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Fri Mar 21 17:05:07 2014 UTCviaf-1490454070.00Piranha II les tueurs volants /0.160.29Stanno tutti bene Everybody's fine /149045407EDV 11 19..-199.GCRviaf-167944372Gaumont Columbia Tristar home vidéopbldstlccn-n85151503Columbia picturesprolccn-n81112558Columbia pictures industriesprolccn-nr99009519Gaumontprolccn-n91100039Tri star picturesproviaf-156055246Orion pictures corporationproviaf-158394779Orion pictures Compprolccn-n50033909Hatierpbldstlccn-n82101108Delerue, Georges1925-1992cmplccn-no95033873BMG video internationaldstGaumont Columbia RCA vidéoDramaFilm adaptationsHistoryFilm and video adaptationsTelevision adaptationsFictionJuvenile worksParodies, imitations, etcBiographical filmsComedy filmsGandhi,--Mahatma,IndiaOperasFriendshipLishman, WilliamPolitical scienceBoysKing, Stephen,Missing personsStatesmenNationalistsCarmen (Fictitious character)Birds--MigrationPoliceGangsFathers and daughtersImpersonationMale actorsUnemployedGeeseUnited StatesCyborgsSpainTeenage girlsMotion picturesFlightCanadaSculptorsInventorsFemale impersonatorsTelevision soap operasActorsPolice murdersNew York (State)--New YorkTelevision producers and directorsCalifornia--Los AngelesMan-woman relationshipsEspionageMichigan--DetroitPolice--MortalityBalletsAssassinsVoyages, ImaginaryRomaniesBarabbas--(Biblical figure)Bible.--New TestamentNonviolenceMérimée, Prosper,MurderJealousy198219831984198519861987198819891990199119921995199619971998200120022003834788827791.4372PN1997ocn676436528ocn691236073ocn691270913ocn691221009ocn691264190ocn691264197ocn691220958ocn691252437ocn691201065ocn691264210ocn691297781ocn691291500ocn691639611ocn691626911ocn691591239ocn691621047ocn691622319ocn691624936ocn691271191ocn691445636ocn690337778ocn690439028ocn690343115ocn691296152ocn690337734ocn690343071ocn690346759ocn691288215ocn691288123ocn69128734141ocn676436528visu20010.08Ballard, CarrollFly away homeJuvenile worksFictionDramaFilm and video adaptationsFilm adaptationsA 14-year old girl and her estranged father rescue a batch of abandoned goose eggs and care for them until they hatch. When they are old enough to fly south for the winter, Amy and her father use microlight aircraft to teach them how to fly home33ocn762152491visu19840.21Pollack, SydneyTootsieFictionDramaComedy filmsMichael Dorsey is an out-of-work actor who makes himself up as a woman to get a job. When his girlfriend, Sandy, fails an audition for a soap opera, Michael dresses up as "Dorothy Michaels" and lands the part. All goes well until "Dorothy" falls in love with beautiful co-star, Julie, and Julie's father, Lee, falls for "Dorothy."33ocn691270578visu19880.19Reiner, RobStand by meFictionDramaFilm adaptationsThis film about friendship and the indelible experiences of growing up takes place in a small Oregon town as four boys set out on a two-day search for a missing teenager's body, a search that turns into an odyssey of self-discovery33ocn676591909visu1984Piranha II les tueurs volants33ocn691513654visu19910.06Heckerling, AmyAllo maman ici bébé22ocn691988126visu19920.28Bizet, GeorgesCarmenHistoryParodies, imitations, etcDramaFilm and video adaptationsTelevision adaptationsFilm adaptationsOpera filmsIn 19th century Seville, the lusty, tempestuous Carmen seduces a naive Army corporal, Don Jose. Jose abandons his career, his fiancee and even his dying mother for the love of this sultry gypsy. But soon she spurns him for the love of a toreador, Escamillo. Crazed with jealousy, Jose begs Carmen to reutrn to him, but her taunting declaration of independence results in tragedy22ocn691213734visu19840.16Badham, JohnBlue ThunderDramaChosen to test Blue Thunder, Frank Murphy is amazed by the capabilities of the high-speed, high-tech chopper. It can see through walls, record a whisper or level a city block. Distrusting the military mentality behind Blue Thunder, Murphy and his partner learn the remarkable craft is slated for use as the ultimate weapon in surveillance and crowd control22ocn691548223visu19910.25Besson, LucNikitaDramaNikita, een junk die in koelen bloede een