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Thu Feb 12 22:00:53 2015 UTClccn-nr900040130.23Jiang Zemin de li shi kao juan : cong Shi wu da zou xiang er shi yi shi ji = China under Jiang Zemin /0.590.96Jiang Zemin pou xi /106111189Jiang_Zeminnr 900040132712287Caṅ-tse-rmin 1926-Chiang, Tse-min.Chiang, Tse-min 1926-Czian, Czėminʹ, 1926-Czjan, Czėmin' 1926-Gang, Taeg-min 1926- koreanGang, Taeg-min korean. 1926-Jiang, Ze min 1926-Jiang ZeminJiang, Zemin 1926-Jiyang, Ze Min 1926-Jyang, Zemin 1926-Kang, T'aeng-min 1926- koreanKang, T'aeng-min korean. 1926-Kiang, Tsö-minKō, TakuminKō, Takumin 1926-T︠S︡zi︠a︡n, T︠S︡zėminʹ 1926-Zemin, Jiang.Zemin Jiang 1926-Цзиан, Цзэминь, 1926-コウ, タクミン 1926-江 澤民 1926-江, 泽民, 1962-....江沢民 1926-江泽民.江澤民 1926-lccn-nr97033450Zheng, Yongnianautlccn-n97106172Gilley, Bruce1966-autlccn-n82142336Wong, John1939-autlccn-n81129990Kuhn, Robert Lawrenceautlccn-n79090028中国共产党lccn-n80157796Zhu, Yunhanlccn-n82099882田, 弘茂(1938- )lccn-n81021998邓小平1904-1997lccn-n87871831Lam, Willy Wo-Lapautlccn-no00025975Scobell, AndrewautJiang, Zemin1926-ChinaPolitical scienceHeads of stateEconomic policyJiang, Zemin,Diplomatic relationsPolitical leadershipHeads of state--SuccessionSocial historyInformation services industryComputer service industryEnergy developmentEnergy conservationComputer industryElectronic industriesMilitary policyUnited StatesArmed Forces--OrganizationEconomic historyPolitical participationFriendshipCommunist ethicsPolitical partiesDisciplineCommunismVisits of stateStatesmenChinese reunification question (1949-)TaiwanSocialismMixed economyRelationsScience and stateTechnological innovations--Government policyTechnology and stateMarxian economicsInternational relationsInformation technologyTechnologyCabinet officersTelecommunication policyGovernment executivesZhongguo gong chan dangZhongguo gong chan dang.--Quan guo dai biao da huiWorld politics19261983198919901991199219931994199519961997199819992000200120022003200420052006200720082009201020112012201320147833477743331HD9502.C62ocn528609682ocn528550717ocn435422667ocn456177449ocn083840369ocn822336297ocn049262159ocn271589639ocn043763334ocn05409655441414ocn528550717file20080.77Jiang, ZeminResearch on energy issues in ChinaChina's rapid economic expansion raises questions internally and externally about how it will acquire the energy it needs to sustain growth. Currently it is the largest producer and consumer of coal; how much will it continue to rely on its abundant natural resource in the face of increasing environmental concerns? Will it embrace new clean coal technologies developed by others or invest in its own? Currently it imports 50% of the oil it consumes; will it invest in technologies that scrub the ocean floor for petroleum deposits? Will it develop new distribution technologies to bring its natural gas reserves closer to population centers? What role will conservation play? And how will China relate to the rest of the international community as it addresses these critical issues. Research on Energy Issues In Chinapresents one prominent insider's view of China's key energy issues and his strategy for addressing them.-+-+246132876532441218ocn528609682file20090.67Jiang, ZeminOn the development of China's information technology industryIn the early 1980's, Jiang Zemin, then Minister of Electronics Ministry of China, assessed the IT industry as 'the strategic high ground in international competition.' He "perceived the discrepancy between China's level and the world's advanced level was so great that we had to do our utmost to catch up." Since then through numerous articles and frequent speeches he has drawn up a detailed technological and policy roadmap for doing exactly that. This volume collects over 25 pieces written over more than 20 years. It demonstrates the former president of China's authority and insight into the development of China's IT industry since the introduction of reforms, and the cutting-edge issues experienced throughout the global IT industry. Jiang's ambitious goal is the transformation of China into a leader in the global IT industry by 2020. This volume offers IT industry analysts, China watchers, policy makers and advisors, IT researchers, and investors a singular and authoritative view on how China should get there. Establishes key measurements for the development of China's IT industry Sets forth the priorities for government and industry I Identifies opportunities for interrelating military and civilian R & D and applications Reveals key obstacles to progress and directives for overcoming them