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Catégorisation lexicale en Muinane : Amazonie Colombienne by Consuelo De Vengoechea( )

2 editions published in 2012 in French and held by 3 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

The objective of this doctoral thesis is to approach the culture of the Muinane people through their history and language. We describe some ethnographic and historical aspects of the indigenous muinane group living in the colombian Amazon. We are concerned with the study of their language and particularly with the lexical categorization and with the comparison between the muinane, bora and miraña, all classified as integrating the bora linguistic family. In other words, our goal is to define the classes of lexical categories of the muinane from a typological perspective, and to determine the phonological, morphosyntactical and discursive criteria, which allow us to define this categorization. We debate here the question of the existence or the absence of an adjectival category in the bora languages and the strategies used by their speakers to express qualification and attribution. Finally, we propose a relationship between some languages spoken in the northwest Amazon, which don't exhibit an adjectival class but have a rich and salient system of nominal classification such as the languages from the bora, uitoto and eastern tukanoan linguistic families
Norme(s) et usage(s) langagiers : le cas des communications pilote-contrôleur en anglais by Stéphanie Lopez( Book )

2 editions published in 2013 in French and held by 3 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

This thesis is a reflection upon the notions of linguistic norm(s) and usage(s) within the domain of Air Traffic Control. This domain provides a prime example of an established linguistic norm: that of “phraseology”, the controlled language used between pilots and controllers to optimise and secure their most frequent communications. If pilots and controllers do not speak the same language, the phraseology used is then based on English. Whenever the limits of phraseology are reached, pilots and controllers revert to a more natural form of language which has only recently been described in this domain: plain language. However, several problems relating to the implementation of plain language and phraseology have been identified by professional Aviation English teachers. To meet the needs of the French civil aviation university (ENAC), a survey of the different uses of the English language by French controllers and international pilots is presented. The method of analysis consists in a comparative study between two corpora: one representing the prescribed norm and the other corresponding to real pilot-controller communications. This comparative analysis allows the description and categorization of the different types of languages used on the frequency in air navigation typical situations. Some differences are found between the two corpora. Depending on the situation, pilots and controllers' messages can indeed vary from a lexical, semantic or syntactic and discursive point of view. Some variations reflect the influence of natural language on the speakers while others can be considered as a strategy to “humanise” radiotelephony communications
Adjectif en Persan : étude morphosyntaxique et sémantique by Fatemeh Mirmarashi( Book )

2 editions published in 2011 in French and held by 3 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Our study begins with a brief presentation of the Persian language and the parts of speech followed by the demonstration of the Persian adjective in the contemporary grammar and to look for this vague notion in the previous studies. Given that the Persian adjective has no inflected marking, this search aims to identifying distinctive criteria to distinguish the adjectival category from the other existing categories (in particular nominal and verbal). The results of this work conduct us towards a morphosyntactic and semantic study which allowing us to conclude that the Persian adjective is a subcategory of the nominal category
Non conventionalité et généricité dans la catégorisation lexicale d'apprenants en anglais L2 : le cas de "cut" et "break by Caitlin Vanessa Smith( Book )

2 editions published in 2013 in French and held by 2 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Our work focuses on two phenomena that appear in the language of English L2 learners: the use of unconventional verbs, and the production of generic, high-frequency verbs (rather than specific verbs). Our study involves a group of Francophone university students learning English as a second language, with a B1 level (experimental group), as well as a group of native English speakers (control group), both placed in a naming task using 42 videos that show cut- and break-type actions. Results show significant differences in the way that the two groups categorize these types of actions, with a higher frequency of unconventional and generic verbs used by the L2 learners. Based on these results, we highlight the importance of the use of these types of verbs as a communication strategy, allowing L2 learners to compensate for gaps in their lexicon
Musique, musicothérapie et dépression : est-il en-corps temps d'être créatif ? : élaboration et exploration dynamiques d'un dispositif clinique en thérapie médiatisée by Laurie d' Abbadie de Nodrest( )

