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Fri Mar 21 17:10:50 2014 UTClccn-nr980277910.00Illustrated catalogue of the ... collection of ... antique Oriental art treasures belonging to the Art house0.500.97Reminiscences of a journey to Lithuania295349442nr 980277914813091Arthouse (Firm)lccn-no2007140547Arts Alliance America (Firm)lccn-n90680030Mekas, Jonas1922-lccn-no2009088651Curiously Bright Entertainment (Firm)lccn-n50044733Richter, Hans1888-1976viaf-292086002Neel, Richardivenp-neel, hartleyNeel, Hartleyivelccn-n50031713Neel, Alice1900-1984np-neel, andrewNeel, Andrewausdrtlccn-no2009061803Spence, Rebecca C.prolccn-no2008162691Palmer, EthanproArthouse IncInterviewsBiographyCriticism, interpretation, etcPictorial worksDramaExperimental filmsDiariesHistoryUnited StatesPainting, AmericanAbstract expressionismArtistsPainting, ModernNew York (State)--New YorkNeel, Alice,Portrait painting, AmericanWagstaff, Samuel JPhotographersPhotography--Collectors and collectingMapplethorpe, RobertWarhol, Andy,Smith, PattiSmith, Jack,PaintersIndependent filmmakersPerformance artistsJudd, Donald,SculptorsFluxus (Group of artists)Sculpture, AmericanSculpture, EnglishGreat BritainCragg, Tony,Manners and customsArtTravelSoviet UnionCoelho, PauloGay menRailroadsRussia (Federation)--SiberiaCity and town lifeNew York (State)--New York--East HarlemNew York (State)--New York--HarlemRichter, Hans,Self-perceptionConduct of lifeSelf-help techniquesLoveDreamsMekas, Jonas,HomesSuicideVisual perceptionVoyeurismChildrenArt, ModernSpiritual life--New Age movement19901996199719981999200120022003200420052006200720082009201020122013201414867096709.04052ND212.5.A25ocn0708876031482ocn233603462visu20080.29Alice NeelBiographyInterviewsA look at the life and struggles of single mother and female artist, Alice Neel. Explores Alice Neel's tumultuous biography and the legacy to paint the subjects of her era, such as Andy Warhol, Allen Ginsberg, Bella Abzug and Annie Sprinkle1323ocn070887603visu20010.56Donald Judd's Marfa, TexasCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyInterviewsFilmaker Christopher Felver extols the work of Donald Judd and Tony Cragg to two unique documentaries which highlight the impassioned work of two imperious sculptors that define the dynamic nature and beauty of three dimensional art1054ocn607920778visu20080.28Black white + grayBiography"Yale-educated and born with a silver spoon in his mouth, Sam Wagstaff's transformation from innovative museum curator to Robert Mapplethorpe's lover and patron is intensively probed in Black White + Gray. During the heady years of the 1970s and 1980s, the New York City art scene was abuzz with a new spirit, and Mapplethorpe would be at the center of it. Wagstaff pulled him from his suburban Queens existence, gave him a camera and brought him into this art world that seemed to be waiting for him, creating the man whose infamous images instilled emotions ranging from awe to anger. In turn, Mapplethorpe brought the formerly starched-shirt preppie to the world of drugs and gay S-and-M sex, well-documented in his still-startling photographs. Twenty-five years separated the lovers, but their relationship was symbiotic to its core, and the two remained together forever. The film also explores the relationship both men had with musician/poet Patti Smith, whose 1975 debut album 'Horses' catapulted her to fame."--Official website, Smith and the destruction of AtlantisCriticism, interpretation, etcInterviewsJack Smith is simultaneously hailed as the godfather of performance art, a groundbreaking photographer and the 'William Blake of film'. His utopian ideals, artistic processes and bejeweled artworks became essential influences to contemporary art superstars like Andy Warhol, Federico Fellini and Matthew Barney. In her feature-length film debut, director Mary Jordan combines Smith's rare and unseen films and photographs with rare audio recordings, acting appearances, and other relics squeezed from Smith's vaulted archives. Jordan also delves into Smith's tenuous relationship with Andy Warhol--who adopted Smith's ideas and actors in his own work (including Smith's 'Superstars' concept), his vilification of New American cinema pioneer Jonas Mekas, and other previously undocumented biographical topics. This documentary pays homage to New York's ultimate anti-hero and the original King of the Underground.--From publisher description894ocn318454009visu20090.32De Antonio, EmilePainters paintingHistoryInterviewsRencontre avec treize artistes new-yorkais de la période 1940-1970, à l'oeuvre dans leurs ateliers et en entrevues, qui ont créé ou participé l'expressionisme abstrait, "l'action painting" et l'art pop, puis son internationalisation. Avec Willem de Kooning, Helen Frankenthaler, Hans Hoffman, Jasper Johns, Robert Motherwell, Barnett Newman, Kenneth Noland, Jules Olitski, Philip Pavia, Larry Poons, Robert Rauschenberg, Frank Stella, Andy Warhol. Participation du galeriste Leo Castelli, du critique Henry Geldzahler, de l'architecte et collectionneur Philip Johnson871ocn319071301visu20090.12Trans-Siberian express a journey with Paulo CoelhoPaulo Coelho takes viewers on a magic journey aboard the legendary train that connects Moscow with Vladivostok. Coelho tours Siberia aboard the train, seeing majestic and enigmatic sights filled with history and enchantment802ocn037907341visu19970.79Fluxfilm anthology"A collection of over 30 films, ranging from 10 seconds to 10 minutes, all celebrating the ephemeral humor of the Fluxus movement. George Maciunas (1931-78) edited together films by himself, Albert Fine, Eric Andersen, Dick Higgins, George Brecht, Robert Watts, Joe Jones, James Riddle, Wolf Vostell, George Landow, Peter Kennedy (and Mike Parr), Peter Vanderbeek, John Cavanaugh, Jeff Perkins, Nam June Paik, Chieko Shioni, Paul Sharits, Yoko Ono, John Cale, and others."