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Fri Mar 21 17:06:07 2014 UTCviaf-1570304180.47Assessment of the cod stock in NAFO divisions 2J+3KL /0.790.96Annual report (including advisory documents)157030418C.S.C.P.C.ACAFSACCanada. Canadian Atlantic Fisheries Scientific Advisory CommitteeCanada. Comité scientifique consultatif des pêches canadiennes dans l'AtlantiqueCSCPCAlccn-n81134023CanadaDepartment of Fisheries and Oceansviaf-104416814Wheeler, John P.1955-lccn-no2011141137Dempson, J. B.lccn-no2006037261CanadaDepartment of Fisheries and OceansSciencelccn-no2009113585Winters, G. H.lccn-no2011158134Stephenson, Robert(Robert L.)lccn-n93028609Elner, Robert W.viaf-103927920Iles,, gRobert, G.viaf-277595854O'Connell, M. F.Canadian Atlantic Fisheries Scientific Advisory CommitteeConference proceedingsNewfoundland and LabradorFisheriesNorth Atlantic OceanCanada--Atlantic ProvincesCod fisheriesFish stock assessmentQuébecShrimp industryAtlantic herring fisheriesShrimp fisheriesCrab fisheriesCanada--Atlantic CoastSebastes marinusHaddock fisheriesCodfishCapelin fisheriesPollockCapelinIceland scallopFisheries--ResearchAtlantic cod1977197819791980198119821983198419851986198719881989199019911992199320091060479852SH186ocn060670072book19880.73Atkinson, D. BAn assessment of the redfish in NAFO division 3P75ocn434058871book19810.73Bishop, C. AAssessment of the cod stock in Subdivision 3PsThis assessment begins with a review of cod catches off the southern coast of Newfoundland 1975-83 and the age composition of the catch. It then presents & discusses results of research survey data, an analysis of catch effort data, a cohort analysis to obtain a relationship between catch rate & exploitable biomass, and estimates of cohort recruitment. The final part makes catch projections to 198671ocn010346316serial0.86CAFSAC research document76ocn434060282book19860.59Carscadden, JCapelin in NAFO SA2 + Div. 3KThe purpose of this paper is to summarize data from the various offshore research activities & from the commercial offshore fishery to aid in the assessment of the capelin stock off north-east Newfoundland & southern Labrador. Trends in abundance from various sources, and the timing & distribution of acoustic surveys, are compared to other indicators of distribution to determine the efficiency of the acoustic surveys65ocn434060043book19860.92McGlade, J. MAssessment of Divisions 4VWX and subarea 5 pollock, Pollachius virensThis report begins with a review of nominal catches in the Scotian Shelf pollock fishery, including both Canadian & US landings as well as historical data. Information is presented on catch at age & commercial catch rates and on data from Canadian & US research vessel surveys. Data from several sources is then used to evaluate stock status. Results are presented from estimation of partial recruitment & from sequential population analyses, and stock assessment results are discussed in terms of recruitment, stock size, and yield per recruit. Finally, catch projections are provided to 198764ocn434058742book19810.81Wheeler, John PAn Assessment of the east coast Newfoundland herring stocksThis assessment considers east coast Newfoundland herring as four stock complexes: White Bay-Notre Dame Bay; Bonavista Bay; Trinity Bay; and Conception Bay-southern shore. It describes the assessment parameters and summarizes the results of data collected in 1980, including trends in biomass & fishing mortality, trends in recruitment, and changes in average weight-at-age & mean recruitment rate. It also presents a prognosis of yield & abundance for 1981-8564ocn434058680book19810.81Taylor, David MAssessment of snow crab (Chionoecetes opilio) stocks in Newfoundland, 1979This paper presents results of a first attempt to assess Newfoundland snow crab stocks, based on analyses of fishermen's log book records and on snow crab tagging studies. Results of Leslie analyses and Petersen mark-recapture estimates for Newfoundland snow crab management are set out for the southern zone (Bonavista Bay, Trinity Bay, Conception Bay, Avalon Peninsula) and the northern zone (White Bay, Horse Islands, Green Bay). Reliability of the Leslie analyses and Petersen estimates is also discussed in detail64ocn060739214book19900.81Wheeler, John PNewfoundland southeast coast herring : 1990 acoustic survey resultsThis paper documents the results of an acoustic survey of herring stock complexes in White Bay-Notre Dame Bay and Bonavista Bay-Trinity Bay, Newfoundland, during fall 1990. Survey methods are described and results are tabulated. In the survey, integrated density estimates were calculated along a series of randomly selected parallel transects within each stock area. A target strength/fish length relationship was calculated from net-enclosed herring in Smith Sound, Trinity Bay and used for the conversion of backscattering to biomass. This relationship was also used to convert backscattering to biomass for previous acoustic surveys conducted in 1988 & 199054ocn434060100book19850.86Baird, J. WAnalysis of the cod stock in NAFO Division 2GHThis report provides information on historical catches (1976-85), average cod weight & length at age, catch at age, and catch rates in the cod fishery off central & northern Labrador53ocn434058826book19820.86Naidu, K. SStatus and assessment of the Iceland scallop, Chlamys islandica, in the northeastern Gulf of St. LawrenceThis document represents the first assessment ever undertaken of the Iceland scallop resource in the north-east Gulf of St. Lawrence. The assessment is based on research vessel surveys, commercial catches, and fishery performance. Results are presented with regard to estimates of exploitable biomass, scallop growth, the shell height/meat weight relationship, gear selectivity, scallop age frequency, natural mortality, fishery effort & landings, and yield per recruit. Limitations of the data are discussed and some management options are recommended53ocn434059197book19860.86Fréchet, AlainAssessment of the 4RS, 3Pn cod stockThis report assesses the status of the cod stock in the northern Gulf of St. Lawrence & south-west Newfoundland area. It includes information on nominal catches, data from the commercial fishery & research surveys (including catch & effort, abundance, recruitment, estimated biomass), estimation of various biological parameters (catch & weight at age, age composition, length at age), and results of sequential population analysis. Catch projections are made to 198753ocn434058811book19810.86Cleary, LynnAn Assessment of the Gulf of St. Lawrence herring stock complexThis assessment begins with a review of commercial landings of herring in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, including discussion of historical trends. It then presents analyses of the age composition of the commercial catch, population abundance indices based on catches by research vessels & the commercial fleet, mortality rates, partial recruitment rates, the yield per recruit relationship, and population numbers & biomass (with correlations to catch rates)53ocn434058959book19820.86O'Boyle, Robert NAn Evaluation of the 4X haddock population characteristics during 1962-81 with yield projected to 1983This evaluation of the status of the haddock stock in the western Scotian Shelf/Bay of Fundy area uses both a survivor analysis & a sequential population analysis to determine 1981 fishing mortality. Stock sizes are determined and yield projected to 1983. Information is also included on trends in reported landings, age composition of the commercial catch, and trends in stock abundance as determined from groundfish bottom-trawl surveys & commercial catch rate indices53ocn434058507book19800.86Elner, Robert WAnalysis of the Cape Breton snow crab fishery, 1979During 1977, 1978, and 1979, in-port and at-sea sampling of catches was carried out for the six Cape Breton snow crab fishing areas. Tagging studies were also performed. Data from these studies & from fishermen's log books are analyzed in this report to provide a biological assessment of the Cape Breton snow crab fishery, including crab size-frequency distribution, survival & mortality rates, catch & effort, and recruitment. The final section provides a tentative forecast for the 1980 fishery53ocn434058356book19770.86Lavigne, D. MThe 1977 census of western Atlantic harp seals, Pagophilus groenlandicusA census of western Atlantic harp seals was completed in the Gulf of St. Lawrence & off Newfoundland in 1977 using aerial ultraviolet photography. This report describes the design of the aerial survey, the field operations, and the data analyses conducted. It also presents the resulting estimates of pup production for western Atlantic harp seals in March 197751ocn028578816book19920.47Mohn, R. KReport of Canadian Atlantic Fisheries Scientific Advisory Committee, Special Meeting Invertebrates and Marine Plants SubcommitteeConference proceedingsA special meeting was convened by the advisory committee to review the provision of biological advice for the management of northern shrimp. Canadian and invited international specialists reviewed the fisheries, management, and supporting science for northern shrimp and a number of scientific papers on shrimp biology and population dynamics were presented and discussed. Recommendations are included55ocn719730847book19870.47Baird, J. WAssessment of the cod stock in NAFO divisions 2J+3KLThis assessment of the cod stock in area 2J3KL (southern Labrador to northern Grand Banks) begins with a description of the cod fishery, including historical data & its status in 1992, and of environmental conditions relevant to the fishery in 1991. It then provides information on catch & weight at age derived from the commercial catch; summarizes research vessel survey data from trawl surveys & hydroacoustic surveys; analyzes catch rates for potential use as abundance indicators; estimates stock parameters using various indices; and presents stock assessment results with regard to fishing mortality, stock abundance, and recruitment. The final section provides a prognosis for the cod stock53ocn434058575book19800.86Wheeler, John PAnalysis of stock size and yield of east coast Newfoundland herring stockThis assessment considers east coast Newfoundland herring as four stock complexes: White Bay-Notre Dame Bay; Bonavista Bay; Trinity Bay; and Conception Bay-southern shore. It summarizes the results of data collected in 1979, including trends in biomass & fishing mortality, trends in recruitment, and changes in average weight-at-age & mean recruitment rate. It also presents a short-term prognosis of yield & abundance53ocn434058381book19770.86Clay, DouglasSelection of silver hake, Merluccius bilinearis, in kapron codends a preliminary reportThis report describes & presents results of size selection trials carried out for silver hake on the Scotian Shelf between south-west Sable Island Bank and LeHave Bank. The aim of this study was to interpret the effects of legislation limiting fishing in the area to any gear with a codend mesh of 60 millimetres or over, and to explore the possibility of increasing the long-term yield of the silver hake fishery through optimum effort with appropriate gear type. The results presented include length frequency distributions and selectivity graphs of all species for which adequate data were collected53ocn434060431book19860.92Naidu, K. SPredation of scallops by American plaice and yellowtail flounderThis study characterizes the nature & magnitude of fish predation on scallops on St. Pierre Bank. In the study, stomachs of American plaice and yellowtail flounder incidentally taken in scallop dredges in 1984 & 1985 were examined for the presence of sea scallops (Placopecten magellanicus) or the smaller Iceland scallop (Chlamys islandica). Percent occurrence by predator & prey size groups was calculated separately for each year & for the two years combined using total numbers of fish examined. The results of prey size frequencies indicate the number of years that the scallops may be subject to fish predation31ocn427533518serial0.96Canadian Atlantic Fisheries Scientific Advisory CommitteeAnnual report (including advisory documents)Periodicals11ocn456388050serial0.47Index and list of titles, CAFSAC research documents = Index et liste des titres des documents de recherche du CSCPCABibliography11ocn456474428serial0.47Index, CAFSAC research documents = Index des documents de recherche du CSCPSABibliographyFri Mar 21 15:19:54 EDT 2014batch28417