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Norme(s) et usage(s) langagiers : le cas des communications pilote-contrôleur en anglais by Stéphanie Lopez( Book )

2 editions published in 2013 in French and held by 3 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

This thesis is a reflection upon the notions of linguistic norm(s) and usage(s) within the domain of Air Traffic Control. This domain provides a prime example of an established linguistic norm: that of “phraseology”, the controlled language used between pilots and controllers to optimise and secure their most frequent communications. If pilots and controllers do not speak the same language, the phraseology used is then based on English. Whenever the limits of phraseology are reached, pilots and controllers revert to a more natural form of language which has only recently been described in this domain: plain language. However, several problems relating to the implementation of plain language and phraseology have been identified by professional Aviation English teachers. To meet the needs of the French civil aviation university (ENAC), a survey of the different uses of the English language by French controllers and international pilots is presented. The method of analysis consists in a comparative study between two corpora: one representing the prescribed norm and the other corresponding to real pilot-controller communications. This comparative analysis allows the description and categorization of the different types of languages used on the frequency in air navigation typical situations. Some differences are found between the two corpora. Depending on the situation, pilots and controllers' messages can indeed vary from a lexical, semantic or syntactic and discursive point of view. Some variations reflect the influence of natural language on the speakers while others can be considered as a strategy to “humanise” radiotelephony communications
La rationalité des mortels : les pensées de mort perturbent les processus analytiques by Bastien Trémolière( Book )

2 editions published in 2013 in French and held by 2 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Les travaux présentés dans cette thèse s'intéressent à l'intime relation entre la rationalité de l'homme et sa conscience de la mort. Ils utilisent conjointement deux théories, la Théorie de la Gestion de la Terreur, et la théorie Dual-Process de la pensée. La Théorie de la Gestion de la Terreur décrit les mécanismes qui se déclenchent lorsque des pensées liées à notre propre mort sont activées. De façon importante, ces mécanismes consomment des ressources mentales que la théorie Dual-Process identifie comme nécessaires à la pensée rationnelle. Sommes-nous dès lors capables de raisonner de manière rationnelle lorsque nous pensons à notre propre mort ? En d'autres termes, pouvons-nous utiliser correctement notre capacité analytique lorsque des pensées liées à notre propre mort sont conscientes ? Les personnes ayant de grandes capacités cognitives sont elles mieux armées pour penser à la mort ? Quel est le réel impact des pensées de mort sur notre raisonnement, mais aussi sur nos jugements et décisions ? Nous cherchons à répondre à ces questions dans différents domaines de la pensée : les inférences logiques, les décisions stratégiques, et le jugement moral. Différents protocoles expérimentaux sont mis en œuvre dans le but d'explorer de manière exhaustive l'influence des pensées de mort lorsque nous devons utiliser ces hautes fonctions cognitives. Les résultats mettent en lumière de sinistres, mais fascinants effets et ce sur toutes nos activités nécessitant des ressources cognitives. De manière générale, les participants qui ont pensé à leur propre mort semblent ne plus avoir accès à leurs ressources cognitives et montrent par conséquent des comportements moins élaborés, intuitifs et heuristiques, au détriment des règles normatives de raisonnement. Ces découvertes laissent apparaître un étrange paradoxe en termes d'évolution et d'adaptation puisque nos capacités analytiques semblent finalement nous servir à oublier ce qu'elles nous ont justement fait découvrir
Contribution de l'analyse du signal vocal à la détection de l'état de somnolence et du niveau de charge mentale by Stanislas Boyer( Book )