politieagent heeft doodgeschoten, wordt opgeleid om geheim agente in dienst van de overheid te worden22ocn691487938visu19900.14Flynn, JohnLock upDramaThrillers (Motion pictures)Drama about a convict and the vicious warden determined to break his will22ocn691547274visu19860.23Parker, AlanBirdyDramaFilm adaptations"To escape an irrational world, Birdy (Modine), a Vietnam veteran, sits in an almost catatonic state in an Army hospital, where he has come to believe he is one of the feathered creatures of his boyhood dreams. In an effort to break Birdy's silence, his psychiatrist brings in Al Columbato (Cage), Birdy's loyal best friend of his youth. Al desperately tries to reach the disturbed Birdy and bring him back to reality. The answer may lie in their youth, where the eccentric Birdy first donned wings and the happy-go-lucky Al helped him to fly"--Container22ocn691943537visu19920.16Blue tornadoAir force fighter pilots on a test mission are blinded by a dazzling light on a mountain side22ocn762209266visu19830.19Fleischer, RichardBarabbasDramaFilm adaptationsReligious filmsThis epic biblical drama tells the story of Barabbas, the criminal whose life was spared over Jesus Christ's. Arrested for murder and theft, Barabbas was to be crucified but, at the last minute, Roman leader Pontius Pilate allowed a mob to decide who should die: Christ or Barabbas. The crowd doomed Jesus, and Barabbas was released. But the former convict became racked with guilt and struggled to understand why so many people -- including Rachel, the woman he loved -- believed Jesus to be the son of God. His search for meaning continued through his experiences as a slave and a gladiator, up to the end of his life21ocn691221009visu19850.12Fleischer, DaveGulliver's travelsJuvenile worksFictionDramaFilm adaptationsAn animated version of Jonathan Swift's classic satire about the little people of Lilliput and the giant who is beached on their shore21ocn691297781visu19900.25Vienne, GérardLe peuple singe"De Bornéo au Japon, du Kenya au Brésil, découvrez la vie secrète des singes. Suivez les gorilles , orangs-outans, chimpanzés, ouakaris ou encore macaques dans leur fabuleux quotidien. Casting international, acteurs d'un naturel époustouflant, décors somptueux : "Le Peuple Singe" est - finalement - la plus rigolote des comédies et le plus émouvant des mélos22ocn691929517visu1991Le carrefour des innocents22ocn676435538visu19840.16Attenborough, RichardGandhiHistoryBiographyDramaBiographical filmsEpic filmsHistorical filmsChronicles the life of Gandhi beginning with his political activities in South Africa during the late 1890's and ending with his assassination at the hands of a Hindu extremist in 1948. Shows the development of his philosophy of non-violence as he leads the people of India to independence from the British22ocn691996289visu19890.20Hopper, DennisColorsDramaTwo L.A. cops, one a veteran and one a rookie, try to bring peace to the war raging on the streets of L.A22ocn691271356visu19880.20Verhoeven, PaulRobocopFictionDramaRoboCop is designed to stop a crimewave which is spreading all across America. The cyborg, created from the body of a slain Detroit police officer, is programmed to serve the public trust, uphold the law and protect the innocent. All goes well at first and Robocop stops every sleaze ball he encounters, but there are forces which will stop at nothing to see him eliminated22ocn691619930visu19920.29Tornatore, GiuseppeStanno tutti bene Everybody's fineDramaA retired Sicilian bureaucrat who has seen the best and the brightest - including his own five children - leave his island for success on the Italian mainland is determined to reunite the family. He travels to Italy to surprise his children but is forced to realize that his children are hiding a wrenching family secret22ocn691551117visu19850.23De Palma, BrianBody doubleDramaA house-sitting actor finds himself obsessed with his beautiful neighbor. When she is brutally murdered, he engages the unwitting key to the crime, porn queen Holly Body, to help him catch the killerFri Mar 21 15:56:37 EDT 2014batch26498