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Verhoeven, Ludo Th

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Most widely held works by Ludo Th Verhoeven
Narrative development in a multilingual context( )

21 editions published in 2001 in English and Multiple languages and held by 1,726 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

The results of a number of empirical studies of the development of narrative construction within a multilingual context are presented and discussed. Developmental relations between form and function are studied across a range of functional categories, such as temporality, and perspective
The Construct of language proficiency : applications of psychological models to language assessment by Ludo Th Verhoeven( )

22 editions published in 1992 in English and held by 1,686 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

A collection of essays on first and second language proficiency from the fields of psychology and linguistics includes the following: "Modeling and Assessing Language Proficiency" (John H.A.L. de Jong, Ludo Verhoeven); "The Construct of Grammar in Early Language Development" (Folkert Kuiken); "Dimensions in Grammatical Proficiency" (Wim H.J. van Bon); "Monitoring Reading and Spelling Achievement" (Martin J.C. Mommers, Johan H.L. Oud); "Speech Activity Theory and Reading Comprehension Assessment" (Eduard Bol, Giel Gresnigt, Mariette J. de Haan); "Assessment of Reading Disabilities" (Aryan van der Leij, Harry Smeets); "Information Analysis in Written Discourse" (Carel van Wijk); "Large Scale Writing Assessment" (Henk Blok, Kees de Glopper); "Differential Item Functioning" (Frank Kok); "Assessment of Bilingual Proficiency" (Verhoeven); "Self-Assessment of Minority Language Proficiency" (Kees de Bot); "Exploring the Second Language Learner Lexicon" (Anne Vermeer); "Modeling Communicative Second Language Competence" (Verhoeven, Vermeer); "Modeling and Assessing Foreign Language Loss" (Erik Schils, Bert Weltens); and "Dimensions in Oral Foreign Language Proficiency" (de Jong, Lieneke W. van Ginkel). (Mse)
Precursors of functional literacy( )

15 editions published in 2002 in English and held by 1,655 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

The purpose of this volume is to present recent research in the field of the acquisition of functional literacy and its precursors. The volume aims to capture the state of the art in this rapidly expanding field. An attempt is made to clarify the vague and often inconsistent definitions of functional literacy from the perspective of development. Cognitive, linguistic, educational, and social factors of literacy development are all taken into account. The volume consists of three subsequent parts. The first part goes into phonological precursors of literacy development. In this part the focus i
Immigrant languages in Europe by Guus Extra( )

22 editions published between 1992 and 1993 in English and Undetermined and held by 1,583 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Papers from a 1990 Dutch colloquium on immigrant language varieties in Europe are presented in four categories: (1) use of immigrant language varieties in Europe; (2) first language acquisition in a second language context; (3) code-switching; and (4) language maintenance and loss. Papers include: "Sweden Finnish" (Jarmo Lainio); "South Asian Languages in Britain" (Safder Alladina); "a Bilingual Perspective on Turkish and Moroccan Children and Adults in the Netherlands" (Guus Extra, Ludo Verhoeven); "Croatian or Serbian as a Diaspora Language in Western Europe" (Andrina Pavlinic); "Turkish Language Development in Germany" (Carol Pfaff); "Turkish Language Development in the Netherlands" (Anneli Schaufeli); "Summative Assessment of Ethnic Group Language Proficiency" (Jeroen Aarssen, Jan Jaap de Ruiter, Ludo Verhoeven); "Parental Attitudes towards Child Bilingualism in the Nordic Countries" (Sirkku Latomaa); "Code-Copying in Immigrant Turkish" (Lars Johanson); "Turkish-Dutch Code-Switching and the Frame-Process Model" (Ad Backus); "Code-switching and Borrowing in an Arabic-Dutch Context" (Jacomine Nortier); "Finns and Americans in Sweden: Patterns of Linguistic Incorporation from Swedish" (Paula Andersson); "Immigrant Minority Languages and Education in Sweden" (Sally Boyd); "Romani at the Crossroads" (Donald Kenrick); "Methodological Issues in Language Shift Research" (Koen Jaspaert, Sjaak Kroon); and "Lexical Aspects of Language Attrition and Shift" (Kees de Bot, Bert Weltens). (Mse)
Ethnic minority children acquiring literacy by Ludo Th Verhoeven( )

20 editions published between 1987 and 2011 in English and Undetermined and held by 1,389 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Functional literacy : theoretical issues and educational implications by Ludo Th Verhoeven( )

16 editions published in 1994 in English and held by 1,374 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

The purpose of the volume is to open up new perspectives in the study of literacy by bringing together current research findings from linguistics, psychology, sociology and anthropology. The book divides into five parts. The first part deals with theoretical questions related to the definition and the modeling of the construct of functional literacy. The second part goes into the notion of literacy development. Both societal and individual aspects of literacy development are taken into account. In the next two parts the actual achievement of literacy in various regions of the world is dealt wi
Bilingualism and migration( )