Sets out an R & D agenda for industry Names the core industry sectors for government and industry investment Identifies opportunities and the necessity for international collaboration Establishes the need to develop China's own IPR and to respect and protect others' IPR+-+0418638765324516ocn083840369book20060.93Jiang, ZeminJiang Zemin wen xuan417ocn049262159book20010.94Jiang, ZeminLun "san ge dai biao"Ben shu yi 2000 nian er yue er shi wu ri zai guang dong kao cha gong zuo shi jiang ze min tong zhi de jiang hua " zai xin de li shi tiao jian xia, wo men dang ru he zuo dao " san ge dai biao " " wei kai juan pian, yi 2000 nian qi yue yi ri " zai qing zhu zhong guo gong chan dang cheng li ba shi zhou nian da hui shang de jiang hua " wei jie shu pian, quan shu gong shou ru wen gao shi er pian372ocn037048225book19960.93Yu zong shu ji tan xin273ocn054096554book20020.87Jiang, ZeminJiang Zemin lun you Zhongguo te se she hui zhu yi : zhuan ti zhai bian223ocn043763334book19990.94Jiang, ZeminJiang Zemin lun she hui zhu yi jing shen wen ming jian she204ocn038254204book19960.87Jiang, ZeminJiang Zemin, Li Peng tan Taiwan wen ti173ocn048016302book20010.90Jiang, ZeminLun ke xue ji shuBen shu shou lu le jiang ze min zi 1989 nian 12 yue zhi 2000 nian 10 yue jian guan yu ke xue ji shu fang mian de zhong yao jiang hua, wen zhang, shu xin, pi shi deng 49 pian162ocn645569344book20090.63Jiang, ZeminSelected works Of Jiang Zemin153ocn071797578book20060.89Jiang, ZeminLun she hui zhu yi shi chang jing ji152ocn057602585book20020.70Jiang, ZeminJiang Zemin on the "three represents."142ocn037205964book19960.87Zhong gong zhong yang "1996 nian-2000 nian quan guo gan bu jiao yu pei xun gui hua" ji Deng Xiaoping, Jiang Zemin lun gan bu dui wu jian she142ocn022849776book19890.94Jiang, ZeminZai qing zhu Zhonghua Renmin Gongheguo cheng li si shi zhou nian da hui shang de jiang hua : 1989 nian 9 yue 29 ri121ocn052698215book20010.87Jiang, ZeminSpeech at the rally in celebration of the 80th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China : (July 1, 2001)112ocn058789418book19960.85Jiang Zemin and Li Peng on Taiwan question102ocn041163663book19970.95Ba Jian she you Zhongguo te se she hui zhu yi shi ye quan mian tui xiang 21 shi ji : xue xi dang de shi wu da bao92ocn049401177book20010.77Jiang, ZeminLun dang de jian she91ocn427155521book20090.89Jiang, ZeminLun Zhongguo xin xi ji shu chan ye fa zhan91ocn029322020book19910.77Jiang, ZeminZai qing zhu Zhongguo gong chan dang cheng li qi shi zhou nian da hui shang de jiang hua (1991 nian 7 yue 1 ri)7821ocn037863944book19980.47Gilley, BruceTiger on the brink : Jiang Zemin and China's new eliteBiographyTiger on the Brink is the first full-length study of the rise to power of Jiang Zemin - now the central figure in China's new "third generation" leadership - from his beginnings as the adopted son of a revolutionary martyr and his days as a student in the underground Communist movement in Shanghai to his sudden elevation as Deng Xiaoping's successor in the wake of the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre and his confirmation as senior leader after Deng's death. Though many dismissed Jiang as an interim figurehead after Tiananmen, in fact he played a crucial role in bringing China back from the brink of social collapse. Gilley shows how Jiang shared both the concerns of the last of the Party elders, including their idealistic views of Chinese socialism, as well as the outlook of the younger generation of reformers who have helped China to achieve its astounding economic growth in recent years+-+00486757057713ocn833154515file20020.50Wong, JohnChina's post-Jiang leadership succession problems and perspectivesAs the 16th Congress of the Chinese Communist Party (October 1st, 2002) draws near, China watchers in Washington, Tokyo, Taipei and many other places have their eyes intently fixed on the political scene in Beijing. Most are predicting problems involved in the transition process as well as speculating on the final leadership line-up. Nevertheless, such speculation is intellectually rather futile. To avoid being too speculative, the contributors to this study have focused instead on two key aspects of China's leadership transition: first, changes in the politics of leadership transition, and second, real and potential problems and challenges that China's younger, fourth generation leaders have to grapple when they take over+-+72363876346319ocn055624581book20040.27Kuhn, Robert LawrenceThe man who changed China : the life and legacy of Jiang ZeminBiographyJiang Zemin's