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Fri Mar 21 17:08:34 2014 UTClccn-nr970288840.10Eldridge, George H0.721.00Memoir of George H. Eldridge,27217316nr 970288844410379Eldridge, George Homanslccn-n94122463Emmons, Samuel Franklin1841-1911ctblccn-no98122203Cross, Whitman1854-1949ctblccn-n90613187Arnold, Ralph1875-lccn-n80092173Geological Survey (U.S.)nc-geological survey u sGeological Survey (U.S.)lccn-n79107874United StatesCongressHousenp-spurr, josiah edwardSpurr, Josiah Edwardctblccn-n50017344Gannett, Henryctblccn-n50029194Cleveland, Groverctblccn-n85219638Shaler, Nathaniel SouthgatectbEldridge, George Homans1854-1905MapsSurveysGeologyColoradoPetroleumPaleontologyCalifornia, SouthernWyomingColorado--Gunnison CountyIdahoUnited StatesBitumen--GeologyPhosphatesFloridaAsphaltColorado--Jefferson CountyAlaskaGeological mappingUnited States--Uinta BasinColorado--Fremont CountyEldridge, George Homans,GeologistsRhode IslandCaliforniaMaineNevadaMedal of HonorTriangulationEldridge, George WGeology, EconomicCalifornia--Santa Cruz CountyNew MexicoMilitary decorationsPetrologyGraniteUnited States.--Army18541905188818901891189218941895189618971898189919001901190519061907192419276354776553.28QE75ocn857807433ocn857804032ocn857859273ocn857861205ocn857795786ocn85779277619911ocn000553259book18960.70Emmons, Samuel FranklinGeology of the Denver basin in Colorado1138ocn005764661book19070.73Eldridge, George HomansThe Santa Clara valley, Puente hill and Los Angeles oil districts, southern CaliforniaSurveys876ocn005024786book18940.79Eldridge, George HomansA geological reconnoissance in northwest Wyoming631ocn000300074map18940.86Emmons, Samuel FranklinAnthracite-Crested Butte folio, ColoradoMaps284ocn006160625book18950.76Eldridge, George HomansA geological reconnaissance across Idaho142ocn027287112book19010.81Eldridge, George HomansThe asphalt and bituminous rock deposits of the United States111ocn021914887book18920.73Eldridge, George HomansA preliminary sketch of the phosphates of Florida101ocn003243705book18960.96Eldridge, George Homans... The uintaite (gilsonite) deposits of Utah71ocn857807433file18970.31Monographs of the United States Geological Survey. Volume XXVII. [Geology of the Denver Basin in Colorado, by Samuel Franklin Emmons, Whitman Cross and George Homans Eldridge.]71ocn857792776file18950.31Bulletins of the United States Geological Survey, Nos. 118 to 12271ocn011960134book18900.63Eldridge, George HomansOn certain peculiar structural features in the foot-hill region of the Rocky Mountains, near Denver, Colorado71ocn857795786file18950.31Report of the Secretary of the Interior; being part of the message and documents communicated to the two Houses of Congress at the beginning of the first session of the Fifty-fourth Congress. In five volumes. Volume IV -- in four parts. Part 271ocn857861205file19000.31Annual reports of the Department of the Interior for the fiscal year ended June 30, 1899. Twentieth annual report of the United States Geological Survey, Charles D. Walcott, Director. Part VII71ocn008994693book19000.92Eldridge, George HomansA reconnaissance in the Sushitna Basin and adjacent territory, Alaska, in 1898Surveys71ocn857804032file18960.31Report of the Secretary of the Interior; being part of the message and documents communicated to the two Houses of Congress at the beginning of the second session of the Fifty-fourth Congress. In five volumes. Volume IV -- in three parts. Part 171ocn857859273file18990.31Maps and descriptions of routes of exploration in Alaska in 1898 with general information concerning the territory. (Ten maps in accompanying envelope). Prepared in accordance with Public Resolution No. 25 of the Fifty-fifth Congress, third session, approved March 1, 189962ocn314066044book18940.47Eldridge, George HomansA geological reconnaissance in North-West Wyoming61ocn026384570map18960.86Eldridge, George HomansGeology of the Uinta Basin, Utah-ColoradoMaps62ocn070754305book18940.98Geologic atlas of U.S. Anthracite-Crested Butte folio, Colorado51ocn019279418book18910.73Eldridge, George HomansThe Florence oil-field, Colorado42ocn027288223book19051.00Cross, WhitmanMemoir of George H. Eldridge11ocn070052876art0.10MichiganEldridge, George H11ocn550365418art19270.10Eldridge, George H. (at Wichita River, Tex., July 12, 1870.): [Congressional Medal of Honor]Fri Mar 21 15:13:15 EDT 2014batch10754