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Fri Mar 21 17:14:22 2014 UTClccn-nr980338500.63Sire Degarre : a metrical romance of the end of the thirteenth century0.881.00Specimen of a proposed catalogue of a portion of the library at Britwell House, Buckinghamshire /58997745William_Henry_Miller_(book_collector)nr 980338504820662np-pratt, wPratt, W.bndlccn-n85355757Fawne, Luke-1666lccn-no95046012Bill, John-1630nc-riviere robert$1808 1882Riviere, Robert1808-1882lccn-nr00017108Eliot's Court Pressprtlccn-n84090472Brerewood, Edward1565?-1613np-purcell, richardPurcell, Richardlccn-nr94032923Miller, Abrahamactive 1646-approximately 1661prtlccn-nr00031177Bedford, Francis1799-1883lccn-n84212922Cheynell, Francis1608-1665Miller, William Henry1789-1848LegendsPoetrySermonsHistoryPeriodicalsRomancesCatalogsYearbooksBibliography‡vCatalogsFictionTurkey--Troy (Extinct city)Trojan WarLanguage and languagesRomances, Latin (Medieval and modern)ReligionsSectsReligionGreat BritainItaly--ModenaTravelElectionsPrayersEnglish poetry--Early modernJames--I,--King of England,Sermons, EnglishHerbsMateria medicaBotany, MedicalPsychologyCharityEnglandLaw reports, digests, etcCharles--I,--King of England,Voyages and travelsPrivate librariesTheologyRare booksPolitical scienceMiller, William Henry,LibrariesFreedom of the pressPopish Plot (1678)Poor--Services forCivil War (Great Britain : 1642-1649)William H. Robinson, LtdEnglish poetryAntiquarian booksellersBooksellers and booksellingChristian lifeHoe, Robert,Huth, Henry,IncunabulaBooksellers' catalogsEarly printed booksPrintingKnights and knighthoodEnglish poetry--Middle EnglishMedicine, PopularMedicineLaudatory poetry, English178918481263840873.03PA8310.C6ocn236111356ocn237387765ocn235546722ocn237400250ocn237400314ocn237400308151ocn001896828book16140.81Brerewood, EdwardEnquiries touching the diversity of languages and religions, through the chief parts of the worldHistory141ocn011770172book16520.84Cheynell, FrancisThe beacon flameing with a non obstante: or A justification of the firing of the beacon, by way of animadversion upon the book entituled the beacon's quenched, subscribed by Col. Pride, &cHistory111ocn006020715book16490.90Brown, RobertThe subjects sorrovv: or, Lamentations upon the death of Britaines Iosiah, King Charles, most unjustly and cruelly put to death by His owne people, before His Royall Palace White-Hall, January the 30. 1648. Expressed in a sermon upon Lam. 4. 20. Wherein the divine and royall prerogatives, personall virtues, and theologicall graces of His late Majesty are briefly delivered: and that His Majesty was taken away in Gods mercy unto himselfe, and for the certaine punishment of these kingdomes, from the parallel is clearly provedHistorySermons101ocn015184956book16740.88A Discourse of the dukedom of Modena containing the origine, antiquity, government, manners and qualities of the people : as also the temperature of the climate, with the nature and fertility of the soil91ocn015149589book16520.98Fawne, LukeA beacon set on fire, or, The humble information of certain stationers, citizens of London, to the Parliament and commonwealth of England : concerning the vigilancy of Jesuits, papists, and apostates, (taking advantage of the divisions among our selves and the states great employment)History81ocn015149362book16520.94The beacons quenched, or, The humble information of divers officers of the army, and other wel-affected persons, to the Parliament and commonwealth of England : concerning the Machivilian design of the Presbyterians, now carrying on by the stationers of London71ocn031129188book18521.00Specimen of a proposed catalogue of a portion of the library at Britwell House, BuckinghamshireCatalogs41ocn015605215book16730.86Holborn-drollery, or, The beautiful Chloret surprized in the sheets all the love-songs and poems with which she hath been treated this long-vacation being publish'd ; to which is annexed, Flora's cabinet unlocked42ocn079426663book18490.63Sire Degarre : a metrical romance of the end of the thirteenth centuryPoetry31ocn015605757book16720.86Westminster quibbles in verse being a mock to the Crab of the wood, and to that tune, or, A miscellany of quibling catches, joques, and merriments31ocn015491246book16580.76Watson, ThomasA plea for almes delivered in a sermon at the spital, before a solemn assembly of the city, on Tuesday in Easter week, April. 13. 1658.Sermons21ocn031129133book18541.00S. Leigh Sotheby & John Wilkinson (Firm)Catalogue of a very valuable and important collection of early English poetry more particularly of the reigns of Elizabeth, James I, & Charles I, from the extensive library of an eminent collector, deceased ...Bibliography CatalogsCatalogs21ocn236111356book15511.00England and WalesAll suche proclamacions, as haue been sette furthe by the Kynges Maiestie (and passed the print) from the last daie of Ianuarii, in the firste yere of his highnes reigne, vnto the last daie of Ianuarii, beeyng in the .iiii. yere of his said moste prosperous reigne, that is to saie, by the space of .iiii. whole yeres21ocn014315970book15550.76A boke of the propreties of herbes called an herball wherunto is added the time ye herbes, floures and sedes shold be gathered to be kept the whole yere, with the vertue of ye herbes when they are stilled. Also a general rule of al maner of herbes drawen out of an auncient boke of phisyck by W.C21ocn014328972book15401.00Here beginneth a good boke of medecines called The treasure of pore men11ocn015596543book17330.76The prayer of old Plodder, a Presbyterian teacher during the late election at Lancaster, in the county of Lancashire11ocn849493150book14830.70Colonne, Guido delleHistoria destructionis TroiaeHistoryFictionLegendsPoetryRomancesManuscript on paper and parchment of 1) Guido delle Colonne, Historia destructionis Troiae. 2) Boccaccio, Filostrato11ocn237322966book15310.70Annus primus Richardi. iijPeriodicalsYearbooks11ocn082476390book16040.70Drayton, MichaelA pæan triumphall Composed for the Societie of the Goldsmiths of London: congratulating his Highnes magnificent entring the citie. To the Maiestie of the King. By Michael DraytonPoetry11ocn041180353book16110.73Davies, JohnMicrocosmos. the discovery of the little world, with the government thereof. By Iohn Davies91ocn680709882book19280.95William H. Robinson, LtdEarly English books from the Huth, the Hoe, the Britwell and other famous libraries : examples from the presses of Wynkyn de Worde, Julian Notary, Pynson, Berthelet, John Day, and other early English printers ; Bibles and Reformation literature, volumes of early English poetry, books of Shakespearian interest, old English voyages, etc., etcCatalogs21ocn612707331book0.97Christie-Miller, SamuelCatalogue of the library of S. Christie-Miller, esq., Britwell, BucksHistoryBibliography CatalogsCatalogs11ocn680795027book19300.92William H. Robinson, LtdTwo hundred examples of early English printingHistoryCatalogsBibliographyFri Mar 21 15:07:15 EDT 2014batch13487