2 editions published in 2016 in French and held by 2 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Operational requirements of aircraft pilots may cause drowsiness and inadequate mental load levels (i.e., too low or too high) during flights. Sleep debts and circadian disruptions linked to various factors (e.g., long working periods, irregular work schedules, etc.) require pilots to challenge their biological limits. Moreover, pilots' mental workload exhibits strong fluctuations during flights: higher during critical phases (i.e., takeoff and landing), it becomes very low during cruising phases. When the mental load becomes too high or, conversely, too low, performance decreases and flight errors may manifest. Implementation of detection methods of drowsiness and mental load levels in near real time is a major challenge for monitoring and controlling flight activity. The aim of this thesis is therefore to determine if the human voice can serve to detect on one hand the drowsiness and on the other hand the mental load level of an individual. In a first study, the voice of participants was recorded during a reading task before and after a night of total sleep deprivation (TSD). Drowsiness variations linked to TSD were assessed using self-evaluative and electrophysiological measures (ElectroEncephaloGraphy [EEG] and Evoked Potentials [EPs]). Results showed significant variations after the TSD in many acoustic features related to: (a) the amplitude of the glottal pulses (amplitude modulation frequency), (b) the shape of the acoustic wave (Euclidean length of the signal and its associated features) and (3) the spectrum of the vowel signal (harmonic-to-noise ratio, second formant frequency, skewness, spectral center of gravity, energy differences, spectral tilt and Mel-frequency cepstral coefficients). Most spectral features showed different sensitivity to sleep deprivation depending on the vowel type. Significant correlations were found between several acoustic features and several objective indicators (EEG and PEs) of drowsiness. In a second study, voices were recorded during a task featuring word-list recall. The difficulty of the task was manipulated by varying the number of words in each list (i.e., between one and seven, corresponding to seven mental load conditions). Evoked pupillary response - known to be a useful proxy of mental load - was recorded simultaneously with speech to attest variations in mental load level during the experimental task. Results showed that classical features (fundamental frequency and its standard deviation, shimmer, number of periods and harmonic-to-noise ratio) and original features (amplitude modulation frequency and short-term variation in digital amplitude length) were particularly sensitive to variations in mental load. Variations in these acoustic features were correlated to those of the pupil size. Results suggest that the acoustic features of the human voice identified during these experiments could represent relevant indicators for the detection of drowsiness and mental load levels of an individual. Findings open up many research and applications perspectives in the field of transport safety, particularly in the aeronautical sector
Se nourrir en forêt équatoriale : anthropologie alimentaire des populations des régions forestières humides d'Afrique by Centre national de la recherche scientifique (France)( Book )

2 editions published in 1989 in French and held by 2 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Étude comparative des pronoms démonstratifs neutres anglais et français à l'oral : référence indexicale, structure du discours et formalisation en grammaire notionnelle dépendancielle by Laurie Buscail( Book )

2 editions published in 2013 in French and held by 2 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

This thesis focuses from a comparative perspective on the indexical functioning of both English and French demonstrative pronouns, namely this, that and it on the one hand, and celui-ci/là, ceci, cela and ça on the other - with particular emphasis on the neuter pronoun ça. The overall referential and discursive phenomena which are examined are tied to a number of syntactic and semantic features and representations characterizing each demonstrative item. Our treatment is then formalized within the framework of Notional Dependency Grammar. As all our crucial examples concerning this, that, it and ça are extracted from authentic face to face conversations from the PAC and PFC projects, the present study leads to a discussion of the potential advantages and limits of large spoken corpora for research in theoretical linguistics
Une approche linguistique de l'évaluation des ressources extraites par analyse distributionnelle automatique by François Morlane-Hondère( Book )

2 editions published in 2013 in French and held by 2 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

