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Fri Mar 21 17:12:23 2014 UTClccn-nr890054720.00Hymns of the Spirit0.661.00Courage! or, The days of our fathers, a record and remembrance of the spirit of Great Britain a hundred years ago, from the works of Sydney Smith, William Blake...[and others] recalled in 1915,61389260nr 890054722521053ドレーパー, ウイリヤム エイチlccn-n79092622Petrarca, Francesco1304-1374lccn-n79069876Donne, John1572-1631lccn-n50026466Walton, Izaak1593-1683lccn-n79056546Carroll, Lewis1832-1898lccn-no2002009114Fremantle, W. H.(William Henry)1831-1916lccn-n81107923Goodacre, Selwyn Hughnp-bodington$sir nathan$1848 1911BodingtonSir Nathan1848-1911lccn-n80126290AugustineSaint, Bishop of Hippolccn-n79056234Church of Englandlccn-n78095603Francisof Assisi, Saint1182-1226lyrDraper, William Henry1855-1933MeditationsPrayersSermonsFictionChristian fictionMusical settingsHistoryManuscriptsMeditationsDevotional literatureSickRelapsing fever--Patients--Religious lifeDiseases--Religious aspects--ChristianityBooks and readingPetrarca, Francesco,Dialogues, Latin (Medieval and modern)DeathSermons, EnglishGreat BritainUniversity extensionDraper, William Henry,Augustine,--Saint, Bishop of HippoCarroll, Lewis,Imaginary conversationsReligionDialoguesAlgeria--Hippo (Extinct city)Christian saintsLiteratureChurch of EnglandPatriotic poetry, EnglishTravelChoruses, Sacred (Mixed voices, 4 parts) with organChoruses, Sacred (Mixed voices, 4 parts) with pianoPrayersFrancis,--of Assisi, Saint,Passion of Jesus ChristChoruses, Sacred (Mixed voices) with organChoruses, Sacred (Children's voices) with instrumental ensembleGoutChoruses, Sacred (Children's voices) with organChoruses, Sacred (Mixed voices) with instrumental ensembleJesus ChristChoruses, Sacred (Unison) with pianoLaw reports, digests, etcOntarioPhysiciansChoruses, Sacred (Mixed voices, 4 parts) with keyboard instrumentHarvard UniversityNew York (State)--New YorkSacred songs with pianoSacred songs with organMusic--Instruction and studyPrinceton UniversityUnited StatesColumbia UniversityMediationYale University18551933185718611875187918881894189518971898189919001904190719091911191219141915191619211923192519261927192819401945196919711972197519781984198919921994199920012002200420052010201271769127242BV4831ocn000688861ocn001937472ocn276294515ocn681069752ocn657356231ocn460425578ocn835446343ocn639878889ocn001892545ocn466141782ocn043268993ocn023827947ocn46408979620411ocn001025501book19110.73Petrarca, FrancescoPetrarch's Secret : or, The soul's conflict with passion; three dialogues between himself and S. AugustineFictionChristian fiction1156ocn000688861book19250.35Donne, JohnDevotions upon emergent occasions together with Death's duelMeditationsSermonsPrayers833ocn001052010book19230.81Draper, William HenryUniversity extension; a survey of fifty years, 1873-1923536ocn001937472book19210.56Fremantle, W. HRecollections of Dean Fremantle, chiefly by himself445ocn002885683book19120.56Draper, William HenrySir Nathan Bodington, first vice-chancellor of the University of Leeds; a memoir304ocn011994069book19270.70Draper, William HenryA picture of religion in England todayHistory176ocn697762958com19070.79Carroll, LewisFeeding the mindBreakfast, dinner, tea; in extreme cases, breakfast, luncheon, dinner, tea, supper, and a glass of something hot at bedtime. What care we take about feeding the lucky body! Which of us does as much for his mind? And what causes the difference? Is the body so much the more important of the two? By no means: but life depends on the body being fed, whereas we can continue to exist as animals (scarcely as men) though the mind be utterly starved and neglected. Therefore Nature provides that, in case of serious neglect of the body, such terrible consequences of discomfort and pain shall ensue, as will soon bring us back to a sense of our duty: and some of the functions necessary to life she does for us altogether, leaving us no choice in the matter. It would fare but ill with many of us if we were left to superintend our own digestion and circulation. 'Bless me!' one would cry, 'I forgot to wind up my heart this morning! To think that it has been standing still for the last three hours!' 'I can't walk with you this afternoon,' a friend would say, 'as I have no less than eleven dinners to digest. I had to let them stand over from last week, being so busy, and my doctor says he will not answer for the consequences if I wait any longer!'152ocn016810940book18880.88Addresses at the inauguration of the new college building, September 29th, 1887 : and of the Sloane Maternity Hospital and the Vanderbilt Clinic, December 29th, 1887112ocn032877011book19140.79Draper, William HenryPoems of the love of England61ocn030499913score19280.31Chapman, E. TAll creatures of our God and king : four-part S.A.T.B.52ocn029155500book18750.95Draper, William HenryOn the nature of the gouty vice54ocn043667783score19280.53Chapman, E. TAll creatures of our God and KingMusical settingsManuscripts+-+569326983532442ocn019839508book18980.73A harvest of myrrh and spices gathered from the mysteries of the Lord's passion (1610)Meditations41ocn639996081score20100.73Tucker, Margaret RAll creatures of our God and king : unison/two part (treble or mixed), SAB, SATB, or combined choirs with organ, congregation, optional flute (or violin), and optional 2 octaves handbell42ocn034439021book19151.00Draper, William HenryCourage! or, The days of our fathers, a record and remembrance of the spirit of Great Britain a hundred years ago, from the works of Sydney Smith, William Blake...[and others] recalled in 191532ocn771156180book19090.56Draper, William HenryAdel and its Norman church; a history of the parish and church from the earliest down to the present time31ocn083006297book18610.96Upper CanadaReports of cases decided in the Court of King's Bench, of Upper Canada : containing the cases determined from Michaelmas Term 10 Geo. IV., to Easter Term 1 Wm.. IV ; with a table of the names of cases argued, and digest of the principal matters32ocn034655463score19270.81Williams, GerrardAll creatures of our God and king : Lasst uns erfreuenMusical settings32ocn559721719book1926Draper, William HenryHymns of the Spirit32ocn776806226book18980.47HARVESTA Harvest of Myrrh and Spices gathered from the Mysteries of the Lord's Passion, 1610. Translated from the Latin by W. H. Draper371ocn012190035book19840.92Goodacre, Selwyn HughFeeding the mind : a celebration of Lewis Carroll's visit to Alfreton in 188411ocn826803992book20121.00Lovett, Charles CFeeding the mind : a new chapter in the publication history of a 'Sparkle from the pen of Lewis Carroll'11ocn691225346art18990.10King, MosesWilliam Henry Draper, M.D.: Consulting Physician St. Luke's, Presbyterian, Trinity, New York and Roosevelt HospitalsBiographyPortraits11ocn154315957art19000.10Chamberlain, Joshua LawrenceDraper, William Henry: Columbia A.B. 1851History+-+5693269835324+-+5693269835324Fri Mar 21 15:42:16 EDT 2014batch16174