1 edition published in 2019 in French and held by 2 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Rares sont les recherches intégratives et contrôlées étudiant l'impact de la musicothérapie (réceptive, active, créative) en réponse à la symptomatologie dépressive. Les objectifs de cette étude exploratoire sont d'évaluer quantitativement et qualitativement l'aptitude à être dans l'instant présent, le fonctionnement défensif, la sévérité de la dépression, le degré alexithymique, la distorsion corporelle, la temporalité, la créativité avant, pendant, après et bien-après la participation aux dispositifs de musicothérapie. Le vécu des ateliers est aussi relevé pendant, après et un mois après l'ensemble des séances. 84 adultes (hommes et femmes) ont été retenus. Pris en charge dans un hôpital et une clinique psychiatriques en Midi-Pyrénées, 29 sujets ont participé à l'atelier actif et créatif (Mâge= 52.70 ; ET= 18.60), 28 à l'atelier réceptif et créatif (Mâge= 52.00 ; ET= 12.70) et 27 à la thérapie habituelle (Mâge= 48.10 ; ET= 13.00). Chacun a complété le Five Facets Mindfulness Questionnaire, le Defense Style Questionnaire, le Beck Depression Inventory, le Bermond-Vorst Alexithymia Questionnaire, et le Body Distortion Questionnaire. Les deux groupes de musicothérapie ont également répondu au Vécu par séance, ainsi qu'à l'Echelle Clinique des Thérapies Médiatisées. L'analyse statistique suggère des différences significatives entre le pré- et le post-test en écho aux données qualitatives et cliniques. Un dispositif de musicothérapie composite, adressé aux soignants, est proposé à l'issue de ce travail. Des améliorations sont repérées aux différents niveaux observés (présence dans l'instant, défenses, sévérité de la dépression, émotions, affects, distorsion corporelle, temporalité, créativité). L'effet positif des ateliers reste néanmoins à confirmer lors d'une recherche étudiant un plus grand échantillon
Inhibition de l'action, un construit unitaire? Investigation comportementale et électrophysiologique by Mario Hervault( Book )

2 editions published in 2021 in French and held by 2 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Researches massively studied the ability to quickly and correctly generate a behavioral response over several decades. More recently, interest also went to the ability to interrupt these responses. Inhibitory control is a core executive function by which we administer our behavior. In experimental psychology and cognitive neuroscience, action inhibition has been exclusively studied based on discrete actions, thus focusing on an isolated aspect of human behavior. Indeed, abort continuous actions in response to an external signal can also be crucial. However, the cognitive and cerebral mechanisms of action inhibition, studied using discrete actions, are thought to constitute a unitary action inhibition process. In a series of studies, we mobilize from the movement sciences the fundamental distinction between discrete and rhythmic movements to assess the unity of action inhibition. Behavioral (kinematic, reaction time, response probability) and electroencephalographic (temporal and frequential) analyses have highlighted dissociations in the inhibitory activities involved in the cancellation of discrete actions and the stop of continuous actions. The reconstruction of the brain structures engaged in both situations also supports the notion that the neurocognitive mechanisms of inhibitory control are involved in a non-generalizable manner in revising discrete and continuous actions. These conclusions contradict the unitary hypothesis of action inhibition and offer a new perspective in the characterization of the relationship between cognitive and motor processes
De l'apprentissage professionnel : le cas des enseignants stagiaires de l'enseignement agricole français durant le stage de pratique accompagnée by Audrey Garcia( Book )

2 editions published in 2011 in French and held by 2 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Cette thèse, s'inscrivant dans une approche sociocognitive, étudie l'apprentissage professionnel des enseignants stagiaires de l'enseignement agricole français durant le stage de pratique accompagnée. Son objectif est de montrer que l'enseignant stagiaire construit et mobilise dans l'interaction sociale avec son conseiller pédagogique des savoirs professionnels relatifs à la prise en charge des « tâches professionnelles » et à son sentiment d'efficacité professionnelle. A partir d'une méthodologie qualitative, cette étude présente les résultats d'une enquête menée auprès de sept stagiaires et six conseillers pédagogiques. L'analyse des éléments empiriques a permis de mettre au jour que les interactions verbales entre le CP et le stagiaire ont une incidence sur les pratiques d'enseignement du stagiaire. Elle a également mis en avant que les interactions verbales et non verbales entre le CP et le stagiaire sont en relation avec le sentiment d'efficacité professionnelle du stagiaire. L'élaboration d'une typologie des savoirs professionnels a permis deconstater que les stagiaires construisent et mobilisent des savoirs à enseigner (savoirs scientifiques, dits théoriques relevant d'épistémè) et des savoirs pour enseigner (savoirs d'action, dits pratiques relevant de phronesis). La mise en relation de la nature des savoirs professionnels et des processus de construction à l'oeuvre (apprentissage social) nous a conduit à proposer une modélisation de l'espace sociocognitif d'apprentissage professionnel durant le stage de pratique accompagnée
Prior knowledge contribution to declarative learning : a study in amnesia, aging and Alzheimer's disease by Pierre-Yves Jonin( Book )

