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Thu Oct 16 17:51:40 2014 UTCviaf-123814780.00Incest : from "A Journal of Love : The Unexpurged diary of Anaïs Nin:1932-1934 /0.251.00Gilui ʻarayot : mi-tokh 'Yoman shel ahavah' : ha-yoman ha-bilti metsunzar shel Anais Nin 1932-1934 /12381478lccn-n79041785Nin, Anaïs1903-1977lccn-n92050623Smith, June Edithlccn-n79069799Miller, Henry1891-1980lccn-n86115278Stuhlmann, Guntherauiothannedtlccn-n85364382Commengé, Béatricetrlnp-fernandez villanueva, jose luisFernández Villanueva, José Luisviaf-87869027Fernández-Villanueva Cencio, J., yisraelSmilansḳi, Yiśraʼellccn-n97046089Ben-Ari, NitsahPole, RupertDiariesBiographyNin, Anaïs,Authors, AmericanRelations with womenSmith, June EdithMiller, Henry,Man-woman relationshipsAuthors' spousesSexAuthorsUnited StatesWomen authors, AmericanAmerican prose literatureAmerican literature1986199219931995199619972000200220038501117BPS3527.I865ocn470008225ocn449279966ocn468668762ocn415952590ocn465677846ocn468822194ocn463984491ocn4641562858051ocn013333571book19860.24Nin, AnaïsHenry and June : from the unexpurgated diary of Anaïs NinBiographyDiariesOverview: Drawn from the original, uncensored journals of Anais Nin, Henry and June is an intimate account of a woman's sexual awakening. It covers a single momentous year - from late 1931 to the end of 1932 - during Nin's life in Paris, when she met Henry Miller and his wife, June. She fell in love with June's beauty and Henry's writing and, soon after June's departure for New York, began a fiery affair with Henry, which liberated her sexually and morally but undermined her marriage and led her into psychoanalysis. One question dominated her thoughts: what would happen when June returned to Paris? That event took place in October 1932, leaving Nin trapped between two loves - Henry and June. Drawn from the original, uncensored journals of Anais Nin, this is an intimate account of a woman's sexual awakening+-+K205591065151ocn037749918book19970.63Nin, AnaïsLe Feu103ocn224285126book19960.29Nin, AnaïsNearer the moon : from A journal of love : the unexpurgated diary of Anaïs Nin, 1937-1939DiariesAnais Nin's diary was her "ultimate confidante," and to it she revealed her private self, her doubts and weaknesses, and the uncensored details about her physical relationships. This discipline of daily writing also helped Nin develop the skills to write her edited diaries and best-selling volumes of erotica. The fourth volume of "A Journal of Love," Nearer the Moon covers the years 1937 through 1939 and continues the story begun in Fire of Nin's "dismemberment by love." She remains torn between three men: Henry Miller, whose detached self-immersion and artistic "impersonality" both attract and repel her; Gonzalo More, a sensitive and attentive but jealous lover who drives her to distraction; and Hugh Guiler, her faithful husband, who provides a calm center for Nin. In addition, a wide circle of family, friends, and admirers makes demands on Nin's time and emotional energy. She is constantly busy helping people - finding apartments and rent money, taking trips to the doctor, encouraging artistic pursuits. And yet, she cannot abandon her writing - the structured world of the writer is her refuge+-+115761572532483ocn470008225book19950.70Nin, AnaïsInceste (tiré du Journal de l'amour) : Journal inédit et non expurgé des années 1932-1934Diaries32ocn449279966book19950.25Nin, AnaïsFire : from "A journal of love" : the unexpurgated diary of Anaïs Nin, 1934-1937DiariesIn this "erotically charged"(Publishers Weekly) diary that picks up where Incest left off, Nin chronicles a restless search for fulfillment that leads her to New York City-"that brilliant giant toy"--Then back to Paris and Henry, and eventually into the arms of a passionate new lover+-+833555606532432ocn463984491book19920.26Nin, AnaïsIncest : from A journal of love : the unexpurgated diary of Anaïs Nin, 1932-1934DiariesFew writings explore a woman's love life in such detail, with such subtlety, insight, and pain, as does Anais Nin's original, uncensored diary. It is a life record that deals openly with the physical aspects of relationships and unsparingly with the full spectrum of psychological ramifications. Here was a woman who sought the freedom to act out her sexual and emotional desires with the same guiltless, "amoral" abandon that men have always claimed for themselves+-+111899606532421ocn807079215book19950.24Nin, AnaïsIncesto : diario amorosoDiaries11ocn465677846book19970.10Nin, AnaïsLe feu (tiré du Journal de l'amour) : journal inédit et non expurgé des années 1934-193711ocn807305055book20000.21Nin, AnaïsFuego : diario amoroso, 1934-1937Diaries+-+177099329311ocn415952590book1993Nin, AnaïsIncest : from "A Journal of Love : The Unexpurged diary of Anaïs Nin:1932-193411ocn057627781book20031.00Nin, AnaïsGilui ʻarayot : mi-tokh 'Yoman shel ahavah' : ha-yoman ha-bilti metsunzar shel Anais Nin 1932-1934Diaries+-+K205591065+-+K205591065Thu Oct 16 15:32:14 EDT 2014batch8695