In this thesis, we address the question of the evaluation of distributional thesauri from a linguistic point of view. The most current ways to evaluate distributional methods rely on the comparison with gold standards like WordNet or semantic tasks like the TOEFL test. However, these evaluation methods are quantitative and thus restrict the possibility of performing a linguistic analysis of the distributional neighbours. Our work aims at a better understanding of the distributional behaviors of words in texts through the study of distributional thesauri. First, we take a quantitative approach based on a comparison of several distributional thesauri with gold standards (the DES - a dictionary of synonyms - and JeuxDeMots - a crowdsourced lexical network). This step allowed us to have an overview of the nature of the semantic relations extracted in our distributional thesauri. In a second step, we relied on this comparison to select samples of distributional neighbours for a qualitative study. We focused on "classical" semantic relations, e.g. synonymy, antonymy, hypernymy and meronymy. We considered several protocols to compare the properties of the couples of distributional neighbours which were found in the gold standards and the others. Thus, taking into account parameters like the nature of the corpora from which were generated our distributional thesauri, we explain why some synonyms, hypernyms, etc. can be substituted in texts while others cannot. The purpose of this work is twofold. First, it questions the traditional evaluation methods, then it shows how distributional thesauri can be used for the study of semantic relations
L'apprentissage de l'orthographe lors de la dictée et la copie de mots manuscrits : effets des tâches processus sous-jacents by Manuel Pérez Otero( Book )

2 editions published in 2013 in French and held by 2 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Studies on lexical spelling acquisition have two aims: analyzing the cognitive mechanisms involved in this learning and understanding the processes on which they are based. Dictation and copying are known to be tasks leading to acquire orthographic knowledge. They are used by teachers and researchers. If some specific task models report on cognitive processes involved in verbal written production, they do not allow to get a comparative vision. This thesis aims at examining dictation and copying in the process of lexical orthographic learning. The model we propose includes the two tasks (dictation and copying) and the different underlying memories. We analysed the productions of children of 1st and 2nd grades under dictation according to 4 training conditions: dictation without training, reading aloud, reading aloud and copying, just copying. Children were asked to produce words or pseudowords. Words were selected according to their orthographic complexity and familiarity or their frequency, and pseudowords were more or less complex. Overall, experiments 1, 2 and 3 point out an effect of both grade and training. But, in experiment 4, copying doesn't seem better than reading aloud: copying could be efficient only when combined with reading aloud. If the association of decoding and copying seems to be the best training to get orthographic knowledge, one might wonder about the presence of a graphomotor representation linked with lexical representation in Long Term Memory. This presence could explain why we need to write a word when we are sceptical about its spelling
Non conventionalité et généricité dans la catégorisation lexicale d'apprenants en anglais L2 : le cas de "cut" et "break by Caitlin Vanessa Smith( Book )

2 editions published in 2013 in French and held by 2 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Notre travail se focalise sur deux phénomènes observés dans le cadre de l'apprentissage de l'anglais langue seconde (L2) chez des adultes francophones: d'une part, l'usage non conventionnel de verbes, et d'autre part, l'importance du taux de production des verbes génériques (vs spécifiques). Notre population est constituée d'un groupe d'étudiants universitaires francophones en situation d'apprentissage de l'anglais de niveau B1 (population cible), ainsi que d'un groupe de locuteurs d'anglais L1 (population de référence), placés en situation de dénomination orale de 42 vidéos d'actions de type cut et break. Nos résultats montrent des différences significatives entre la manière dont les deux groupes catégorisent ces types d'actions, avec un taux plus élevé de descriptions non conventionnelles et de verbes génériques chez les locuteurs de l'anglais L2. A l'appui de ces résultats, nous soulignons l'importance de l'usage des verbes non conventionnels et génériques, qui constitue des stratégies de communication permettant aux apprenants L2 de pallier leurs lacunes lexicales
Conception et évaluation d'une consigne verbatim de l'entretien cognitif : la reconstitution by Céline Launay( Book )