--Container742ocn035655357visu19960.73In the streetPictorial worksA cinematic essay on life in a big-city neighborhood. This short, silent film with music in the background captures the image of urban human existance713ocn036185741visu19960.86Early avant-garde films Hans RichterInterviewsFilm begins with an interview with Hans Richter at age 83 at his Connecticut home where he talks about his early experimental films and their relationship to his painting, scrolls and collages and concludes with eight of his short early films produced between 1921 and 1929631ocn042013223visu19990.79Brakhage, StanSelected filmsA compilation of experimental films by Stan Brakhage. Cat's cradle: Sexual witchcraft involving two couples and a medium cat. Window water baby moving: Brakhage's treatment of the birth of his daughter. Sirius remembered: Coming to terms with the decay of death and the decay of the memories of a loved one who has died. Dead: A very sombre and intense visual poem, a black lyric exercise on time and eternity. Thigh line lyre triangular: Patterns that move out from the inside of the mind through the optic nerves--"spots before my eyes; an intensive, disturbing, but joyful experience." Mothlight: Brakhage made this film without a camera. He just pasted mothwings and flowers on a clear strip of film and ran it through the printing machine523ocn291099288visu20090.13The infinite wisdom of loveDr. John Demartini, one of the masters of The Secret, shares insights, knowledge, and practical tools which will expand your awareness and potential in all areas of your life. He teaches how you can become clear on what you would love and eliminate fears that stand in your way301ocn037887310visu19970.81Brakhage, StanAnticipation of the night"A film in the first person. The protagonist, like the members of the audience, is a voyeur, and his eventual suicide is a result of his inability to participate in the 'untutored' seeing experience of a child. Anticipation consists of a flow of colors and shapes which constantly intrigues us by placing the unknown object next to the known in a significant relationship, by metamorphosing one visual statement into another."--P. Adams Sitney261ocn426556482visu20090.152012 the prophecies from the heartDrunvalo Melchizedek talks to viewers about how many things are coming in the year 2012, and how to be ready to accept them inside their hearts and mind, and most of all, how to explore that magnificent enlightenment that could arrive to each one of them251ocn040483293visu19980.81Richter, HansDreams that money can buyDramaExperimental filmsJoe, a young man down on his luck, discovers he has the power to create dreams, and sets up a business selling them to others. The dreams he gives to his clients are the creations of Max Ernst, Fernand Léger, Man Ray, Marcel Duchamp, Alexander Calder, and Hans Richter242ocn043416826visu19970.50Alexander Calder from the circus to the moonThe universe of Calder's rotating spheres, spinning mobiles, animated wire sculpture and his toys, prints, jewelry, tapestries and theater designs are set in motion on the screen. We see Calder transform an old spoon into part of a delicate mobile. He is captured at work and at play and revealed to be an artist for whom the two activities are inseparable231ocn037105441visu19960.88Mekas, JonasScenes from the life of Andy Warhol friendships & intersectionsBiographyIn this 1990 film Jonas Mekas chronicles not only the great pop artist, Andy Warhol, but also the social and cultural excitement that swirled around him, throbbing to a hypnotic Velvet Underground beat. This is a candid, relaxed film diary including his friends Barbara Rubin, Tuli Kupferberg, Allen Ginsberg, Peter Olovksy, Ed Sanders, Gerard Malanga, Storm De Hirsch and George Maciunas211ocn036349095visu19960.79The EndDramaAn experimental film which intercuts color and black and white sequences, as well as sound-with-no-picture in showing five different people on the last day of their lives. This is a poetic, philosophical examination of life and its unexpected end201ocn035654456visu19960.97Reminiscences of a journey to LithuaniaBiographyDiariesIn this three part film, the first part is footage of the filmmaker's first years in America in the early 1950's in Brooklyn. The second part is of his return visit after a 25 year absence to the Lithuanian village where he was born, his reunion with his mother and related celebrations. The third part begins in Elmshorn, a suburb of Hamburg, where the filmmaker spent a year in a forced labor camp during the war. The film then moves on to the Monastery of Krems-muenster, the Stammdorff Castle of Nitsch, the house of Wittgenstein and ends with the burning of the Vienna fruit market, August, 1971201ocn036547083visu19960.90Lost, lost, lostConsists of a film diary by Jonas Mekas. Begins with his arrival in New York from Lithuania and moves on to his life as a young poet and displaced person in Brooklyn. Shows the Lithuanian immigrant community and their attempts to adapt to a new land. Explores Mekas' first contacts with New York poetry and filmmaking communities. Includes a series of haikus filmed in Vermont, scenes at the Film-Maker's Cooperative, views of New York City, a trip to Flaherty Seminar, and countryside scenes201ocn037887463visu19970.81Brakhage, StanSongs #1-14A compilation of experimental films by Stan Brakhage21ocn171456929book1921American Art AssociationIllustrated catalogue of the ... collection of ... antique Oriental art treasures belonging to the Art houseFri Mar 21 15:11:25 EDT 2014batch18990