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Fri Mar 21 17:15:16 2014 UTClccn-nr990020940.14Epitafios0.330.79Todo sobre mi madre /87114642Cecilia_Rothnr 990020944908013Rot, Cecilia Rotemberg.Rotemberg Rot, Cecilia.Roth, CeciliaRoth, Cecilia, 1956-Roth, Celia, 1956-Roth, Celia, 1958-lccn-n90606701Almodóvar, Pedrosceausprfflmdrtlccn-nr99010888Cruz, Penélopeothprfactlccn-n94091688Paredes, Marisa1946-othprfactnp-san juan, antoniaSan Juan, Antoniaothprfactlccn-no98086490Deseo, S.A.prolccn-no2006111430France 2 cinéma (Firm)lccn-nr2001000111Sardá, Rosa Maríaactlccn-nr00008567Peña, Candelaothprfactlccn-nr98011325Renn Productionsprolccn-no2001034138Iglesias, AlbertocmpRoth, Cecilia1958-DramaFilm adaptationsHistoryComedy filmsHistorical filmsSpainMothers and sonsGriefTraffic accidentsFiction filmsArgentinaTransvestitesMan-woman relationshipsWomenSingle mothersManners and customsMexicoMissing personsTriangles (Interpersonal relations)Middle-aged womenMontero, RosaMotion pictures, SpanishFathers and sonsSerial murderersLove, PaternalMen--Conduct of lifeAir pilotsAir travelFlight attendantsAdulteryHomosexualitySerial murdersMurder--InvestigationTorture victimsIndustrializationParent and childCoup d'état (Argentina : 1976)ProstitutionPeruTodo sobre mi madre (Motion picture)BrothersWomen judgesMotion picturesSexBanderas, AntonioMaura, Carmen,Paredes, Marisa,World War (1939-1945)ArmiesCommunistsExilesCruz, PenélopeAlmodóvar, PedroGay menFathers and daughters1956198019821983198419851986198719881990199119921993199419951996199719981999200020012002200320042005200620072008200920102011201220134987117475791.4372PN1997ocn044569082ocn460120622ocn082907994ocn063175041ocn061395899ocn167043037ocn867151004ocn224553484ocn854754919ocn673955690ocn554049234ocn780774692ocn781310103ocn421334963ocn753688071ocn552193045ocn550529280ocn781301630ocn753627517ocn550575959ocn864888369ocn762398225ocn742813463214796ocn044569082visu19990.27Almodóvar, PedroTodo sobre mi madre All about my motherDramaManuela is the perfect mother. A hard-working nurse, she's built a comfortable life for herself and her teenage son. But when tragedy strikes and her son is killed in a car accident, her world crumbles+-+87045397963244206ocn054087152visu20030.20Lucía, LucíaDramaFilm adaptations"A woman's search for her missing husband ignites a dangerous and unexpectedly romantic adventure. It's a wild ride through the mysterious territory of identity, as Lucia finds herself in a triangle of love and friendship with a reawakened passion for life that's different from anything she ever imagined!"--Container back cover24119ocn061718521visu19910.56Aristarain, AdolfoUn lugar en el mundo A place in the worldDramaDrama set against the backdrop of a ranching valley in Argentina, which chronicles a confrontation between traditional values and the incursions of progress23721ocn063175041visu19970.35Aristarain, AdolfoMartín (Hache)DramaMartín "H" (for "hijo" [son in Spanish] thus his nickname, "hache" [Spanish for the letter "h"] or "Junior" in English) suffers an overdose after his girlfriend breaks up with him. Hache is directionless and difficult, so his mother sends him to live with his father, an Argentine expat who lives in Madrid. Martín tries to reach out to his son, but it soon becomes clear that Hache needs to leave his father's place and make his own way1722ocn122339819visu20070.31Almodóvar, PedroViva Pedro the Almodóvar collectionDramaFilm adaptationsEight of director Pedro Almodóvar's original films+-+87045397963241605ocn051947109visu20000.25Segunda piel Second skinDramaWhen Elena discovers that her husband is involved in a passionate affair with another man, he tries desperately to convince her - and himself - that the affair was a mistake. But he soon finds that his love is real. When Elena's husband is encouraged to start a new life, one that is true to his real feelings, this strange triangle takes a turn that no one expects+-+72585821061503ocn070964501visu20060.19EpitafiosDramaThis critically acclaimed suspense drama follows the cat-and-mouse game between a police officer who is looking for a reason to live and a psychotic serial killer bent on revenge, who has found a reason to