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Thu Oct 16 18:11:36 2014 UTCnp-pliny0.00Natural history0.551.00A series of political letters,lccn-n79075182Plinythe Youngerlccn-n50052435Radice, Bettylccn-no2011009387Westcott, John Howell1858-lccn-nr89005316Rackham,, h translatorRackham, H. (translator)np-rackham, hRackham, H.lccn-n79077412Domitianlccn-n79055990Trajanlccn-n79006756Jones, W. H. S.lccn-no95059432Eichholz, D. E.PlinyRecords and correspondenceCriticism, interpretation, etcHistoryNatural historyPliny,--the ElderPliny,--the YoungerNaturalis historia (Pliny, the Elder)ArtScience, AncientScienceAuthors, LatinArt, ClassicalRome (Empire)LawyersCorrespondence (Pliny, the Younger)Latin lettersStatesmenPolitical scienceArt, AncientEuropeManners and customsPotter, Robert,North Carolina--Halifax CountyMedicine, Greek and RomanOrrery, Charles Boyle,--Earl of,Trajan,--Emperor of Rome,1516152415481566158515871600164416931711172917481751180518251835186518981900191119151920192619371950195219551956195719581960196119621963196419661967196819691971197219751976198219861989199219941995199719992000200120042006201020112012201326190117878.9PA6156193ocn018556640book0.86PlinyStoria naturale194ocn256420276book19690.37PlinyLetters, books I - VII+-+2615449215161ocn655877880book19520.10PlinyNatural history of pliny, vol. 9 : books 33-35142ocn666630367book0.90PlinyNaturalis historiae libri 37123ocn256420281book19580.35PlinyLetters, books VIII - X and PanegyricusVolume 2. - Enth.: Letters, books VIII-X ; Panegyricus+-+311544921587ocn475969987book19520.50PlinyNatural historyHistoryPLINY, the Elder, Gaius Plinius Secundus (AD 23-79), a Roman of equestrian rank of Transpadane Gaul (N. Italy), was uncle of Pliny the letter writer. He pursued a career partly military in Germany, partly administrative in Gaul and Spain under the emperor Vespasian, and became prefect of the fleet at Misenum. He died in the eruption of Vesuvius when he went to get a closer view and to rescue friends. Tireless worker, reader, and writer, he was author of works now lost; but his great Natural History in 37 books with its vast collection of facts (and alleged facts) survives -- a mine of information despite its uncritical character. The contents of the books are as follows. Book 1: table of contents of the others and of authorities ; 2: mathematical and metrological survey of the universe; 3-6: Geography and ehtnography of the known world; 7: anthropology and physiology of man; 8-11: zoology; 12-19: botany, agriculture, and horticulture; 20-27: plant products as used in medicine; 28-32: medical zoology; 33-37: minerals (and medicine), the fine arts, and gemstones71ocn650138020book19150.47PlinyLettersParallel latin & English texts62ocn258008805book19680.47Plinius Secundus, GaiusLibri XII - XVI63ocn257859943book19680.47Plinius Secundus, GaiusLibb. XXXIII-XXXVII51ocn852111011book1962PlinyCommonly called the natural history of C. Plinius Secundus51ocn852127491book18980.47PlinyThe natural history of Pliny51ocn852020916book1950PlinyNatural history52ocn247914179book19630.35PlinyLibri XXVIII - XXXII+-+951944921543ocn463047106book19670.66PlinyFifty letters of PlinyCriticism, interpretation, etcRecords and correspondence32ocn032807873book18251.00PlinyA series of political letters31ocn257860422book19920.47PlinyBooks XVII - XIX+-+945944921532ocn258614341book19950.47PlinyBooks XXXIII - XXXV+-+288944921521ocn703898181book15240.97PlinyNaturalis historiae opus21ocn248886789book19990.47PlinyBooks 20-23+-+568944921522ocn795849862book17510.74PlinyThe letters of Pliny the YoungerRecords and correspondence351ocn004913597book19260.66PlinyC. Plini Secundi Epistulae selectae. Selected letters of PlinyRecords and correspondence142ocn551540238com18050.96PlinyC. Plinii Caecilii Secvndi Epistolarvm libri decem et Panegyricvs52ocn748896220com20060.56Carey, SorchaPliny's catalogue of culture art and empire in the natural historyHistory"This book reveals how Pliny's presentation of Greek art is profoundly Roman; and that beyond his account of Greek sculpture and painting, Pliny stands as an equally important source on Roman art - whether in his discussion of Roman portraiture or early imperial monuments." "The author argues that Pliny's art history can only be properly understood when viewed within the wider context of the work as a whole. From this perspective the chapters on art cease to become an isolated collection of facts on the art and artists of the Ancient World, and emerge instead as an essential part of Pliny's sophisticated project to transform his encyclopaedic account of the world into a catalogue of Roman world empire."--BOOK JACKET11ocn872136131file19670.53PlinyC. Plini Secundi Naturalis historiae libri XXXVII11ocn851107301file20100.56Doody, AudePliny's encyclopedia the reception of the Natural historyExamines responses to Pliny the Elder's encyclopedic Natural History over the last two millennia+-+2856496705+-+2615449215+-+2615449215Thu Oct 16 15:41:40 EDT 2014batch13418