2 editions published in 2013 in French and held by 2 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Eyewitness testimony is a fundamental determinant to the resolution of criminal investigations. To conduct criminal investigations effectively, it appears essential to obtain complete and accurate testimony. For this purpose, a research team has developed a method based on the features of human memory, aiming to enhance the eliciting of eyewitness accounts: the cognitive interview (Geiselman et al., 1984). Although this method enables investigators to obtain detailed descriptions without reducing the quality of the testimony, it is still only marginally used by legal professionals. The objective of this thesis is twofold: it aims to provide interviewing instructions which take into account the psychological processes at work in the recalling of events in episodic memory, while simultaneously being acceptable from the standpoint of professional practice. The first step involved conducting an analysis of professional practices. An evaluation of training in cognitive interviewing by police investigators showed that the method is easily learnt and suggests that the lack of implementation in practice does not stem from the difficulties linked to its implementation, but rather arises as a result of a lack of acceptance among professionals. In order to further our understanding of the professional objectives of the hearing, we then conducted an analysis of practices in terms of hearing. This analysis revealed that investigators were essentially seeking out information about the actions which took place during the crime scene. Based on these findings, we designed a re-enactment-alike interviewing instruction, which activates the verbatim traces in memory and is intended to elicit the general and specific actions of a scene. This instruction was tested in an interviewing protocol and demonstrated its quantitative and qualitative effectiveness in providing a greater quantity of correct information compared with other instructions, whilst withstanding a concomitant increase in the number of errors. Re-enactment-alike instruction thus appears highly relevant for reaching the main objective of a police investigation
Robust French syntax analysis : reconciling statistical methods and linguistic knowledge in the Talismane toolkit by Assaf Urieli( Book )

2 editions published in 2013 in English and held by 2 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

In this thesis we explore robust statistical syntax analysis for French. Our main concern is to explore methods whereby the linguist can inject linguistic knowledge and/or resources into the robust statistical engine in order to improve results for specific phenomena. We first explore the dependency annotation schema for French, concentrating on certain phenomena. Next, we look into the various algorithms capable of producing this annotation, and in particular on the transition-based parsing algorithm used in the rest of this thesis. After exploring supervised machine learning algorithms for NLP classification problems, we present the Talismane toolkit for syntax analysis, built within the framework of this thesis, including four statistical modules - sentence boundary detection, tokenisation, pos-tagging and parsing - as well as the various linguistic resources used for the baseline model, including corpora, lexicons and feature sets. Our first experiments attempt various machine learning configurations in order to identify the best baseline. We then look into improvements made possible by beam search and beam propagation. Finally, we present a series of experiments aimed at correcting errors related to specific linguistic phenomena, using targeted features. One our innovation is the introduction of rules that can impose or prohibit certain decisions locally, thus bypassing the statistical model. We explore the usage of rules for errors that the features are unable to correct. Finally, we look into the enhancement of targeted features by large scale linguistic resources, and in particular a semi-supervised approach using a distributional semantic resource
Reformulations dans l'enseignement supérieur : discours du professeur et prises de notes des étudiants : analyse d'enregistrements d'enseignants de sciences du langage avec ou sans supports technologiques by Marie-France Roquelaure( )

1 edition published in 2014 in French and held by 1 WorldCat member library worldwide

Our study aims at describing shapes and functions of the reformulation made by the teachers, as well as their influence on the students' notes in higher education. At the University, lectures are the primary mode of communication (Bouchard and Parpette, 2007, 2012). Reformulations occupy an important place. Among the various forms of reformulations (Gülich and Kotschi, 1987), exemplification and definition are frequently a mean to get through the terminology used in the discipline. This thesis aims to address the use of exemplification and definition via an analysis of videotapes of four classes speaking to first year Linguistics students that convey the same content. The corpus that we want to analyze consists of eight sessions supervised by two experienced teachers and two novice teachers. Teachers rely on different teaching materials: technological media (PowerPoint) or traditional handouts and use of the blackboard. Based on the work of Coltier (1988) and referring to Riegel (1990) and Rebeyrolle (2000)'s typology, we will try to characterize and understand how the examples and definitions can contribute to the construction and processing of knowledge among students through their notes' taking. The study of the linguistic phenomenon of reformulation in higher education, through the proposal of new categories of analysis, allow us to propose new categories of analysis, refine the theoretical analysis of the definition and examples, and to identify specifics in the discourse of University teachers. It may also provide first year students and University teachers training with guidance
Le lexique des verbes en dénomination orale : étude exploratoire chez l'aphasique et étude en IRMf chez le sujet sain by Mélanie Manchon( )

