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Fri Mar 21 17:16:15 2014 UTClccn-nr960360910.12Shekhar Kapur's Devi0.200.59Masoom85137669Shekhar_Kapurnr 960360914187546Kapoor, Shekar, 1945-....Kapoor, Shekhar, 1945-....Kapur, Chandrasekhar, 1945-Kapur, Shekar 1945-Kapur, ShekharShekhar Kapur, 1945-lccn-nr99019510Blanchett, Cate1969-prfactlccn-no00015907Fellner, Ericprolccn-no2002111680Hirst, Michael1952-sceausccplccn-n79081709ElizabethIQueen of England1533-1603lccn-n82111813Attenborough, Richardprfactlccn-nr97034882Rush, Geoffrey1951-prfactlccn-no98069221Bevan, Timprolccn-nr98001458Eccleston, Christopherprfactlccn-no95013284Owen, Cliveprfactlccn-n79079662Nicholson, WilliamsceccpKapur, Shekhar1945-DramaHistoryComic books, strips, etcGraphic novelsFilm adaptationsFantasy comic books, strips, etcFictionYoung adult worksHistorical dramaRomance filmsElizabeth--I,--Queen of England,QueensEnglandGreat BritainWalsingham, Francis,--Sir,Kings and rulersRaleigh, Walter,Spain.--ArmadaArmada (1588)Philip--II,--King of Spain,SpainSudanSoldiers--Conduct of lifeMan-woman relationshipsElizabeth (Motion picture)Attempted assassinationMary--I,--Queen of England,ScotlandKings and rulers--SuccessionLoveNew York (State)--New YorkIndiaFirst lovesNew York (State)--New York--Central ParkDating (Social customs)New York (State)--New York--BrooklynNew York (State)--New York--TribecaPolitical sciencePhoolan DeviGood and evilDacoitsWomen outlawsTerroristsHindu goddessesWomen heroesPopular musicMusicalsRevengeUnited StatesConsultantsMilitary doctrineMotion picturesReporters and reportingRāma (Hindu deity)Mythology, IndicInvisibilityIndian orphanagesHeroesCrime and the pressIndia--Chambal River Valley1945195819901993199419951996199719981999200020012002200320042005200620072008200920102011201220139440197535791.4372PN1997.2ocn465234998ocn052421738ocn041423585ocn044478835ocn055487958ocn050983141ocn855264840ocn799555263ocn754478271ocn800021872ocn690628784ocn053049594ocn079861165ocn753855025ocn753860709ocn838560840ocn865004360ocn551067303ocn753693548ocn839395675ocn846126637ocn753641086ocn837846074ocn742819421ocn7430695463262137ocn154725577visu19980.21Kapur, ShekharElizabethHistoryChurch historyFictionDramaQueen Elizabeth I must learn to weigh her counsel carefully and ignore her private yearnings if she is to keep her crown--and her head. A thriller of intrigue in the court of one of history's greatest monarchs211333ocn181912522visu20070.19Kapur, ShekharElizabeth the golden ageHistoryFictionDramaHistorical filmsHistorical drama1585: Philip II's Catholic Spain is the most powerful empire in the world. Only England, ruled by Protestant Elizabeth, stands against him. The Queen is threatened by a depleted treasury, constant threats of assassination, and plots by Philip to install her cousin, Queen Mary of Scotland, on her throne. To which end a great armada is poised to invade England--as punishment for the capture of his treasure-ships, and to make Europe safe for Catholicism--even as Elizabeth's attention is diverted to Sir Walter Raleigh, returned from the New World with two gifts: the territory of Virginia and tobacco. Facing her greatest challenge, Elizabeth must rally her country to safeguard her kingdom, destroy her enemies, and secure her position as "Mother to her people."137733ocn051225550visu20020.16Kapur, ShekharThe four feathersHistoryJuvenile worksDramaFilm and video adaptationsTelevision adaptationsFilm adaptationsAfter an admired soldier leaves his regiment in disgrace, he sets out on a sweeping adventure to regain his honor, recapture his love and save the life of his best friend+-+61213674257497ocn465234998visu20100.16Akin, FatihNew York, I love youFictionDramaIn the city that never sleeps, love is always on the mind. Those passions come together as they create a kaleidoscope of the spontaneous, surprising, electrifying human connections that pump the city's heartbeat. Sexy, funny, haunting