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Look back in anger /0.181.00The Office wife /173419903Warner Bros.lccn-n86064012Wild, David1961-viaf-267866058United Artistslccn-n79129260Films Incorporatedlccn-n79142715Attenborough, David1926-lccn-n85376710Vitaphone Corplccn-no2008160725Reiner Moritz Productionsnc-british broadcasting corporationBritish Broadcasting Corporationnc-macarthur foundation library video classics projectMacArthur Foundation Library Video Classics Projectlccn-n81062763PBS Videonp-sparks, johnSparks, JohnWarner BrothersDramaFilm adaptationsFictionMiscellaneaPrison filmsMotion picturesHumorPrisonsKing, Stephen,MaineEscapesMale friendshipFalse imprisonmentMale prisonersPrisons--Officials and employeesUnited StatesManners and customsControl (Psychology)MurderersAfrican AmericansFriends (Television program)Warner BrosFilm adaptationsEvolution (Biology)ZoologyHuman evolutionPrimates--EvolutionFishes--EvolutionMurderPrimates--BehaviorPrimates--PhysiologyLife (Biology)FishesPrisonersLife--OriginPrison wardensSocial evolutionFriendshipVertebrates--EvolutionPrimatesActorsFinn, Huckleberry (Fictitious character)BoysMissouriMississippi RiverSawyer, Tom (Fictitious character)Natural historyHuman beings--OriginMotion picturesMammalsVariation (Biology)Animal behaviorAnthropologyHuman behaviorCommunication--ResearchBiologySharks, Fossil189019201921192619271928192919301931193219331934193519361937193819391940194119421943194419451946194719481949195019511952195519561959197819811984198519892000200420052006149398407791.4372PN199761ocn733674070visu0.10Tom and Jerry the magic ring51ocn608125741visu20000.20Darabont, FrankThe Shawshank redemptionFictionDramaPrison filmsFilm adaptationsMotion picturesBased on the short novel "Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption" by Stephen King. This story is about two prison inmates, one is a lifer who know the ropes and one is a new inmate unjustly imprisoned for murder. The new inmate's resourcefulness brings hope and eventually changes the entire prison52ocn081897583visu19780.27Attenborough, DavidThe Compulsive communicatorsTraces the origins of homo sapiens back three million years to Africa. Outlines the development of cooperative hunting, agriculture, animal domestication, and humanity's ability to communicate42ocn084294589visu19780.28Attenborough, DavidA Life in the treesExplores the evolution of primates in a wide range of geographic areas and explains the significance of binocular vision and grasping hands in successful adaptation to life in the trees32ocn080805296visu19780.23Attenborough, DavidThe Infinite varietyMiscellaneaExplains the evolution of the earth's more than four million species. Visits the Galapagos Islands, and reconstructs the path of evolution from the first living molecule to the first fully coordinated, multicelled organisms22ocn499924486book1959Osborne, JohnWarner Bros. presents ... Look back in anger21ocn080552736visu19780.24Attenborough, DavidConquest of the watersTraces the evolution of marine vertebrates from the sea squirts, through primitive jawless fish, to the cartilagenous sharks and rays, and finally to the bony fish21ocn733673571visuCrossfire trail21ocn081967976visu19380.15Taurog, NormanThe Adventures of Tom SawyerDramaFilm adaptationsAn adaptation of Mark Twain's classic story of the mischevious but goodhearted Tom Sawyer and his adventures along the Mississippi River with his friends Huckleberry Finn and Becky Thatcher21ocn733673634visuGrumpy old men11ocn079001263visu19341.00Twenty million sweetheartsDrama"Talent scout Rush Blake has gone through his advance from Consolidated Broadcasting Co. without finding a single new act. After he is fired, he goes to a restaurant looking for friends who might loan him train fare out of town, and discovers singing waiter Buddy Clayton, who draws a large female audience. Sure that he will be equally successful on the radio, Rush convinces Buddy to sell his car and come to New York with him. There Rush wangles an audition for Buddy, but he sings the same barroom song that was so popular at the restaurant and fails the audition. Afterward, Peggy Cornell, the 'Cinderella Girl,' visits Buddy at his hotel. Buddy sings her a song that children's radio performer Pete has just written, and to everyone's surprise, his voice is beautiful. When Sharpe, the head of the station, refuses