2 editions published in 2019 in French and held by 2 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

The experimental study of human memory has had two historic moments in the last sixty years. 1957 marks the discovery of the role of the medial temporal lobes in conscious learning. 1997 marks the discovery of two systems of declarative memory, namely episodic and semantic memories. These major breakthroughs are owed to clinical case studies in neuropsychology. This thesis follows on from the neuropsychological tradition: its genesis owes everything to a patient suffering from an atypical form of developmental amnesia, the patient KA. The starting point of this work was a thorough neuropsychological study of this patient. Two striking findings shortly arose. First, despite lifelong amnesia, KA had acquired exceptional levels of knowledge about the world. Second, remaining explicit learning abilities were restricted to meaningful, not meaningless, memoranda. As a consequence, we have investigated two research pathways in that thesis. First, we aimed at better characterizing preserved learning abilities and brain structure of the patient KA. Second, our goal was to explore how prior knowledge affects new declarative learning or, put simply, how do we learn what we know? In a first series of behavioural and neuroimaging experiments, we have shown in this patient a severe and selective damage of the whole extended hippocampal system, but preserved subhippocampal structures (entorhinal, perirhinal and parahippocampal cortex). The patient suffers from severe episodic amnesia, but we bring striking evidence for supranormal semantic knowledge as well as normal explicit learning skills. These skills were, however, restricted to familiar stimuli, that is, stimuli carrying pre-experimental knowledge. In a second series of behavioural and neuroimaging experiments, we explored the hypothesis that prior knowledge can facilitate new learning in declarative memory, even in aging or in situations where structures of the medial temporal lobe are or injured, as in amnesia or Alzheimer's disease. Our results suggest the existence of processes allowing fast learning in declarative memory, independently of the hippocampal system, and that are sensitive to the presence of pre-existing representations in long-term memory. Such learning processes appear to be selectively affected by Alzheimer's disease at the pre-dementia stage, in relation to a lack of activation of subhippocampal regions. In contrast, healthy elderly were able to rely on these learning processes to compensate for the decline in associative memory associated with aging. This work lends support to the models postulating a functional dissociation with respect to learning in declarative memory. It indeed strengthens recent neurocognitive and computational accounts that suggest a rapid neocortical learning path under certain circumstances. It highlights the dynamics of learning in declarative memory and in particular the fundamental entanglement between "knowing" and "remembering". What I know profoundly impacts what I will remember. The present thesis points towards new cognitive tools for the diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease. It further brings evidence that medial temporal lesions differentially impact learning depending on the status of the memoranda in long-term memory, which sheds a new light on material-specific effects in amnesia. Our work speaks for a thorough consideration of whether the contents of events have prior representations within long-term memory, and to further better characterize their nature if we are to better understand learning mechanisms. It also brings additional clues for a deeper understanding of how learning and memory can be preserved in aging. More generally, it contributes to a better understanding of the factors determining successful learning, with a focus on how retrieval and acquisition processes overlap during learning. Such findings have potential applications in the educational field
Fonctionnement de la mémoire autobiographique dans un contexte de traumatisme psychique by Sophie Billoux Peyrot des Gachons( Book )