1 edition published in 2011 in French and held by 1 WorldCat member library worldwide

Our study deals with the organisation of verb lexicon in aphasics, partly through an exploratory study of oral action naming using a video stimulus, and partly through an fMRI investigation in healthy subjects. According to our results, patients with different types of aphasia experience verb production difficulties. We observed a high rate of non conventional utterances, mainly verbal, in the form of semantic approximations. In aphasiology, the study of these utterances, which are associated with semantic paraphasia and are considered as errors, is limited to a nominal framework. We emphasise that these utterances demonstrate a verb lexicon structure based on semantic proximity, and signal the existence of a cognitive flexibility in the structure of the mental lexicon. In the literature, specific verb difficulties in aphasics are associated with frontal lobe lesions, but these data have been disputed. Using fMRI, we obtained fronto-parietal activations in the more posterior regions as well as activations in the thalamo-fronto-striate loop. Our results support the recruitment of all the cerebral regions. The stimulus used in our study may have enabled access via two pathways to the representation of the sensorimotor nature of verbs via the left middle temporal gyrus and the premotor areas. Videos appear to be a more ecological evaluative tool than images for studying the lexical processing of verbs
L'effet des croyances sur la production des faux souvenirs : études des témoignages de phénomènes aérospatiaux non identifiés by Romain Bouvet( )

1 edition published in 2014 in French and held by 1 WorldCat member library worldwide

This doctoral dissertation focuses on the impact of beliefs on the development of false memories. Such memories have been reported to be important as far as the judicial system is concerned. The CNES (Centre National d' Études Spatiales) has been an ideal study site for a depth understanding of the development of false memories. Indeed, the CNES has developed the GEPAN (Groupe d'Études et d'Informations sur les Phénomènes Aérospatiaux Non Identifiés), a service aiming to collect French testimonies regarding PAN (Phénomènes Aérospatiaux Non identifiés). The GEIPAN receive plenty of testimonies (2 testimonies per day). This collaboration with the GEIPAN allowed to conduct both field researches and experimental studies aiming to highlight processes leading to false memories. False memories were related to beliefs about UFOs as long as a period led to a confusion between the several sources memories. In a last part of this doctoral dissertation, the adaptation of judicial interview (cognitive interview on the Internet) for these testimonies will be presented as well as its utility to for solving a part of false memories. These findings and their utility in criminal investigation will be discussed in the discussion section
Bonus des dirigeants, licenciement des employés et populations sans abri : approche empirique de trois problèmes du Portugal contemporain by Joana Sequeira Neto( )

1 edition published in 2015 in French and held by 1 WorldCat member library worldwide

Cette recherche vise à étudier trois problèmes sociétaux au Portugal. Les bonus attribués aux dirigeants, les restructurations des entreprises et le sans-abrisme. La première étude examine l'acceptabilité perçue par le public des bonus attribués aux dirigeants. Deux cent huit participants, ayant différents niveaux de formation en économie, ont répondu à un certain nombre de scénarios. Les scénarios ont été composés de quatre facteurs. Cinq positions personnelles qualitativement différentes ont été trouvées. La deuxième étude a examiné l'acceptabilité perçue par le public des plans de restructuration des entreprises. Deux cent sept participants, ayant différents niveaux de formation en économie, ont répondu à un certain nombre de scénarios. Les scénarios ont été composés de trois facteurs. Six positions personnelles qualitativement différentes ont été trouvées. La troisième étude vise à étudier les motifs psychologiques pour lesquels les sans-abris ne se réinsèrent pas facilement au travail. L'échantillon était composé de 202 hommes adultes Portugais en situation de sans-abri. Les participants ont répondu à un questionnaire sur les motifs possibles à leur non réinsertion dans le marché de travail. Une analyse factorielle exploratoire a mis en évidence quatre facteurs. Le rejet de la société, de l'exploitation et de l'autorité sont les motifs évoqués avec le plus de force
La conception du travail en horaires atypiques : une démarche d'innovation sociale conduite en milieu hospitalier by Marlène Cheyrouze( )

