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Fri Mar 21 17:13:38 2014 UTClccn-nr960116840.00La era de los dinosaurios pel verdadero parque Jurasico = When dinosaurs ruled : the real Jurasic Park /0.140.47Paleontologist71287955nr 960116844044208lccn-no93016193Discovery Channel (Firm)lccn-no2003051105Evergreen Filmsnp-lespinois, pierre deLespinois, Pierre dedrtlccn-no99012431Wall to Wall Televisionlccn-n94803418Learning Channel (Firm)lccn-nr96024727New Dominion Pictureslccn-n86070201Lloyd, Simonprolccn-nr96011682Naughton, Tomlccn-no97051134Discovery Channel Video (Firm)lccn-nr99001996VideoVisa S.A. de C.V.Kane, GeorgannTelevision programsJuvenile worksDinosaursUnited StatesPaleontologyEvolution (Biology)NeanderthalsSouth AmericaNational parks and reservesUnited States.--National Park ServiceEuropeAnimals, FossilFossil hominidsSouth AfricaFossilsNorth AmericaReptiles, FossilMarine animals, FossilDimetrodonElasmosaurus morganiMarine animalsIchthyosaurusBirds--EvolutionPterosauriaBirds, FossilHuman evolutionHuman beings--OriginMissing linkPrehistoric peoplesExtinct mammalsSaber-toothed tigersFelidae, FossilPredatory animalsExtinct animalsJurassic Geologic PeriodCretaceous Geologic PeriodVelociraptorCarnivorous animals, FossilTyrannosaurus rexUtahraptorPaleontologistsDinosaurs--FoodCanadaMesozoic Geologic Period1994199619971999200020012002200320052006200710041832567.90973QE862.D5ocn047759363ocn047769838ocn052732300ocn12909303856313ocn047759363visu20010.13When dinosaurs roamed AmericaJuvenile worksCombines computer animation and live-action landscapes to show the evolution of dinosaurs of North America+-+45982704061222ocn050558813visu19940.21PaleoWorldTelevision programsThis series presents an in-depth look at what is known, and how we know about dinosaurs1131ocn049216956visu19990.12When dinosaurs ruled. el verdadero parque JurasicoTravel back sixty-eight million years to prehistoric Montana, and discover the real Jurassic Park as you explore the evolution of the dinosaurs and the "King of the Jungle," the fearsome T-Rex401ocn045659884visu20000.10When dinosaurs ruledCenturies ago, the lush jungles of South America fueled rumors of a lost civilization and a priceless horde of gold. The Spanish called it "Eldorado". Now, a new breed of explorer is on the trail of another treasure. 250 million years ago dinosaurs conquered South America in weird and unexpected ways in the wake of the worst natural disaster in history. Filling the void was a new breed of predator. Its descendants will rule the land for the next 160 million years. At the foot of the Andes Mountains in northwest Argentina, palaeontologists search for remnants of these ancient beasts. For these fossil hunters, this is the Garden of Eden, the place where it all began. The hunt is on for the first dinosaurs351ocn053897245visu19990.12La era de los dinosaurios el nacimiento de los gigantes = When dinosaurs ruled : birth of the giantsFar beneath the ruins of Europe's glorious civilizations lies an even more ancient world when dinosaurs were kings. For millions of years their bones lay hidden, preserved in a gloomy primeval swamp. But a new age of discovery dawned that would bring dinosaurs back to life when science gives birth to the greatest giants to ever walk the earth. From a 12th century fortress in the south of France, one of today's foremost French palaeontologists sets out to try to solve a mystery posed nearly 150 years ago. It is here that one of the largest dinosaur nesting sites in the world was found. Of the hundreds of eggs that have been uncovered, all are broken, suggesting they'd hatched. But no one knows what creature laid them251ocn037724392visu19970.13Prehistoric manApeman: A recent discovery in South Africa is allowing scientists to piece together the story of how early man first walked upright -- Trail of the Neanderthals: Fossil bones discovered in the Croatian countryside forge a link between Neanderthal and modern man, but remains found in a cave in Gibraltar seem to mark the final resting place of this ancient race221ocn050179295visu19940.14Paleo worldExamines prehistoric sea creatures, including the 26-foot long ichthyosaur, the long-necked elasmosaur, and the vicious dimetrodon212ocn038273318visu19970.08Flying dinosDinos in the air: Scientists convey the significance of nature's most awesome accomplishment-- flight by studying flying dinosaurs -- Flight of pterosaurs: Paleontologists piece together the clues to explain how this land-bound reptile, the lizard, adapted to flight and what caused the pterosaurs' ultimate demise -- Killer birds: Shows how these predaturs ruled both land and air during their reign of terror after dinosaurs vanished from South America161ocn040154861visu19970.37Tracing human originsA series of 3 videos from the television program, PaleoWorld, this is a look at our possible ancestors, the knowledge gaps that prevent our complete understanding of their lineal development, and how they managed to survive141ocn038956532visu19970.08Island of the giant rats Dawn of the catsIsland of the giant rats: The remains of a 300-pound rat are explored on the Caribbean island of Anguilla -- Dawn of the cats: Paleontologists speculate on the puzzle of the reappearing saber-toothed cat91ocn050180274visu19940.12Paleo world rise of the predatorsJuvenile worksExamines predatory dinosaurs, including the velociraptor, the utahraptor, and the T-rex61ocn040154870visu19970.31Tracing animal originsA series of 10 videos from the television program, PaleoWorld, which trace animal development from the sea to reptiles, dinosaurs, birds, mammals, and the odd creatures which were formed in time by the drifting of continents61ocn040154391visu19970.20DinosaursA series of 15 videos from the television program, PaleoWorld, which look at how we know what we know about dinosaurs, the great variety which existed over time and the parts of the world where they roamed41ocn040154876visu19970.47PaleontologistA series of 9 videos from the television program, PaleoWorld, which look at the fascinating discoveries paleonologists are making about the evolution of dinosaurs and their mysterious demise41ocn046949378visu19960.23Paleoworld. perfiles"Dino sex : cómo se apareaban los dinosaurios? A juzgar por los extran̄os fósiles con huesos caudales fracturados que por decadas han intrigado a los paleontólogos, no debe haber sido un ritual muy divertido. La dieta del dinosaurio, a pesar de los importantes descubrimientos recientes sobre el comportamiento de los dinosaurios, hay un misterio que aún no se ha podido resolver qué comían y cómo mataban?"31ocn045217603visu20000.10Prehistoric giants11ocn129093038visu20070.47Na potulkách s dinosauramiLeap back in time to prehistoric America when these mighty dinosaurs ruled the continent. By combining state-of-the-art computer animation with live-action landscapes, you'll marvel as these fearsome creatures roar to life01ocn427437810visu1999La era de los dinosaurios pel verdadero parque Jurasico = When dinosaurs ruled : the real Jurasic ParkTravel back sixty-eight million years to prehistoric Montana, and discover the real Jurassic Park as you explore the evolution of the dinosaurs and the "King of the Jungle," the fearsome T-Rex+-+4598270406+-+4598270406Fri Mar 21 15:27:41 EDT 2014batch12323