2 editions published in 2016 in French and held by 2 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Psychological trauma defines the emotional shock experienced by an individual following a traumatic event. In some cases, the psychotraumatic symptomatology develops and persists, leading to the onset of posttraumatic stress disorder. The literature has widely described the memory impairment associated with the disease, especially dysfunction of autobiographical memory. This complex memory system contains the story of our past, on which our present identity and future aspirations are based. However, it remains unclear whether this deficit is due to premorbid autobiographical memory dysfunction, to the trauma exposure itself, or to the subsequent development of posttraumatic stress disorder symptomatology. Research has not yet clarified the relationship between autobiographical memory dysfunction and psychological trauma. Throughout this work, we will define autobiographical memory function in the context of psychological trauma. The first two studies will analyze autobiographical memory function following a single traumatic exposure and following repeated exposures. The final study will shed light on how autobiographical memory functions among participants with posttraumatic stress disorder in partial remission
Conception et évaluation d'une consigne verbatim de l'entretien cognitif : la reconstitution by Céline Launay( Book )

2 editions published in 2013 in French and held by 2 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Le témoignage oculaire est un élément fondamental de la résolution des enquêtes criminelles. Pour la bonne conduite des enquêtes judiciaires, il apparait primordial d'obtenir des témoignages exhaustifs et exacts. C'est ainsi qu'une équipe de recherche a conçu une méthode basée sur les principes du fonctionnement de la mémoire ayant pour but l'optimisation du recueil des propos du témoin : l'entretien cognitif (Geiselman et al. 1984). Si cette méthode permet d'obtenir des descriptions détaillées sans diminution de la qualité du témoignage, elle est néanmoins marginalement utilisée par les professionnels de la justice. L'objectif de cette thèse est double : il s'agit de proposer une consigne d'entretien qui prend en compte les processus psychologiques en œuvre dans le rappel d'un évènement en mémoire épisodique, et qui soit acceptable du point de vue des pratiques professionnelles. Une première étape a consisté en l'analyse des pratiques professionnelles. L'évaluation d'une formation à l'entretien cognitif auprès d'enquêteurs de police a montré que la méthode est facilement assimilable par les enquêteurs, suggérant que sa non-application sur le terrain ne résiderait pas dans sa difficulté d'utilisation, mais relèverait plutôt de problèmes d'acceptabilité de la part des professionnels. Pour comprendre les objectifs professionnels de l'audition, nous avons ensuite procédé à une analyse des pratiques en termes d'audition. Cette analyse a révélé que les enquêteurs recherchaient de façon prépondérante des informations sur les actions d'une scène criminelle. Sur la base de ces constats, nous avons conçu une consigne dite de reconstitution, qui fait appel aux traces verbatim en mémoire, et vise à apporter des actions générales et spécifiques d'une scène. La consigne a été testée dans un protocole d'entretien et a démontré son efficacité aussi bien quantitative que qualitative, en apportant davantage d'informations correctes sur une scène comparée à d'autres consignes, sans augmentation concomitante du nombre d'erreurs. Il apparait que la consigne de reconstitution répond de façon pertinente au principal objectif d'une enquête de police
Étude ergonomique pour la consultation sur écran de petite taille de la documentation de maintenance aéronautique by Herimanana Zafiharimalala( Book )

2 editions published in 2011 in French and held by 2 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Literature review shows that maintenance operators do not use the aircraft maintenance documentation (AMD) systematically despite the legal obligation. The aim of this study is to contribute to the identification of users' difficulty about the use of the AMD and the designing of maintenance documentation well-adapted to mobile devices (PDA), to users and to aircraft maintenance context. Hypothesis consists on verifying the effect of the small screen use on users' performances. According to the usability test results, the small screen use has no negative effect on the users' (experts and novices) performances. Field studies in maintenance centers and on aircraft show that small screen use is suitable to novices and experts for small screen documentation consultation and also for standard screen documentation when consultation is limited. Some users, particularly experts, are hesitant about using small screen for information consultation. However, they are not against the use of such format if information display is improved. Results are not limited to small screen documentation issue, some parts (e.g. information display study to reduce user effort) could be generalised to information system for task support
Essai d'approche psychopathologique de l'acouphène, symptôme méconnu by Nadjet Nouri( Book )

2 editions published in 2011 in French and held by 2 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

This clinical study which is a psychological approach of the tinnitus symptom is among the first studies to be interested in thus symptom poorly studied with psychanalysis
L'espace et l'humain : les cadres de référence, leur développement et leurs relations avec les confusions spatiales by Sandra Courrèges( Book )

2 editions published in 2011 in French and held by 2 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

