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Fri Mar 21 17:03:57 2014 UTClccn-nr960405360.59The I. W. W.; a study of American syndicalism0.711.00The economic condition of the millinery manufacturing industry in the New York Metropolitan Area, 1935-1936 : an analysis of profit-and-loss statements and supplementary data from 272 establishments /109187082nr 960405364235322Brissenden, P. F. 1885-1974Brissenden, P. F. (Paul Frederick), 1885-1974Brissenden, Paul Frederick 1885-1974lccn-n80079695Industrial Workers of the Worldothlccn-n50048887Roberts, Harold Selig1911-1970edtlccn-n80142922University of Hawaii (Honolulu)nc-university of hawaii honolulu$center for cultural and technical interchange between east and west$institute of advanced projectsUniversity of Hawaii (Honolulu)Center for Cultural and Technical Interchange between East and WestInstitute of Advanced Projectslccn-no2002113590Frankel, Emil1886-lccn-n94007900Paul Avrich Collection (Library of Congress)lccn-n81139152Lake Carriers' Associationlccn-n50064788United StatesNational Recovery Administrationnp-meyer, maxMeyer, Maxnp-gill, wirt aGill, Wirt A.Brissenden, Paul F.(Paul Frederick)1885-1974Conference proceedingsCensusStatistics‡vVitalUnited StatesSyndicalismIndustrial Workers of the WorldWagesIndustrial relationsWorking classAustraliaLabor disputesLabor turnoverGrievance proceduresNew ZealandLabor injunctionsHawaiiIndustrial relations--ResearchLake Carriers' AssociationUnemployedPolitical crimes and offensesHat tradeFarmsEconomic historyManufacturing industriesIndustriesImmigrantsLaborWomen--EmploymentSchool attendanceMortgagesRural populationPopulationFarm tenancyChildren of immigrantsManufacturesChildrenWomenPersonnel managementCoatsClothing tradeArbitration, IndustrialWages--Hat tradeSugar refinery workersMillineryNew York (State)--New York Metropolitan AreaBrissenden, Paul F.--(Paul Frederick),Freedom of speechAmerican Civil Liberties UnionDe Leon, Daniel,St. John, Vincent,Strikes and lockoutsBruère, Robert W.--(Robert Walter),Massachusetts--Lawrence188519741912191319181919192019211922192319241926192819291930193319341935193619371938193919471948195019511953195619571960196219631964196519661971197619872006321061164331.88HD8055.I5ocn573788401124121ocn039558534book19190.59Brissenden, Paul FThe I. W. W.; a study of American syndicalism51812ocn000386869book19290.63Brissenden, Paul FEarnings of factory workers, 1899 to 1927. An analysis of pay-roll statisticsCensus3669ocn000233797book19650.76Roberts, Harold SeligThe challenge of industrial relations in the Pacific-Asian countriesConference proceedings26421ocn002782616book19120.79Brissenden, Paul FThe launching of the Industrial workers of the world1982ocn000238070book19660.93Brissenden, Paul FThe settlement of labor disputes on rights in Australia1857ocn001592450book19220.86Brissenden, Paul FLabor turnover in industry; a statistical analysis904ocn003782738book19560.96Brissenden, Paul FThe labor injunction in Hawaii462ocn002504319book19650.94Brissenden, Paul FSettlement of disputes over grievances in the United States : with marginal references to Australia and New Zealand432ocn006670765book19180.79Brissenden, Paul FEmployment system of the Lake Carriers' Association326ocn011040226book19210.96Brissenden, Paul FJustice and the I.W.W. : with the exposure of Attorney General Daugherty's misstatements regarding the status of political prisoners by the Federal Council of Churches of Christ in America321ocn002437412book19630.92Brissenden, Paul FSettlement of labor disputes in Australia, New Zealand and the United States284ocn035678072com19350.88Brissenden, Paul FReport of the special commission on wage differentials in the cap and cloth hat industry141ocn066466447book20060.94Fourteenth census of the United States, 1920 : monographsCensusStatistics Vital133ocn031025940book19360.79United StatesReport of the Commission for the Coat and Suit Industry122ocn769699877com19200.92Brissenden, Paul FThe mobility of industrial labor122ocn004571076book19640.66Brissenden, Paul FDisputes settlement in New Zealand112ocn681897635com19210.93Brissenden, Paul FCauses of labor turnover93ocn021177594book19371.00Brissenden, Paul FThe economic condition of the millinery manufacturing industry in the New York Metropolitan Area, 1935-1936 : an analysis of profit-and-loss statements and supplementary data from 272 establishments82ocn700791862com19190.92Brissenden, Paul FEmployment policies and labor mobility in a California sugar refinery83ocn680500842com19190.92Brissenden, Paul FLabor policies and labor turnover in the California oil-refining industry11ocn122572001mix1.00Industrial Workers of the WorldIndustrial Workers of the World. Series 3. PublicationsThe publication files include materials pertaining to union structure, politics, organizing activities, history, strikes, legal cases relating to the union, the imprisonment of union members, and the general subjects of socialism, economics, freedom of speech, and industrial revolution. Pamphlets were prepared by various union members and committees, including Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, William D. Haywood, William Trautmann, and Vincent St. John. There are, in addition, pamphlets written by prominent socialists, academicians, public figures, and social action agencies, including Daniel De Leon, Paul F. Brissenden, Max Eastman, and the American Civil Liberties Union11ocn063541164file1.00Industrial Workers of the WorldIndustrial Workers of the World. Series 4. Miscellaneous documentsConsist primarily of clippings (1911-1922); leaflets and bulletins pertaining to union organizing, unemployment, strikes, prisoners, attacks on union members by the Ku Klux Klan and other organizations, court cases, criminal syndicalist laws, prison conditions, strikes in Lawrence, Paterson, Butte, the Mesaba Iron Range, Wheatland, and Hopfields, in various mines, mills and factories, the Centralia Massacre, interorganizational conflict, freedom of speech, civil rights, and labor violence; letters of union staff and members, including those in prison; and reports and articles by Robert Bruère, Paul F. Brissenden, Arno Dosch, and the American Civil Liberties Union regarding prisoners, socialism, and the union. Also, sheet music, legal documents, and a file of memorabilia11ocn122685244mix1.00Brissenden, Paul FPaul F. Brissenden, PapersFri Mar 21 15:57:53 EDT 2014batch15105