kill13019ocn054523013visu20020.73Piñeyro, MarceloKamchatkaHistoryDramaHistorical filmsIn 1976, during the time of the "disappeared ones" in Argentina, two boys are moved to the countryside by their parents in an effort to keep the family together as long as possible1222ocn029532940visu19900.70Laberinto de pasiones Labyrinth of passionDramaAlmodovar's early '80s Madrid, a depraved, soap-operatic world of street queens, exiled princes, transvestite punks, artificial-insemination doctors, sensitive nymphos, mourning psychos, and angry terrorists11927ocn162248453visu19990.37Alles über meine Mutter+-+46650611383249325ocn167043037visu19820.76Almodóvar, PedroLaberinto de pasionesDrama"Sexilia is a young sex fiend, member of a female rock group and daughter of a brilliant and twisted gynecologist. She is in love with Riza Niro, heir to a fallen Arab empire, who is more preoccupied with make up and men than with international politics. They are the central couple around which the film revolves, just one step away from losing control"--Container label8811ocn045208097book19990.79Almodóvar, PedroTodo sobre mi madre"A birthday treat turns ino heart-rending tragedy for single mother Manuela when her teenage son is killed in a car accident after a performance of 'A streetcar named desire' starring his favourite actress Huma Roja ... Manuela goes to Barcelona to finally tell his father about the son he never knew he had." [box cover note]848ocn062113487visu19970.37Cenizas del paraíso Ashes from paradiseDramaA judge falls from the roof of the Federal Courthouse. A woman is murdered. Between them and the three sons of the judge there is a connection that will be investigated by a woman judge who is determined to discover the truth568ocn057546240visu20010.27Vidas privadas Private livesDramaComedy filmsA former torture victim under the Argentinian dictatorship, Carmen Uranga now lives a fast-paced life in Madrid, taking comfort only with hired sex partners who aren't allowed to touch her. However, when her aging father has a stroke, Carmen returns to Argentina to be with her family. Now, Carmen must grapple with her memories, and eventually learn to love again. But when more about the past comes to light ... the truth is far more shocking than anyone expected542ocn061137273visu20020.20Deseo Beyond desireDramaA movie about the political situation by the end of WWII and also a forbidden love story between a married communist woman and a NAZI544ocn073328427visu20060.27Pantaleón y las visitadoras Captain Pantoja and the special servicesDramaPantaleón y las visitadoras: A dedicated Peruvian army captain (and devoted husband) is put in charge of a top secret military operation--setting up a brothel in the Amazon jungle to satisfy the needs of his fellow soldiers. Vidas privadas: Carmen Uranga, an Argentine exile, returns to her homeland after 20 years when her father has a stroke. As Carmen struggles with her memories, a new shocking truth from her past comes to light5019ocn703504587visu19990.25Almodóvar, PedroAll about my motherDramaAcademy Award Winner 2000. (Best Foreign Language Film). From acclaimed Spanish director Pedro Almodovar All About My Mother is a delirious, baroque drama sturated with extreme characters, hilarious interactions and vibrant colours502ocn741177034visu20110.14EpitafiosDramaCritically acclaimed suspense drama that follows the cat-and-mouse game between a police officer who is looking for a reason to live and a psychotic serial killer bent on revenge, who has found a reason to kill. Renzo Marquez and Marina Segal join forces again to solve yet another logic-defying homicide case. With the help of XL, a psychiatric patient suffering from low brain activity, they manage to anticipate a serial killer's next move. Contains all 13 episodes of Season 2371ocn867151004visu20130.16I'm so excited!DramaWith malfunctioning landing gear, the fight attendants on a Madrid-Mexico City flight try to distract the passengers from this crisis with comical results3114ocn058541126visu19800.79Zulueta, IvánArrebatoDramaA director of horror films becomes obsessed with the relationship between image and reality in this meditation on the power of cinema+-+8704539796324+-+8704539796324Fri Mar 21 15:49:49 EDT 2014batch22253