to give Buddy another audition, Peggy pretends to faint on her own show, The Carlotta Soap program, and Buddy takes her place. Mrs. Brokman, the wife of the sponsor, loves his voice, as does everyone who hears it. Soon Buddy is the new star of The Carlotta Soap program, and Peggy, whose contract was bought out, is on her way to being a Broadway star. When news of Buddy's engagement to Peggy makes the papers, Sharpe is afraid that women will lose interest in Buddy if they know he is married. By lying to both Buddy and Peggy, Rush manages to break up the engagement, but Brokman now thinks that Buddy is involved with a married woman, thus compromising the purity of his soap. Contrite, Rush finds him a job on Long Island, luring Peggy, Sharpe and the Brokmans to hear him. When Peggy and Buddy sing a duet, it is clear that no one minds if they get married after all"--AFI catalog, 1931-194011ocn079138746visu19780.31Life on earth a natural historyFocuses on unique mammals, and explores some of their ancestors. Discusses various land, air and water mammals, and their unique characteristics11ocn078518104visu19810.35The Hunters and the hunted ; Life in the treesIn the first program, naturalist David Attenborough explains how the spread of grass over the open plains permitted the evolution of many new mammals capable of digesting cellulose. These animals in turn became food for the hunters. Shows many diverse hunting strategies from the straightforward chase of the sprinting cheetah to the cooperative social hunting of lions and hyenas. In the second program, Attenborough illustrates how primates solved the problems of life in the tree by the development of binocular vision and grasping hands11ocn082681236visu19421.00Horses, horses, horses11ocn733672483visuWhat's new Scooby-Doo space ape at the case+-+306348510632411ocn083691418visu19291.00Just like a manHumor"A husband and wife swap jobs; he stays home to do the housework and she goes to the office"--Vitaphone films, 200311ocn079599480visu19780.25Life on earth a natural historyNaturalist David Attenborough traces the origins of homo sapiens back three million years to our origins in Africa. He also traces the development of cooperative hunting, agriculture, and animal domestication to man's unique ability to communicate11ocn077901490visu19301.00The Office wifeDrama"Lawrence Fellows is a whirling dervish as the head of his own advertising agency, provoking the secret admiration of his 40-year-old secretary, Miss Andrews. The lady begins to suffer from an emotional strain, and Fellows gives her a leave of absence, replacing her with Anne Murdock, a comely young lass who formerly had been merely temporary help. Anne proves to be such a package of charm and wit that Fellows falls for her in a big way, thereby neglecting Linda, his wife. Mrs. Fellows, too, has been involved in an affair, and soon goes to Paris to break the tie that binds. The boss and Anne then merge into a permanent partnership, with the latter retaining all hiring responsibilities for any future girl Friday"--AFI catalog, 1921-193011ocn733680982visuGone fishin11ocn733684467visuScooby doo 2 monsters unleashed641ocn055476311book20040.12Wild, DavidFriends --'til the end : the one with all ten yearsInterviewsMiscellaneaPictorial worksA guide to "Friends" includes behind-the-scenes anecdotes of life on and off screen, interviews with the cast and crew, a look at guest appearances, episode summaries, and memorable quotes from the show+-+627827784612ocn155407583mix1.00Eden, LizLiz Eden papersThe collection contains correspondence from John Wojtowicz to Liz Eden when Mr. Wojtowicz was in the Federal Penitentiary in Lewisberg (Pa.) 1973-1975. The collection also contains photographs and slides of Liz Eden and her friends, manuscripts by Liz Eden and Richard Barraclough, photocopies of news clippings, legal papers, and other correspondence, some of which deals with the film "Dog Day Afternoon."11ocn264900884book19890.47Oddy, JuliaThe Wisconsin/Warner Bros screenplay series : a listing and guide to Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four and Part Five of the Research Publications microfilm collectionCatalogs11ocn504967521book19850.27Inside Warner Bros. (1935-1951)HistorySourcesBrainstorms and battles from Hollywood studios+-+3063485106324+-+3063485106324Fri Mar 21 15:17:51 EDT 2014batch20958