783ocn056876134book20050.01Harvey, DamianA band of dirty piratesJuvenile worksFictionPictorial worksJolly Roger and his pirates are all dirty. What will happen when Roger's mom visits them?+-+60066224062733ocn060794461book20050.06Harvey, DamianThe princess and the porcupinesJuvenile worksFictionThe king and queen want only the finest for Princess Petunia, so they devise a difficult test that her suitor must pass before they will allow her to marry+-+69961149253242715ocn070986486book20060.06Harvey, DamianRobin and the friarJuvenile worksFictionPictorial worksWhen Robin Hood hears of a friar who is better at archery than either him or his merry men, he just has to find him! But will Robin and Friar Tuck be friends?+-+87521149253242694ocn225385855book20060.08Harvey, DamianRobin and the monkJuvenile worksFictionRobin Hood and Little John have an argument on their way to nottingham. Then a monk spots Robin and tells the Sheriff!+-+82311149253242525ocn057484559book20050.01Harvey, DamianThe monster partyJuvenile worksFictionPoetry"Every night at 12 o'clock, the haunted house begins to rock! Why not join the monster fun?"-- cover+-+08861149253242475ocn070400475book20060.06Harvey, DamianSnail's legsJuvenile worksFictionPictorial worksTwo friends, Snail and Frog, race to show who has stronger legs, unsure of how the winner will help a chef make the king a birthday treat+-+87662509362363ocn805417820com20100.06Harvey, DamianDirty deedsJuvenile worksFictionMeet the Mudcrusts! Lowbrow Mudcrust is the lumbering, lazy head of the family, who is happiest when he is squelching his toes in the slime. That doesn't stop his wife Flora from nagging him and reminding him that he's not the chief of the tribe. Their two children, Bogweed and Fungus, are always fighting. Although Fungus doesn't have Bogweed's brute strength, he is does have more brains. The first book in the Mudcrusts series, Dirty Deeds follows the quest of Flora to move out of their hut into a nice cave with a view+-+60386635963242313ocn067871687book20060.06Harvey, DamianBig bad BartJuvenile worksFictionPictorial works+-+21631149253242272ocn062714347book20060.06Harvey, DamianMonster cakeJuvenile worksFictionThere once was a baker who baked a huge cake - not just any old cake, but a monster cake! What will he put in it?+-+44531149253242252ocn062714346book20060.06Harvey, DamianCaptain CoolJuvenile worksFictionPoetry+-+86401149253242213ocn074525131book20070.06Harvey, DamianSnapJuvenile worksFictionPictorial worksWhen Mother Duck finds a lone lost egg, she decides to take it under her wing and raise it as her own. One by one, all her eggs hatch, and Mother Duck loves all her little ducklings, no matter how different they may be. A clever spin on the "Ugly Duckling" story, this tale is bound to be a hit+-+60137189362102ocn055625173book20040.06Harvey, DamianCockerel's big eggJuvenile worksFiction+-+82120149253242065ocn260205998book20080.06Harvey, DamianTunnel racersJuvenile worksFiction"Wandering through an enormous junk yard, our heroes find themselves entering a hidden robot world." (publisher)+-+31399459853242053ocn260205995book20080.06Harvey, DamianThe tin manJuvenile worksFictionThe robo-tastic new series of the year, from a hugely talented storyteller+-+9939945985324+-+5558914125+-+5558914125Thu Oct 16 15:42:06 EDT 2014batch15856