20 editions published between 1998 and 1999 in English and held by 1,249 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

This book focuses on bilingualism in the context of migration and minorization processes. Its aim is to integrate recent research in this fast growing field of scientific and social interest into a single and coherent academic reference. The book has four parts. Part One goes into processes of early bilingual development. Part Two focuses on bilingual development of children at school age. In Part Three the constraints in processes of code-switching and borrowing are dealt with. Part Four discusses the issues related to processes of language maintenance and language loss. Taken from these four perspectives, the volume offers a comprehensive state of the art, with contributions from different combinations of language parts
Literacy and motivation : reading engagement in individuals and groups by Ludo Th Verhoeven( )

18 editions published in 2001 in English and held by 1,246 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

The central question in this volume is how to create a society of "engaged readers" in today's world, where reading is increasingly overruled by other media, such as television and personal computers. Engaged readers, as the term is used in this book, means readers who are socially interactive, strategic, and motivated. This state-of-the-art review contains research on integrating cognitive, social, and motivational aspects of reading and reading instruction, the chapter authors argue that coming to grips with the notion of engagement in literacy requires redefining literacy itself to acknowledge the degree to which it is not only a cognitive accomplishment, but a social activity and an affective commitment as well. Promoting literacy acquisition thus requires interventions that address attitudes and beliefs as much as those that assure cognitive changes in learners. Equally important, the authors posit that literacy engagement involves the integration of cognitive strategies and motivational goals during literate activities. This necessary link between literacy and motivation is addressed from a variety of perspectives. Acknowledging the value of cross-national and cross-cultural comparisons, the book features chapters on the promotion of literacy in different regions around the world
Classification of developmental language disorders : theoretical issues and clinical implications by Ludo Th Verhoeven( )

19 editions published between 2003 and 2010 in English and held by 1,145 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Offering perspectives on the origins and development of language disorders, this book addresses the question: how can the child's linguistic environment be restructured so that children at risk can develop important adaptive skills in the domains of self-care, social interaction and problem-solving?
Developmental perspectives in written language and literacy : in honor of Ludo Verhoeven by Eliane Segers( )

8 editions published in 2017 in English and held by 975 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Research on the development on written language and literacy is inherently multidisciplinary. In this book, leading researchers studying brain, cognition and behavior, come together in revealing how children develop written language and literacy, why they may experience difficulties, and which interventions may help those who struggle. Each chapter provides an overview of a specific area of expertise, focusing on typical and atypical development, providing steps for future research, and discussing practical implications of the work. The book covers areas of bilingualism, dyslexia, reading comprehension, learning to read, atypical populations, intervention, and new media. Thus, the book presents a comprehensive overview of the current state of affairs in this field of research. The various book chapters have been written by researchers who all have collaborated at some point in their careers with Ludo Verhoeven, whose research sets the example for the importance of crossing disciplinary borders to research to take the next, important steps. The combination of the research in this book sets the stage for future research that connects various fields, and hopes to inspire anyone interested in the development of written language and literacy
Acquisition of Reading in Dutch by Ludo Th Verhoeven( )

8 editions published between 1990 and 2016 in English and Undetermined and held by 668 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Language acquisition is a human endeavor par excellence. As children, all human beings learn to understand and speak at least one language: their mother tongue. It is a process that seems to take place without any obvious effort. Second language learning, particularly among adults, causes more difficulty. The purpose of this series is to compile a collection of high-quality monographs on language acquisition. The series serves the needs of everyone who wants to know more about the problem of language acquisition in general and/or about language acquisition in specific contexts
Literacy development in a multilingual context : cross-cultural perspectives by Aydin Yücesan Durgunoğlu( Book )

14 editions published between 1998 and 2013 in English and held by 490 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

During the past decades, literacy has gradually become a major concern all over the world. Though there is a great diversity in both the distribution and degree of literacy in different countries, there has been an increasing awareness of the number of illiterates and the consequences of being illiterate. However, literacy is no longer seen as a universal trait. When one focuses on culturally-sensitive accounts of reading and writing practices, the concept of literacy as a single trait does not seem very feasible. A multiplicity of literacy practices can be distinguished which are related to specific cultural contexts and associated with relations of power and ideology. As such, literacy can be seen as a lifelong context-bound set of practices in which an individual's needs vary with time and place. This volume explores the use of literacy outside the mainstream in different contexts throughout the world. It is divided into four sections. Section 1 presents an anthropological perspective--analyzing the society and the individual in a society. Section 2 presents a psychological perspective--focusing on the individuals themselves and analyzing the cognitive and affective development of young children as they acquire literacy in their first and second languages. Section 3 presents an educational perspective--highlighting the variations in educational approaches in different societies as well as the outcomes of these approaches. Section 4 summarizes the studies presented in this volume. Both theoretical issues and educational implications related to the development of literacy in two languages are discussed. An attempt is also made to open up new directions in the study of literacy development in multilingual contexts by bringing these various disciplinary perspectives together
Relating events in narrative( Book )