life and leadership sweep through almost eighty tumultuous years of Chinese history: Japanese occupation, Civil War, Great Leap Forward, Cultural Revolution, Tiananmen Square, and, more recently, dramatic economic growth, tensions with Taiwan, and opportunities and confrontations with America. With unshakable if paternalistic vision, a lifelong love of Chinese civilization, and backroom political skills that no one had anticipated, Jiang Zemin became an unexpected agent of change, effecting the transition from a traumatized society to a confident, prosperous country rapidly ascending in the new world order+-+09290555964981ocn042641740book20000.63China under Jiang ZeminAn analysis of the evolution of China's leader, Jiang Zemin, taking as its starting point the pivotal 15th Congress of the Chinese Communist Party. It details the personalities and platforms that have been contending for control and the strategies used by Jiang to consolidate his position+-+K9932300063061ocn746941737file0.39Jiang ZeminBiography2566ocn041142823book19990.80Lam, Willy Wo-LapThe era of Jiang Zemin+-+16528358652432ocn044891295book20000.80Scobell, AndrewChinese army building in the era of Jiang ZeminTo many in the United States, China looms large and threatening. This monograph attempts to answer, through an analysis of China s defense establishment under the leadership of Jiang Zemin, questions such as: What are the national security and national military goals of China s leaders? What strategies are Chinese leaders considering in pursuit of these goals? What is the likelihood that these goals will be attained? It assesses the political and economic determinants of China s effort to modernize its armed forces. Four possible strategies are outlined: (1) playing the superpower game," (2) playing to its strengths," (3) changing the rules of the game," or (4) don t play that game." The factors that will determine the selection of a strategy are examined. The most likely strategy is identified and its outcome of evaluated. Lastly, the implications of the study for the U.S. defense community are addressed1573ocn054096873book20030.89Gungwu, WangDamage control : the Chinese Communist Party in the Jiang Zemin eraConference proceedings+-+06075676341153ocn043364464book19990.67Zheng, YongnianTowards more effective governance : China's politics in 1998With the passing of the old generation of revolutionaries, China's politics is entering a new era that belongs to the Jiang Zemin-centered third generation of leadership. Will the new leadership be able to cope with the growing pressure and demand for further economic and political reform and meet challenges within and without the regime? This essay shows the reader what strategies Jiang Zemin and Zhu Rongji have employed to build a more efficient government to rule a country that is becoming increasingly difficult to govern+-+38748756341112ocn028964895book19920.74Yu, YulinCommunist China's political and economic situation under the leadership of Jiang Zemin7810ocn036991052book19960.54Gao, XinJiang Zemin di mu liao = Jiang Ze-min's counselorsBiography712ocn045815006book20000.93Wong, JohnThe waning of the Jiang-Zhu coalition? : China after the 2000 National People's CongressWith mounting discontent due to widespread unemployment, corruption and misgovernment, the Ninth National People's Congress in March 2000 was a letdown. Significant though was Premier Zhu Rongji's announcement at the Congress of the leadership's decision to go west. While Zhu explained the policy shift as the government's attempt to develop the country's inland regions, many are skeptical, dismissing it as a camouflage for the premier's failure in the reform programmes introduced when he came to power. On the international front, with the US ambivalence in regard to China's WTO accession and C+-+K518975634631ocn034777453book19960.28Yang, Zhong MeiJiang Zemin zhuanBiography605ocn041119308book19990.35Gilley, BruceJiang Zemin zhuanBiography534ocn046902719book20000.23Jiang Zemin de li shi kao juan : cong Shi wu da zou xiang er shi yi shi ji = China under Jiang Zemin533ocn070658790book20050.92Ren, BumeiJiang Zemin he ta de 15 nianBiography445ocn023086737book19900.74Zheng, YiJiang Zemin chuan qiBiographyAnecdotes401ocn070872505book20060.82Zhong, ZhichengWei le shi jie geng mei hao : Jiang Zemin chu fang ji shi386ocn022789801book19890.96Li, GuoqiangJiang Zemin pou xiBiography383ocn037983231book19970.74Gao, XinJiang Zemin de quan li zhi luBiography+-+2461328765324+-+2461328765324Fri Feb 13 10:35:31 EST 2015batch33295