The thesis is about spatial representations, especially spatial frames of reference, which are used to locate an object with respect to another in a small-scale space, for example: « the salt is to the left of the pepper ». Different references exist: self-centred, object-centred and environment-centred. The references preferentially employed by a subject depend on his language and culture.First of all, the development of frames of reference is analysed with French subjects from 3 to 21 years of age, thanks to 180° rotation paradigm tasks (Levinson, 2003). Secondly, the relations between left/right confusions and the use of frames of reference are examined with French adults, with a self-judgment questionnaire and a rotation paradigm task.Results show that the development of frames of reference in France follows the predictions of the Representational Redescription model of Karmiloff-Smith (1992). They also highlight a link between left/right confusions and spatial references used by some adults
Traitement des signaux de communication dans le syndrome de Prader-Willi : aspects descriptifs, analytiques et évolutifs by Jimmy Debladis( Book )

2 editions published in 2019 in French and held by 2 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Prader-Willi syndrome (PWS) is a rare genetic syndrome affecting around 1 in 20,000 births in France. The two most frequent genetic origins are either a deletion in the 15q11q12 region on the paternal chromosome 15 or maternal uniparental disomy. This syndrome is easily identified through hypotonia and feeding difficulties observed at birth; then marked by hyperphagia, a constant sensation of hunger and behavioural difficulties that appear in time. From a social point of view, these patients present with atypical social interactions, similar to those reported in autism spectrum disorder (ASD). In PWS, very little research has been done concerning the behavioural and social interaction difficulties observed. Previous research has shown that these patients have deficits in recognizing emotions as well as atypical cortical signatures in response to faces. Nonetheless, an unexplored gap remains regarding how social signals are treated and analyzed. This thesis brings new data on potentially altered vocal and facial treatment processes in PWS. We developed a completed battery of behavioural tests aiming to study how voices and faces are processed. We demonstrated that patients with PWS have slower motor and perceptive skills. Furthermore, we identified a facial processing deficit that is not present for voiced. We suggest that the facial processing deficits observed could originate from a global perception deficit and the unification of several sources of information, thereby relating to the central coherence. Finally, we showed that patients with a materal disomy suffered from more severe social interaction difficulties than patients presenting with a deletion. Additionally, a therapeutic axis will be developed with the administration of oxytocin in children and adults with PWS. Oxytocin, over these past few years, has gained renewed interest for individuals with social interaction deficits. This therapeutic axis will allow us to study the long-term effects of oxytocin on children and the potential benefits of a treatment on the social and feeding behaviours
Développement d'une batterie de tests haptiques 2D pour enfants et adolescents voyants et déficients visuels by Anaïs Mazella( Book )

2 editions published in 2015 in French and held by 2 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

The main objective of our thesis work was to design a battery of haptic tests for visually impaired and sighted children and adolescents in order to assess the development of a range of haptic abilities with age, including scanning, discrimination, spatial comprehension, short-term memory and picture comprehension, and to assess differences linked to the visual status of children and adolescents. The theory behind the creation of our tests battery was that tactile picture comprehension skills develop concomittantly with the improvement of (1) scanning abilities (lines and dots), (2) haptic discrimination abilities (texture, shape and size), (3) spatial comprehension skills (orientation and location) and (4) short-term tactile memory capacity (dot span and shape span). The first chapter is a review of the literature on how the sense of active touch functions and on the psychometric tests that use this perceptual modality. The main purpose of our research is to question the relevance of using the haptic modality to assess the development of perceptual-motor and cognitive abilities amongst sighted and visually impaired children and adolescents. We finally emphasize that designing a developmental 2D haptic test battery would fill the lack of psychometric tools suitable for assessing visually impaired children. The second chapter is composed of three pilot studies in which sighted and visually impaired subjects were asked to identify complete and incomplete tactile pictures. The aim was to test the preconditions before creating our tool. More precisely, this entailed determining whether (1) tactile picture comprehension abilities develop with age, (2) these abilities can be compared between sighted and visually impaired children, (3) these two groups of children are able to understand incomplete tactile pictures. The results obtained suggest that raised-line pictures are a suitable material for assessing the 2D haptic abilities of sighted and visually impaired children. The third chapter highlights that a range of haptic abilities used to process 2D tactile stimuli (i.e., scanning, haptic discrimination, spatial comprehension, short-term memory and tactile picture comprehension abilities) improve with age for sighted subjects. In addition, we demonstrate that the ability to discriminate geometric shapes and the short-term memory of shapes play a significant role in tactile picture comprehension. The aim of the fourth chapter was to test all the psychometric properties of the battery with sighted and visually impaired individuals aged 5 to 25 years. We showed that our tool has satisfactory psychometric indices in terms of sensitivity, reliability and validity. What is more, we did not observe any significant differences that were inherent to visual status, or to the presence of associated disorders in the battery scores, suggesting that single calibration may be used. The fifth chapter summarizes the main results and conclusions of the research, its different contributions for both fundamental and applied purposes, and its limitations. Altogether our results suggest that the haptic modality is an interesting alternative to vision to assess the perceptual-motor and cogntive abilities of visually impaired people. Finally, two possible avenues for future research are presented
Contrôle nerveux de la contraction volontaire excentrique chez l'homme : approche neurophysiologique et plasticité à l'entraînement by Simon Barrue-Belou( Book )