1 edition published in 2021 in French and held by 1 WorldCat member library worldwide

This thesis takes place in a hospital in search of an innovative time system. The design of working time can be considered a social innovation for its positive effects on living conditions. Nevertheless, social innovation is revealed as much in the solutions as in their creation process. The latter is based on the participation of the actors concerned, and on the collaboration of a diversity of actors. In ergonomics, the design of new schedules is inseparable from a collective reflection on the content of work; it is the result of a compromise negotiated with the actors concerned. Thus, we propose an innovative approach to the design of atypical working hours, deployed in a pneumology department. The multifactorial and systemic analysis of the initial work situation allows us to identify the salient problems and to formulate principles, leading to proposed solutions (phase 1). All of this information is shared with the actors to build a shared diagnosis and to proceed with an initial processing of the solutions (phase 2). The projection of the solutions is framed by a participatory and multi-actor mechanism, based on intermediate supports inspired by organizational simulation (phase 3). The selected solutions are tested and evaluated in real-life situations (phase 4). The results show that the design of new schedules is an opportunity to engage the actors in a common reflection on the means to reduce the constraints of the work content. The manipulation and verbalization of the intermediate objects facilitates access to the real work of each other, the crossing of points of view, and the questioning of the power players. The device allows the actors to grasp the interdependence of their activities and the projected solutions. Thus, this thesis proposes an update of the work time design approach, and contributes to enrich the concept of social innovation from the point of view of its process
Étude de la méronymie en russe : des fondements spatiaux aux aspects temporels by Pavel Orlov( )

1 edition published in 2018 in French and held by 1 WorldCat member library worldwide

Le présent travail porte sur la relation sémantique de partie à tout, ou méronymie, dans la langue russe. Nous y adoptons une vision "dynamique" (associant espace et temps) de l'espace référentiel afin d'améliorer la description et l'analyse de cette relation lexicale. Pour cela, nous utilisons les méthodes de la logique formelle et nous nous positionnons dans le cadre théorique de la méréo-topologie. Celui-ci a l'avantage de permettre la modélisation du versant spatial aussi bien que temporel des entités étudiées. Après l'examen des relations entre entités matérielles et le recensement des marqueurs du russe qui y font référence, nous nous intéressons à des phénomènes plus particulièrement liés au domaine temporel : la relation de partie à tout entre des périodes ou des événements, la méronymie entre des entités non-contemporaines (ingrédients, produits), la dépendance temporelle entre la partie et le tout correspondant, etc. Cette approche dynamique des référents nous permet, dans la foulée, d'aborder le rapport entre la méronymie et l'hyperonymie, avant d'envisager un certain nombre de développements possibles du cadre d'analyse mis sur le pied
Étude des emplois de l'adjectif invarié en français by Benoît Coiffet( )

1 edition published in 2018 in French and held by 1 WorldCat member library worldwide

In this study, we analyze verb combinations formed by placing an adjective to the right of a verb (such as "to eat organic" or "to buy French"). Placed in this position, the adjective is incidental to the verb from a syntactical point of view. However, as a defining element, it requires supporting elements, which are systematically absent from the statement. The absence of these semantical supports causes the adjective to be grammatically invariable, and for that reason, we speak of "invariable" adjectives. It can be maintained that, in this syntactical environment, an adjective finds itself in the place of another linguistic structure of which it is the prototypical function and with which it appears to be in competition: the adverb.It appears that, in this syntactical contest, an invariable adjective bears upon several elements. In certain cases, it can be a matter of elements belonging to the argumental structure of the verb, such as the unexpressed object. In other cases, it can involve elements that do not necessarily belong to the argumental structure (as in the combination "to bike + useful"). In this study, we postulate that it can thus be a complement describing the manner
Nivellement et sociophonologie de deux grands centres urbains : le système vocalique de Toulouse et de Marseille by Léa Courdès-Murphy( )