in English and held by 293 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Relating Events in Narrative, Volume 2: Typological and Contextual Perspectives edited by Sven Strömqvist and Ludo Verhoeven, is the much anticipated follow-up volume to Ruth Berman and Dan Slobin's successful ""frog-story studies"" book, Relating Events in Narrative: A Crosslinguistic Developmental Study (1994). Working closely with Ruth Berman and Dan Slobin, the new editors have brought together a wide range of scholars who, inspired by the 1994 book, have all used Mercer Mayer's Frog, Where Are You? as a basis for their research. The new book, which is divided into two parts, features a
Relating events in narrative : volume 2 : typological and contextual perspectives by Sven Strömqvist( )

22 editions published between 2003 and 2014 in English and Undetermined and held by 266 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Psychologists, and linguists from a wide range of countries present a comparative study of elicited narrative production across languages, cultures, modalities (speech, sign, writing), and settings. Inspired by Ruth Berman and Dan Slobin's 1994 A Cross-Linguistic Developmental Study, they also use Mercer Mayer's wordless picture booklet Frog, Where Are You? (1969) as the basis of their research. Indeed the CiP data shows the subtitle as Volume 2 of the Frog Story Studies. Among the typological perspectives are the focus on action in motion descriptions in West Greenlandic, and position and motion in Tzeltal frog stories. Contextual perspectives include a comparison of the interplay between narrativity and mindreading in Turkish and English, and form-function relations in Spanish narratives by bilingual and monolingual speakers. Annotation : 2004 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (
Problems and interventions in literacy development by R. Malatesha Joshi( Book )

12 editions published between 1998 and 2011 in English and held by 193 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

The present volume integrates recent research in the field of literacy problems and interventions into a single academic reference. The book captures the state of the art in this rapidly expanding field, and consists of an introduction and four subsequent parts. Part 1 examines the course of literacy development. Contemporary theoretical accounts are presented of acquisitional processes in learning to read. The second part focuses on the causes of literacy problems. Different neuropsychological and psycholinguistic approaches are proposed to explain the occurrence of literacy problems. The next parts deal with interventions. Part 3 discusses the benefits of training of metalinguistic awareness. In the final part the focus is on interventions at the word level and beyond. The book can be seen as a key reference for graduate students, scholars in the field of literacy acquisition and literacy problems. It is also of interest for practitioners working in the field of assessment and remediation of reading problems
Interactive literacy education : facilitating literacy environments through technology( Book )

4 editions published in 2008 in English and held by 192 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

'Interactive Literacy Education' combines the latest research and theory related to technology-based instructional design for children's literacy development
Learning to read across languages and writing systems by Ludo Th Verhoeven( )

16 editions published between 2017 and 2020 in English and held by 192 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

"The Chinese script is one of the oldest in the world. In fact, among the few scripts in use before 1000 BC, Chinese is the only one still used (Taylor & Taylor, 1995). The earliest Chinese characters were pictograms, however over time Chinese evolved into a logographic script (DeFrancis, 1984). Today, there is considerable diversity both in the Chinese script itself, and in reading instruction across the different Chinese-speaking societies. The Chinese government simplified 2,238 commonly used characters in 1964 . Simplified characters are now used in Mainland China and Singapore, whereas traditional characters have been kept in Hong Kong and Taiwan. Although most Chinese children receive reading instruction only in simplified or traditional characters, it seems relatively easy for an educated person to read the other form. However, simplification is highly controversial, because characters not only represent a writing system but also embody a 5000-year old culture and tradition. Pinyin is used as an auxiliary alphabet in Mainland China to denote character pronunciation. Pinyin consists of the 26 letters of the Roman alphabet plus u and is completely transparent in letter-sound correspondences. Zhuyinfuhao (phonetic symbols), a phonetic system made up of ancient characters and character components, is used in Taiwan. No transliteration systems areused in Hong Kong. 1.3. Literacy and schooling"--
Community languages in the Netherlands( Book )

10 editions published between 1993 and 2007 in English and held by 141 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

A collection of contributions concerning the use of language of minority groups in the Netherlands. - For abstract see: Adion : onderwijsliteratuur, jrg. 12, nr. 8 (augustus 1994); p. 23
Developmental dyslexia across languages and writing systems by Ludo Th Verhoeven( )

7 editions published in 2019 in English and No Linguistic content and held by 140 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

A systematic multi-disciplinary study of the language and writing systems affecting the emergence of dyslexia. The study challenges theoretical claims that stem from single language research and single discipline viewpoints. It will appeal to students and researchers working on language acquisition, psycholinguistics and language disorders
The cross-linguistic study of bilingual development( Book )

14 editions published in 1994 in English and held by 135 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

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