2 editions published in 2017 in French and held by 2 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

The purpose of this PhD research is, on the one hand, to study the neural drive specificities during eccentric contractions by exploring the neural mechanisms involved at spinal level and, on the other hand, to examine the neural mechanisms responsible for the modulations of neuromuscular system following a strength submaximal eccentric training. Through this PhD research we highlight the contribution of recurrent inhibition by the Renshaw cell to the decrease of muscular activation typically observed during eccentric contraction. Furthermore, we show that recurrent inhibition is enhanced during submaximal contractions regardless of the contraction type. These results emphasize the important role of recurrent inhibition in the specificity of neural control during eccentric contractions. We confirm that the neural drive of the eccentric contraction may be modulated by eccentric strength training although modulations of spinal excitability seem to depend on the characteristics of training
Une nouvelle approche du cyclisme : la transition assis-danseuse comme prétexte à l'étude de l'optimisation du mouvement by Antony Costes( Book )

2 editions published in 2016 in French and held by 2 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

The aim of this work has been to deepen the knowledge about the choices spontaneously made by humans in order to realize simple locomotor tasks, with a focus on the pedaling movement. The analysis of the spontaneous transition from the seated to the standing position in cycling was the main topic of this thesis. Little studied in comparison to the walk-run transition, this transition is of interest given the possibilities to constrain the pedaling movement, and because of its abrupt nature making easier the identification of the criteria optimized in the movement. The combination of full-body kinematics, electromyography, inverse dynamics, and the measure of the efforts applied on each of the cyclist's supports on a fully instrumented cycling-ergometer offered a new perspective on the pedaling movement. These methods provide new leads to understand the spontaneous choices made in order to pedal under increasing power-output constraints
Corrélats comportementaux, neurophysiologiques et neuropsychologiques des mouvements miroirs chez le sujet sain et le patient cérébro-lésé by Joseph Tisseyre( Book )

2 editions published in 2019 in French and held by 2 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Symmetrical bimanual movements represent the default coordinated behavior of the central nervous system. Thus, execution of strictly unimanual motor tasks requires a cerebral network that can limit symmetrical bimanual movements. Transient alteration or dysfunction of these neural circuits can lead to mirror movements (MM), which are defined as involuntary movements or contractions occurring in homologous muscles contralateral to voluntary movements. Particularly discreet in healthy adults or exacerbated in different pathological conditions, MM seem to be asymmetric between the right and left upper limbs. Nevertheless, the conditions under which this asymmetry occurs and the associated brain correlates remain poorly understood. Thus, the main objectives of this thesis were to (1) investigate the conditions under which behavioural asymmetry of MM appears in right-handed healthy adults and brain-injured patients, (2) investigate the motor, attentional and executive correlates of behavioural asymmetry of MM in right-handed healthy adults and (3) explore the link between attentional and executive functions and MM in healthy adults and brain-injured patients. For this purpose, we adopted a multimodal approach that includes behavioural, neurophysiological and neuropsychological investigations. Our results reveal that the behavioural asymmetry of MM depends on the type of task performed (strength level and rhythmic aspect of the unimanual task) and highlight a cerebral asymmetry with greater ipsilateral motor activations during left unimanual movement than right unimanual movement in right-handed healthy adult. An increase in attentional and executive activations was also observed in healthy adults during a task involving asymmetric MM, and a neuropsychological evaluation revealed a link between the degree of executive control and MM in healthy adults and brain-injured patients. The overall results of this thesis suggest that the asymmetry of MM could reflect differences in cerebral functioning in the control of each limb. Finally, our results support the idea of increased involvement of cognitive processes in the regulation of voluntary and involuntary motor control
Quelle reconnaissance de l'expérience professionnelle au Centre de Formation Continue de l'Université de Djibouti ? by Ifrah Said Farah( Book )

