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Fri Mar 21 17:13:46 2014 UTClccn-nr970329200.00The study of printing history0.671.00Johannes Gutenberg 1436-1936 /64476118nr 970329204438529Fuhrmann, Otto W.Fuhrmann Otto W. 1889-1966Fuhrmann, Otto WalterFuhrmann, Otto Walter 1889- Vollstaendiger Namelccn-n50034916Gutenberg, Johann1397?-1468lccn-n80017911Kredel, Fritz1900-1973illlccn-no89019898Laborde, Léonmarquis de1807-1869np-cleaver, wilbur fiskCleaver, Wilbur Fisknp-amberger, f lAmberger, F., karl$1890Mahr, Karl1890-lccn-n79003362Goethe, Johann Wolfgang vonlccn-n86805736Peters, Fritz1913-1979nc-new york university$division of graphic artsNew York UniversityDivision of Graphic Artsnc-new york university$division of graphic arts$laboratory pressNew York UniversityDivision of Graphic ArtsLaboratory PressFuhrmann, Otto W.(Otto Walter)HistoryPortraitsPrinting--Celebrations of inventionGutenberg, Johann,Printing--Origin and antecedentsPrintingFrance--StrasbourgEmployeesBook collectorsPrinceton University.--LibraryMetropolitan Museum of Art (New York, N.Y.)Garrick, David,Scenic bookplatesMosher, Thomas Bird,Graphic artsAvery LibraryPrinting industry--Vocational guidanceHeraldic bookplatesPrinting industryWilliam Oxley Thompson Memorial LibraryDickens, Charles,United StatesPlimpton, George A.--(George Arthur),BookplatesWhewell, William,Harvard UniversityColumbia College (New York, N.Y.)Grolier ClubColumbia University.--LibrariesHarvard College LibraryMaxims, American18891966192619311932193619371939194019411943195619759422162655.125Z1263882ocn000729067book14540.56Pages from the Gutenberg Bible of 42 lines; 25 facsimiles from the copy in the General theological seminary, New YorkHistory22117ocn000839932book19400.73Fuhrmann, Otto WGutenberg and the Strasbourg documents of 1439; an interpretation by Otto W. Fuhrmann. To which has been appended the text of the documents in the original Alsatian, the French of Laborde, and modern German and English translationsHistory1719ocn001346110book19370.79Fuhrmann, Otto WThe 500th anniversary of the invention of printingHistory9613ocn000732214book19560.79Fuhrmann, Otto WÜber die Auflagenhöhe der ersten Drucke, nebst Bemerkungen über den Verlauf der Erfindung Gutenbergs242ocn011974430book19320.88Cleaver, Wilbur FiskFive centuries of printing; a compilation of important events in the history of typographyHistory172ocn073382001book19560.27Fuhrmann, Otto WÜber die Auflagenhöhe der ersten Drucke : Nebst Bemerkungen über d. Verlauf d. Erfindung Gutenbergs92ocn012537951art19410.88Fuhrmann, Otto WThe modern conception of Gutenberg41ocn154295032book19400.27Pages from the Gutenberg Bible of 42 lines : 25 fascimilies from the copy in the General Theological Seminary, New YorkHistory22ocn612803471visu19361.00Johannes Gutenberg 1436-1936Portraits11ocn066905613art1926Fuhrmann, Otto WMore about the printing house craftsmen11ocn065176546book19390.47Fuhrmann, Otto WThe 500th anniversary of the invention of printing, 194011ocn075958955book19310.47Goethe, Johann Wolfgang vonAn excerpt from Goethe's Faust11ocn224276109book19401.00Fuhrmann, Otto WPages from the Gutenberg Bible of 42 lines, 25 facsimiles from the copy in the General Theological Seminary, New York, with introduction and notes, published in commemoration of the 500th anniversary of the invention of printingHistory11ocn254557981book19310.47Goethe, Johann Wolfgang vonAn excerpt from Goethes Faust : [part 1, scene 2]11ocn495526609mix1.00Fuhrmann, Otto WOtto W. Fuhrmann papersHistoryThe collection consists of the manauscripts of Fuhrmann's articles, notes, and related items on the history of printing and graphic arts. A great many of Fuhrmann's articles were about Johann Gutenberg. There is also correspondence, primarily with people well known in the printing trade11ocn038074614book19390.47Fuhrmann, Otto WThe Invention of Printing : being chapter II of A History of the Printed Book (The Dolphin, volume III)History11ocn290466767mix1.00Evans, Clara ThereseClara T. Evans bookplate collectionBook owners whose bookplates are in the collection include Charles Dickens, David Garrick, James Branch Cabell, Thomas Bird Mosher, book collector George A. Plimpton, Winfred Porter Truesdell, William Whewell, and numerous institutions including Avery Library, Columbia College (New York City), the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Ohio State University, Bangor (Me.) Public Library, Harvard College Library, other library collections at Harvard University, Princeton University Library, and the Grolier Club11ocn077687524book19390.47Fuhrmann, Otto WJohannes Gutenberg11ocn066905657art1931Fuhrmann, Otto WThe study of printing historyHistory01ocn025422279book1943Franklin, BenjaminSayings from Poor Richard and other writings of Benjamin FranklinFri Mar 21 16:11:41 EDT 2014batch10306