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Thu Oct 16 17:58:13 2014 UTClccn-nr970041540.00A Selection of Leading Cases in Equity ... Eighth edition by William Joseph Whittaker ... Assisted by Edward William Sutton ... Percy Vaughan ... and Roland Burrows0.600.92De oratore. With an English translation by E. W. Sutton,completed, with an introduction, by H. Rackham71426686nr 970041544263176Sutton, E. W.Sutton, E. W. b. 1871Sutton, E. W. (Edward William), b. 1871Sutton, Edward William 1871-Sutton, Edward William b. 1871Sutton, Edward William n. 1871Sutton, Edward William nar. 1871lccn-nr89005316Rackham, H.(Harris)1868-1944auitrledtlccn-n79032166Cicero, Marcus Tulliusnp-cicero, marcus tulliusCicero, Marcus Tulliuslccn-no2001093338Burrows, Roland1882-1952edtlccn-n85075762Tudor, Owen Davies1818?-1887edtlccn-n84077149Whittaker, W. J.(William Joseph)1868-1931edtlccn-no89015455White, Frederick Thomasedtnp-vaughan, percy cecilVaughan, Percy Ceciledtnp-rackham, hRackham, H.auilccn-nb2007014406Vaughan, PercySutton, E. W.(Edward William)1871-Trials, litigation, etcCriticism, interpretation, etcRecords and correspondenceEquityGreat BritainOratoryRhetoric, AncientUnited StatesStoicsFate and fatalismOratory, AncientCicero, Marcus TulliusSpeeches, addresses, etc., LatinSpeeches (Cicero, Marcus Tullius)Latin literatureEquity pleading and procedureTrusts and trusteesRhetoricLatin lettersOratorsIncunabulaAtticus, Titus PomponiusLatin language--RhetoricDe oratore (Cicero, Marcus Tullius)Authors, LatinPhilosophy, AncientPolitical campaignsStatesmenRome (Empire)Bookbinding18711910194219481959196019671968197619791988199619972001204922123875.3KD674.A4ocn018783982ocn006295427ocn802677050ocn468783716ocn519930743ocn781047097ocn441851162ocn437597321ocn797111648ocn222374099ocn007509066ocn681354919ocn651472048126563ocn005811494book19420.56Cicero, Marcus TulliusCicero. De oratoreCriticism, interpretation, etcVolume 3 and 4+-+47384492153486ocn006678054book19480.59Cicero, Marcus TulliusCicero : De oratoreCICEREO (Marcus Tullius, 3rd Jan. 106-7th Dec. 43 B.C.), Roman lawyer, orator and politician (and even philosopher), of whom we know more than of any other Roman, lived through the stirring era which saw the rise, dictatorship, and death of Julius Caesar in a tottering republic. In his political speeches especially and in his correspondence we see the excitement, tension and intrigue of politics and the part he played in the turmoil of the time. Of about 106 Speeches, delivered before the Roman people or the Senate if they were political, before jurors if judicial, 58 survive (a few of them incompletely). In A.D. 1345 Petrarch discovered copies of a collection of more than 900 Letters of which more than 800 were written by Cicero and nearly 100 by others to him. These afford a revelation of the man and all the more striking because they were not written for publication. Six Rhetorical works survive and another in fragments. Philosophical works include seven extant major compositions and a number of others; and some lost. There is also poetry, some original, some as translations from the Greek+-+473844921531712ocn060733618file19100.84White, Frederick ThomasA selection of leading cases in equityTrials, litigation, etc4413ocn229955550book19420.35Cicero, Marcus TulliusDe oratore+-+2838449215381ocn000310310book19680.39Cicero, Marcus TulliusCiceroRecords and correspondence87ocn715822715book19420.47Cicero, Marcus TulliusDe oratore : in two volumes+-+473844921542ocn559255198book19420.47Cicero, Marcus TulliusCicero: De Oratore ... Books I, II, with an English translation by E.W. Sutton ... Completed, with an introduction, by H. Rackham. (Book III, together with De Fato, Paradoxa Stoicorum, De Partitione Oratoria. With an English translation by H. Rackham.)31ocn769145780book19480.47Cicero, Marcus TulliusDe oratore : in two volumes32ocn888899810book19420.47Cicero, Marcus TulliusDe oratore21ocn755677258book19420.47Cicero, Marcus TulliusDe oratore : with English translation+-+473844921522ocn258328086book19480.47Cicero, Marcus TulliusBooks I, II21ocn504097545book1910White, Frederick ThomasA Selection of Leading Cases in Equity ... Eighth edition by William Joseph Whittaker ... Assisted by Edward William Sutton ... Percy Vaughan ... and Roland Burrows21ocn502592243book19420.47Cicero, Marcus TulliusDe oratore22ocn553676341book19590.47Cicero, Marcus TulliusCicero : in twenty-eight volumes+-+473844921522ocn229421733book19420.47Cicero, Marcus TulliusCicero III De oratore Books I - II21ocn519930743book0.92Cicero, Marcus TulliusDe oratore. With an English translation by E. W. Sutton,completed, with an introduction, by H. Rackham11ocn878609613book19480.47Cicero, Marcus TulliusCicero. De oratore : In two volumes. II. Book III. Together with De Fato, Paradoxa Stoicorum, De Partitione Oratoria.11ocn222374099book0.47Cicero, Marcus TulliusDe oratore in two volumes11ocn490475767book0.10Cicero, Marcus TulliusDe oratore11ocn829459710book19480.47Cicero, Marcus TulliusDe oratore. v. 1+-+4738449215+-+4738449215Thu Oct 16 15:13:36 EDT 2014batch11989