1 edition published in 2018 in French and held by 1 WorldCat member library worldwide

Most sociolinguistic studies dealing with the different varieties of French state that a global levelling phenomenon is currently happening in France. Regional features are claimed to be ironed out and replaced by a supra-local norm of prestige; this phenomenon is now known as “l'exception française”. This PhD thesis offers a multidimensional study (from both a socio-phonological and phonetic-acoustical point of view) of the segmental features of the Toulouse and Marseille spoken French varieties. We aim at describing the current dynamics of these systems as well as testing the levelling hypothesis. We also discuss the sociolinguistic factors at work behind the current changes observed in these varieties. Our work is based on data that we collected by following the protocol and methodology of the PFC (Phonologiedu Français Contemporain : usages variétés et structures) and LVTI (Langue, Ville, Travail, Identité) research programmes. We mainly focus on the vocalic system and more particularly on mid-vowels, schwa and nasal vowels. Throughout this work, we test the ability of formal phonological theoretical frameworks to model data displaying a high variation. We particularly confront the Dependency Phonology framework with the results of our analyses to assess its advantages and its limits
Ergonomie cognitive des manuels scolaires numériques by Ikram Malti( )

1 edition published in 2018 in French and held by 1 WorldCat member library worldwide

The learning domain has recently experienced a fast evolution with the arrival of new computer media.Since the onset of computers to the emergence of tablets today, the school field hasn't stopped adapting to these tools and, as a result, offering new ways of learning. Therefore, the evolution of the paper textbook to another presentation mode has become necessary. For this, the current research was set up in partnership with Nathan's Edition to provide scientific arguments to the questioning of publishers. Thus, we have provided an instructional design recommendations for the future digital textbooks.Three separate studies were conducted based on researches about multimedia learning. First, using the Cognitive Load Theory and Multimedia Learning Theory, an ergonomic assessment by inspection of digital textbooks were conducted to consider future improvement. Then, an exploratory survey was designed to typify the using difficulties of digital textbooks in class and in several connected high schools. The results allowed us to identify use factors and non-use factors of digital textbooks. Finally, the conclusions of these two studies had led us to achieve an empirical third study which consisted of testing several forms of animations on tablets in high schools. The results showed a lack of effect of user control and presentation mode on student learning efficiency.The results of these studies have highlighted the necessary future improvements for the instructional design of student's digital uses
Le travail collectif à travers les actions collectives, les processus de coordination et les manifestations de soutien social : le cas de binômes d'opérateurs du transport routier de marchandises by Bérangère Hittinger( )

1 edition published in 2015 in French and held by 1 WorldCat member library worldwide

The transportation of goods is a key position in the French economy. The transport operator plans the rounds and the truck driver goes these rounds. There is a mutual interdependence in their work. These operators can be faced with several occupational risks: physical, psychosocial...Regarding their health prevention, questions are strategic. This doctoral thesis aims to consider the question of operator's health with regard to their collective activity. The objective is to understand the origins of operator's collective activity on professional and physical distance. The effects of collective activity on the health will be analysed from the social support. The proposed method consists on an ergonomic approach of activity with field observations and oral agreements. There are three studies case in which levels of professional and physical distances differ. The first study case characterized the collective activity, the coordination process and social support on operators faced with strong professional distance and small and strong physical distance. The second study case is on the same approach than the first but this time operators are faced with small professional distance. Lastly, the third study case emphasizes the connections between coordination and social support on operator's collective activity with strong professional and physical distance. The main results indicate that all forms and levels of distance affect collective activity differently. Indeed, we can note that there is a link between collective actions and physical distance on operators with a strong professional distance. However, these links on operators with a small professional distance are absent. Otherwise, social support represents mostly a resource for the operators in these three studies. Nevertheless, it appears to be a constraint on particular work situation
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