and revealing encounters unfold beneath the Manhattan skyline. From Tribeca to Central Park to Brooklyn, the story weaves a tale of love as diverse as the very fabric of New York itself. A collection of 10 different stories of love55737ocn056601439visu19930.28Kapur, ShekharBandit queenHistoryBiographyDramaFilm adaptationsA dramatization of the life story of the female dacoit, Phoolan Devi. "Born of low caste in the Chambal River Valley of India, 11 year-old Phoolan is sold into marriage with a man 20 years her senior. She escapes and falls in with a pack of ruthless bandits but the male-dominated gang comes with its own set of brutal humiliations, and Phoolan must struggle to rise above a culture determined to bring her down, in a bloody coup that electrified a nation983ocn051727082rcrd20020.20Rahman, A. RA.R. Rahman's Bombay dreams831ocn156834690book20070.12Kapur, ShekharShekhar Kapur's DeviComic books, strips, etcFantasy comic books, strips, etcGraphic novels"A native of the mythic city of Sitapur, Tara Mehta has no idea that she is about to become the centerpiece of a divine battle between the Gods of Light and the demon Lord Bala and his army of things that go bump in the night. But, in a never-ending war where innocent human souls are the unfortunate, but acceptable, collateral damage, the all-too-human Goddess begins to wonder if either side deserves to win is Sitapur, city of modern atop ancient, mixed amongst the profane, where the divine drifts toward the diabolical"--P. [4] of cover+-+8558699846652ocn055487958visu20030.39Mr. India Mi ̣iṇḍiyāDramaMogambo hopes to be the emperor of India and is behind the riots and general mahem which is plaguing the country. Arun Veghem, who runs an orphanage, finds his father's secret formula for making himself invisible. Disguised as the invisible superhero "Mr. India", Arun takes on Mogambo. He is assisted in this adventure by Seema, the crime reporter, who is in love with him647ocn052239467visu20000.31Rathnam, ManiDil seJuvenile worksFictionDramaRomance filmsIn this love story, a young man meets an enigmatic girl who later seeks his help without revealing that she is part of a terrorist organization582ocn156891620book20080.22Wells, ZebShekhar Kapur's Snake womanComic books, strips, etcFantasy comic books, strips, etcGraphic novelsJessica Petersen has grown accustomed to her "snake-ish" ways ... that is, turning into a half-woman, half-snake. As the reincarnated Snake Goddess, Jess has wreaked a path of vengeance against the 68 - those who had ruthlessly desecrated the sacred temple of the Snake God in the 18th century. Harker, head of the 68, is pleased with the arrangement he's made with Jess, and is determined to end the cycle of reincarnation he faces by helping her kill those he is meant to lead - even if that means destroying The Faithful, the secret society within the 68 created to protect its members from any harm. As the blood count gets thicker, Jess finds herself amidst a labyrinth of duplicity. Between the Faithful, Harker, and those closest to Jess, who can she trust, and who will pay the price of the Snake Woman's blood bath?+-+3578699846563ocn232712138book20080.19Mohapatra, SauravShekhar Kapur's DeviComic books, strips, etcFictionFantasy comic books, strips, etcYoung adult works+-+7158699846411ocn164320267book20070.20Dasgupta, ShamikRamayan 3392 ADComic books, strips, etcFantasy comic books, strips, etcGraphic novelsEnter a post-apocalyptic world where the only two nations survive: Aryavarta in the North where the last vestiges of humankind dwells, and Nark, a dark continent filled with the savage Asura races lead by the monstrous Ravan. Honorable, but inexperienced brothers Princes Rama, Lakshman, Bharat, and Shatrughan are duty-bound to protect the outposts of their kingdom from Ravan's deadly forces. But as the battle rages, Rama must choose between honor and the survival of his