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Fri Mar 21 17:04:17 2014 UTCviaf-1318642220.00Beyond limits : Sotheby's at Chatsworth, a private sale offering, a selling exhibition of modern and contemporary sculpture0.400.96Basilij Zanchij Poematum libri VII1318642222137836viaf-297339143Cavendish familylccn-n82054582Devonshire, Deborah Vivien Freeman-Mitford CavendishDuchess of1920-lccn-sh85037391Devonshire, Dukes oflccn-no92015258Devonshire, Andrew Robert Buxton CavendishDuke of1920-2004lccn-n80132081Paxton, JosephSir1803-1865lccn-n79055462Jaffé, Michael1923-lccn-n50018183Cotton, Charles1630-1687np-talman, williamTalman, Williamlccn-n82066843Wyatville, JeffrySir1766-1840lccn-n82074105Archer, Thomas1668 or 1669-1743Chatsworth (England)CatalogsExhibition catalogsArtChatsworth (England)England--DerbyshireGreat BritainCavendish familyDevonshire, Deborah Vivien Freeman-Mitford Cavendish,--Duchess of,Devonshire, Dukes ofNobilityManners and customsDevonshire, Andrew Robert Buxton Cavendish,--Duke of,ManorsAdministration of estatesEnglandGardenersGreat ExhibitionPaxton, Joseph,--Sir,Art--Private collectionsArchitectsAristocracy (Social class)Archer, Thomas,Talman, WilliamAeneis (Virgil)Drawing--Private collectionsWyatville, Jeffry,--Sir,Lucian,--of SamosataDrawing, ItalianCrystal Palace (Sydenham, London, England)Crystal Palace (Great Exhibition, 1851, London, England)Landscape gardeningArt, EuropeanEuropeGardensHomesDuke familyDrawing, EuropeanHistoric buildingsDwellingsCountry homesBlenheim Palace (England)Holkham Hall (England)Boughton House (England)Burghley House (Stamford, England)ArtRare booksHistoric gardensParksLandscape architectureEngland--Peak DistrictLandscape architectsDrawingVan Dyck, Anthony,1505155315871683169417151734174117651771178318001830183118371839184518521867186918721879188618891891189318961898190119021910191119121914191519241925193519401948194919511952195319551957195819591960196219631965196619681969197019711972197319741975197819791981198219831984198519861987198919901991199219931994199519961997199920002001200220032005200620072008200920102011201220136133164296741.945NC85714ocn000660517book19400.92Van Dyck, AnthonyItalienisches Skizzenbuch; eine Nachauflage der 1940 von Gert Adriani273ocn464659083file15050.81Leonardo[Leda and the swan]Art231ocn032891602book19940.28Jaffé, MichaelThe Devonshire collection of Italian drawingsCatalogsVol. 2+-+3084739625211ocn032891617book19940.28Jaffé, MichaelThe Devonshire collection of Italian drawingsCatalogs+-+1184739625201ocn032891624book19940.31Jaffé, MichaelThe Devonshire collection of Italian drawingsCatalogsVol. 3+-+6884739625201ocn032891608book19940.29Jaffé, MichaelThe Devonshire collection of Italian drawingsCatalogsVol. 4+-+K98473962571ocn259737975book20080.47Sotheby's (Firm)Beyond limits : Sotheby's at Chatsworth, a private sale offering : a selling exhibition of modern and contemporary sculptureExhibition catalogs51ocn758605724book20110.47Sotheby's (Firm)Beyond limits : Sotheby's at Chatsworth : a selling exhibition52ocn038720841book19730.47Aarhus museumMestertegninger fra Chatsworth : Aarhus Kunstmuseum 8.-30. september, 1973Exhibition catalogs41ocn263128061book20080.47Sotheby's (Firm)Beyond limits : Sotheby's at Chatsworth, a private sale offering : a selling exhibition of modern and contemporary sculptureExhibition catalogs31ocn054612553book15530.96Zanchi, BasilioBasilij Zanchij Poematum libri VII21ocn233251593book2006Sotheby's (Firm)Beyond limits : Sotheby's at Chatsworth, a private sale offering, a selling exhibition of modern and contemporary sculptureExhibition catalogs21ocn043174464book19550.47Leeds (England)Paintings from Chatsworth House : 2nd December 1954 to 9th January 195521ocn810910178book0.47Chatsworth (England)The Devonshire Collection : Old master drawings at Chatsworth21ocn832317522book20120.47Sotheby's (Firm)Beyond limits : Sotheby's at Chatsworth : a selling exhibition21ocn859619294book20130.47Sotheby's (Firm)Beyond limits : Sotheby's at Chatsworth : a selling exhibition21ocn077571216book20060.47Sotheby's (Firm)Beyond limits : Sotheby's at Chatsworth, a private sale offering a selling exhibition of modern and contemporary sculpture, 08.09.06-27.10.06Exhibition catalogs11ocn222291111book19490.88Arts Council of Great BritainOld master drawings from ChatsworthCatalogsExhibition catalogs11ocn836950937book19490.56Arts Council of Great BritainAn exhibition of old master drawings from Chatsworth : book of illustrationsExhibition catalogs11ocn233263965book2007Sotheby's (Firm)Beyond limits : Sotheby's at Chatsworth, a private sale offering, a selling exhibition of modern and contemporary sculptureExhibition catalogs4473ocn049320483book20010.19Devonshire, Deborah Vivien Freeman-Mitford CavendishCounting my chickens-- : and other home thoughtsBiographyAnecdotesGathered from the author's personal diaries, the memoirs of the youngest Mitford sibling discuss such topics as the challenges of running Chatsworth, her childhood in Mitford, and her celebrity relationships+-+44758692853241ocn008475333book19820.24Devonshire, Deborah Vivien Freeman-Mitford CavendishThe house : living at ChatsworthHistory2621ocn006014453book19790.73Blunt, Anthony FrederickTreasures from Chatsworth : the Devonshire inheritance : a loan exhibition from the Devonshire Collection, by permission of the Duke of