2 editions published in 2012 in French and held by 2 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

The activity of in-house training which professionalize and which is offered by the young university of Djibouti is enrolled in the context of a developing small country for whom that mission is not a priority. The wage-earling have to get a traditional academic training regardless of their professional experience.Based on the analysis of the French realities about the accreditation of prior learning, of the theoretical context which allows to question them on experience, knowledge, competences, validation, certification, evaluation - and the recognition horizon built by Alex Honneth, this research wonders about the possibility of initiating a recognition logic inside the university of Djibouti in order to make the academic knowledge and the professional experience dialogue and promote the training during a long period.The interviews done with teachers and wage-earling are made according to a qualifitative method, which promote experience story and reflexivity. They mean to up-date the real process existing between in-house training and the interactions between activity of teaching and training; and the combinations resulted by academic knowledge and professional experience of the two actors. New mixtures of knowledge have impacts on initial training and contribute to redefine the teaching professionally. The reflexivity of actors on these process leads to, beyond the certificates to a large recognition. It is a resource to amplify the co-learning between the actors around a uniting of academic knowledge and professional experience. Numerous possibilities show the aim to initiate recognition of the professional experience in university of Djibouti. This research is intended for teacher-researchers and for those who are looking for possible ways to enrich the conceptions of the training based on the experience, which doesn't necessary need to have important means, particularly in Africa. It is intending also for pratician-researchers who may want to explore trails that we have seen just briefly, particularly on bonds between professional experience, cultural dimensions and languages implementation
Une exploration multidimensionnelle des phénomènes expérientiels mnésiques : de la sémiologie à l'activité neuronale unitaire by Jonathan Curot( Book )

2 editions published in 2018 in French and held by 2 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Over the past 10 years, attempts to increase human memory performances by electrical brain stimulation (EBS) led to unconvincing or contradictory results. We are still unable to activate memory networks by EBS in a reproducible way, the effects of EBS at different scales (from neuronal activity to large-scale networks) and the optimal EBS parameters are unknown. Above all, the neural correlates of the long-term memory that EBS are supposed to activate remain imperfectly known. In this context, the memory-related experiential phenomena reported by epileptic patients, like déjà-vu or reminiscences, either spontaneous or induced by EBS, are a gateway to the long-term memory networks and a precious model to understand how to activate them with EBS to improve human memory. However, they remain underused and misinterpreted. Therefore, we studied them with a multidimensional approach: (1) A phenomenological dimension, analysing the semiology of some poorly explored phenomena: reminiscences, déjà-rêvé and prescience. For this, we based our analyses on our own data and all of the reminiscences induced by EBS in the literature. We also studied the case of an epileptic patient with severe bi-hippocampal atrophy and preservation of the perirhinal cortex, who had developed frequent déjà-vu and experiential phenomena with prescience. (2) An electrophysiological dimension with the analysis of EBS effects on memory networks at different scales. We retrospectively analysed EBS parameters and their effects. We also analysed the intracranial EEG to compute the functional coupling between different structures inside the temporal lobe during the brief moments corresponding to the reminiscences. We demonstrated that: - EBS can induce a wide variety of memories belonging to the different systems of declarative memory (e.g. episodic semantic or autobiographical memories). However, most of these are little contextualized and fragmentary. - The activation of memory networks is possible only by some of their hubs, not all of them. Preferential input gates are more easily activated and the qualitative nature of memories depends largely on them. The rhinal cortex seems to be the gatekeeper of these memory networks, where EBS most frequently induce memories. [...]
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