people+-+2768699846334ocn049296450visu20000.59MasoomDramaD.K. Malhotra is living happily with his wife Indu and two daughters until he gets a call from a boarding school to come and fetch his son. Replying that he has no son but later realising that the boy Rahul is the fruit of a brief affair he had with the terminally ill Bhavna. Since Bhavna is dead, the couple is forced to adopt the boy shattering their peaceful life. At the end, Indu accepts the boy322ocn234235685book20070.13Kapur, ShekharShekhar Kapur's DeviComic books, strips, etcGraphic novelsNow with her initial mission accomplished, Devi must come to terms with her role as protector of Sitapur and champion of mankind+-+4668699846301ocn210362895book20070.16Kapur, ShekharShekhar Kapur's DeviComic books, strips, etcFantasy comic books, strips, etcGraphic novels"The power of the Goddess is unrivaled. Forged by the strength of the Gods, Devi retains a force meant to bring balance among Gods and men"--P. [4] of cover+-+71586998462210ocn804298311visu20070.35Elizabeth la edad de oroHistoryDramaLa reina Isabel I debe enfrentarse a la traición en el seno de su familia y a sangrientas tentativas de apoderarse de su trono. Isabel es consciente del cambio religioso iniciado en el siglo XVI en Europa, y el poderoso rey español Felipe II está decidido a restaurar el catolicismo en Inglaterra con la ayuda de su ejército y su invicta armada224ocn496789347visu20080.27Kapur, ShekharElizabeth, ElizabethHistoryDramaExtrait du résumé figurant sur la jaquette :En 1585, Elizabeth 1ère règne sur l'Angleterre depuis près de trente ans.Philippe II, roi d'Espagne lève une puissante flotte pour la renverser.Elizabeth se prépare à la guerre tout en menant un combat plus intime contre son amour pour le pirate Walter Raleigh.Tôt ou tard, elle le sait, elle devra choisir entre les aspirations de son coeur et ses devoirs de monarque222ocn320947260visu20080.18The complete Elizabeth collectionDramaElizabeth: England, 1554. Young, passionate Elizabeth Tudor comes to the throne amidst bloody turmoil. Among her courtiers are the venerable Sir William Cecil, her lover the Earl of Leicester, the imperious Duke of Norfolk, and her advisor Walsingham. She must learn to weigh her counsel carefully and ignore her private yearnings if she is to keep her crown - and her head. Elizabeth the golden age: The story of one woman's crusade to control love, crush enemies and secure her position as a beloved icon of the western world. As her cousin Mary Stuart conspires with Philip of Spain to topple the throne, Elizabeth prepares to go to war to defend her empire. Reprising the roles they originated in Elizabeth, Cate Blanchett and Geoffrey Rush return for a gripping historical thriller laced with treachery and romance. Joining them in the epic is Clive Owen as Sir Walter Raleigh, a dashing seafarer and newfound temptation for Elizabeth216ocn315664903visu20070.28Elizabeth: Das goldene Königreich192ocn166397244book20070.18Wells, ZebShekhar Kapur's snake womanComic books, strips, etcGraphic novels"Born, 1981. First kiss, 1996. Graduated with honors, 2002. Moved to Los Angeles, 2006. Within three years, she will have killed sixty-eight men. Jessica Peterson is learning first-hand that the cycle of revenge cannot be broken. Without understanding why, she finds herself turning into a creature -- a vicious Snake Woman. Her mission -- to avenge a centuries old wrong that was conceived half a world away, deep in the jungles of India. Terrified by her true nature and hunted by a mysterious organization known only as "The 68," Jessica must confront the monster that lurks inside her before it is too late"--P. [4] of cover+-+665869984611ocn441518059book20090.47Mumford, Rebecca ACan a film do history? : the past, present and future of applying historical filmCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+6121367425+-+6121367425Fri Mar 21 15:58:19 EDT 2014batch27987