Devonshire and the Trustees of the Chatsworth SettlementHistoryExhibition catalogs2548ocn083277696com17340.73Cotton, CharlesThe genuine poetical works of Charles Cotton, Esq containing I. Scarronides: or, Virgil travestie. II. Lucian burlesqu'd: or, the scoffer scoff'd. III. The wonders of the Peake. Illustrated with many curious cutsPoetryParodies, imitations, etc2423ocn031722608book19940.66Jaffé, MichaelThe Devonshire collection of Italian drawingsCatalogs+-+K9847396252402ocn310157900book20090.17Devonshire, Deborah Vivien Freeman-Mitford CavendishHome to roost : and other peckingsBiographyAnecdotesThe Dowager Duchess of Devonshire was brought up in Oxfordshire with spells in London. In 1950, her husband inherited estates in Yorkshire, Ireland and Derbyshire. As broad and eclectic as her long and eventful life, the pieces in this book range from a ringside view of John F. Kennedy's inauguration and funeral, a valedictory for her local post office, the 1938 London season, Christmas at Chatsworth, and the hazards of shopping for clothes when your eyesight is failing. Affectionate, shrewd, and uproariously funny, her no-nonsense, bang-on-the-nail observations are as good as any antidepressant. Specially commissioned drawings from her son-in-law Will Topley are included+-+44369039362146ocn729342295book20110.18Devonshire, Deborah Vivien Freeman-Mitford CavendishAll in one basketBiographyAnecdotesCollects anecdotes about friends from Evelyn Waugh to John F. Kennedy; tales of struggle and success at Chatsworth, England's greatest stately home; and tales of her beloved chickens, which the Duchess began raising as a child+-+61985692852044ocn060668968book20050.31Colquhoun, KateThe busiest man in England : the life of Joseph Paxton, gardener, architect, & Victorian visionaryHistoryBiographyToday one would be hard pressed to choose a "Pre-eminent Victorian," a perfect embodiment of the golden age of innovation and energy. But among the Victorians themselves, it was agreed that one figure towered above the rest. Joseph Paxton bestrode the worlds of horticulture, urban planning, and architecture like a colossus. This was the indispensable man, the self-taught polymath with a solution to every large-scale logistical problem. Rising quickly from humble beginnings, Paxton at 23 became head gardener and architect at Chatsworth, the estate of the sixth Duke of Devonshire. Under Paxton's hands, Chatsworth was transformed into the greatest garden in England, Britain's answer to the hanging gardens of Babylon. Paxton also edited garden periodicals, helped found the London Daily News, and was a Liberal MP for Coventry, but it was his design for the Crystal Palace, home of the Great Exhibition of 1851, that secured his immortality.--From publisher description+-+66587421062012ocn048571545book20020.24Devonshire, Deborah Vivien Freeman-Mitford CavendishChatsworth : the houseHistoryGuidebooksChatsworth is one of England's ten most visited great houses. In this tour of the house, Deborah the Dowager Duchess of Devonshire takes the reader into the private as well as the public rooms, and goes behind the scenes to explain the management of the household and the work of the staff needed to keep it going. Illustrated with lavish photographs+-+90216766251852ocn615906120book20100.19Devonshire, Deborah Vivien Freeman-Mitford CavendishWait for me! : memoirs of the youngest Mitford sisterBiographyAt the age of ninety, Debo (as she is known to all her friends) looks back on a life lived at a cracking pace. An eagerly awaited autobiography. Endless fascination with the Mitfords. Full of wonderful stories and gossip+-+75469039361841ocn844093031visu20130.13Secrets of ChatsworthHistoryDramaOver five centuries, Chatsworth Estate has been passed down through 16 generations of the Cavendish family and is presently the home of the current 12th Duke of Devonshire and his family1801ocn052145511book20030.28Colquhoun, KateA thing in disguise : the visionary life of Joseph PaxtonHistoryBiography+-+08089625553241602ocn029465236book19930.81Jaffé, MichaelOld master drawings from Chatsworth1451ocn789687129visu20120.15Treasure houses of BritainHistoryJoin Scott as she discovers the astonishing affluence and fascinating stories behind these cherished properties. Explore the parlors, suites, and grounds of homes that are more than simply architectural masterpieces: they're snapshots of the tastes and sensibilities of bygone eras and part of the fabric of the nation's history. Bonus features included1322ocn029185717book19910.47Devonshire, Deborah Vivien Freeman-Mitford CavendishTreasures of Chatsworth : a private viewCatalogs1315ocn009040008book19820.28Devonshire, Deborah Vivien Freeman-Mitford CavendishThe house : a portrait of ChatsworthHistoryGuidebooks1303ocn051818686book20030.90Barker, NicolasThe Devonshire inheritance : five centuries of collecting at ChatsworthExhibition catalogs+-+53862483351281ocn001177405book19730.53Anthony, JohnJoseph Paxton, an illustrated life of Sir Joseph Paxton, 1803-1865HistoryBiography+-+33578170351253ocn044798697book19990.22Devonshire, Deborah Vivien Freeman-Mitford CavendishThe garden at ChatsworthHistory+-+14564352151193ocn060838581book20050.84Barnatt, JohnChatsworth : a landscape historyHistory+-+6654660546+-+3084739625+-+3084739625Fri Mar 21 15:58:08 EDT 2014batch27132