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Adéquation algorithme-architecture pour le traitement multimédia embarqué by Sébastien Roux( )

2 editions published in 2002 in French and held by 4 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

This thesis deals with visiophony service implementation feasibility for next generation mobile terminal through an embedded multimedia systems conception methodology. We first set up our research context : 3G networks, mobile terminals, processors for video coding, and also ISO/MPEG and IUT-T coding standards. We then propose a system level conception methodology taking into account embedded constraints like terminal autonomy. We apply it to H.263 video coder. This methodology is built along two levels : algorithmic (system specification and performance analysis) and architectural (hardware / software partitioning and implementation efficiency analysis). To cope with embedded visiophony constraints, we proposed a new video compression scheme taking advantage of video semantic information, as suggested by MPEG-4 object coding approach. In this way, we both propose an adaptive algorithm for face detection and a new coding scheme for very low bit rate video compression
Adaptation de schémas de subdivision pour la reconstruction d'objet sans artefact by François Destelle( )

3 editions published in 2010 in French and held by 4 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Ln this thesis we analyse the behaviour of subdivision schemes, tool used to modelise smoothand multi-resolution surfaces. Firstly, our work aimed to study the geometric behaviour of these surfaces on the neighbourhood of the extraordinary vertices in the control mesh. The geometry of a subdivision surface is complex on the neighborhood of an extraordinary vertex, some of the unpleasant behaviours are obscure. We have proposed an evaluation framework for subdivision surfaces throughout an suitable measure : the absolute curvature gradient. Then we have proposed an interrogation span suitable to the analysis of an extraordinary vertex neighborhood. It is independent of the subdivision scheme used to synthesize the surface, thus we can compared sevel schemes. Then our work engaged in the polar spectral analysis of these geometric behaviours, takir into account there radial and angular characteristics regarding the topology of an extraordinary vertex. neighbourhood. Our analysis extends the existing works for the interrogation of this modelisation too!. Secondly, we have proposed a description framework for the topological step of a subdivision scheme. Our system takes the form of a compact and flexible coding, it generalizes the existent descriptions. This coding allows the description of the topological step of ail the known subdivision schemes, and many others
Synthèse comportementale basée sur l'ordonnancement by Zoltán Sugár( )

3 editions published between 2000 and 2007 in French and held by 4 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

L'objectif de cette thèse est de mettre au point une nouvelle méthodologie pour la synthèse comportementale. La synthèse comportementale traditionnelle peut être défini comme la compilation d'une spécification algorithmique en une architecture composée d'un chemin de données et d'un contrôleur. Le flux de synthèse comprend généralement l'ordonnancement, l'allocation, la génération du chemin de données et la synthèse du contrôleur. Les algorithmes de ces étapes de synthèse ont été intensivement étudiés dans la littérature alors que la recherche de l'intégration des outils de synthèse comportementale aux flux de conception existants ne fait pas partie de travaux de recherches. En dépit de grandes espérances, les outils de synthèse comportementale traditionnels ne sont jamais parvenus à être acceptés par les concepteurs. Afin de répondre à ces problèmes, la redéfinition de la synthèse comportmenetale est donc nécessaire. Dans cette thèse, nous proposons un nouveau flux de synthèse puissant basé uniquement sur l'étape d'ordonnancement. Cet ordonnancement est étendu d'une part, d'une analyse de chemin de données pour l'ouverture vers des applications mixtes, d'autre part, d'une étape de génération du code permettant l'adaptation efficace de l'ordonnancement avec la synthèse au niveau transfert de registres. L'efficacité du nouveau flux est prouvée par deux applications complexes et industrielles, et par son intégration dans un flux de synthèse système
Influence du son lors de l'exploration de scènes naturelles dynamiques : prise en compte de l'information sonore dans un modèle d'attention visuelle by Antoine Coutrot( )

2 editions published in 2014 in French and held by 3 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

We study the influence of different audiovisual features on the visualexploration of dynamic natural scenes. We show that, whilst the way a person explores a scene primarily relies on its visual content, sound sometimes significantly influences eye movements. Sound assures a better coherence between the eye positions of different observers, attracting their attention and thus their gaze toward the same regions. The effect of sound is particularly strong in conversation scenes, where the related speech signal boosts the number of fixations on speakers' faces, and thus increases the consistency between scanpaths. We propose an audiovisual saliency model able to automatically locate speakers' faces so as to enhance their saliency. These results are based on the eye movements of 148 participants recorded on more than 75,400 frames (125 videos) in 5 different experimental conditions
Système de mesure d'impédance électrique embarqué, application aux batteries Li-ion by Rouba Al Nazer( )

2 editions published in 2014 in French and held by 3 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Embedded electrical impedance measurement is a key issue to enhance battery monitoring and diagnostic in a vehicle. It provides additional measures to those of the pack's current and cell's voltage to enrich the aging's indicators in a first time, and the battery states in a second time. A classical method for battery impedance measurements is the electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS). At each frequency, a sinusoidal signal current (or voltage) of a variable frequency sweeping a range of frequencies of interest is at the input of the battery and the output is the measured voltage response (or current). An active identification technique based on the use of wideband signals composed of square patterns is proposed. Particularly, simulations were used to compare the performance of different excitation signals commonly used for system identification in several domains and to verify the linear and time invariant behavior for the electrochemical element. The evaluation of the estimation performance is performed using a specific quantity: the spectral coherence. This statistical value is used to give a confidence interval for the module and the phase of the estimated impedance. It allows the selection of the frequency range where the battery respects the assumptions imposed by the non-parametric identification method. To experimentally validate the previous results, an electronic test bench was designed. Experimental results are used to evaluate the wideband frequency impedance identification. A reference circuit is first used to evaluate the performance of the used methodology. Experimentations are then done on a Li-ion battery. Comparative tests with EIS are realized. The specifications are established using a simulator of Li-ion battery. They are used to evaluate the performance of the proposed wide band identification method and fix its usefulness for the battery states estimation: the state of charge and the state of health
Commande robuste et calibrage des systèmes de contrôle actif de vibrations by Tudor-Bogdan Airimitoaie( )

2 editions published in 2012 in French and held by 3 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

In this thesis, solutions for the design of robust Active Vibration Control (AVC) systems are presented. The thesis report is composed of two parts. In the first one, feedforward adaptive methods are developed. They are dedicated to the suppression of large band disturbances and use a measurement, correlated with the disturbance, obtained upstream from the performance variable by the use of a second transducer. The algorithms presented in this thesis are designed to achieve good performances and to maintain system stability in the presence of the internal feedback coupling which appears between the control signal and the image of the disturbance. The main contributions in this part are the relaxation of the Strictly Positive Real (SPR) condition appearing in the stability analysis of the algorithms by use of “Integral + Proportional” adaptation algorithms and the development of feedforward compensators for noise or vibration reduction based on the Youla-Kučera parameterization. The second part of this thesis is concerned with the negative feedback rejection of narrow band disturbances. An indirect adaptation method for the rejection of multiple narrow band disturbances using Band-Stop Filters (BSF) and the Youla-Kučera parameterization is presented. This method uses cascaded Adaptive Notch Filters (ANF) to estimate the frequencies of the disturbances' sinusoids and then, Band-stop Filters are used to shape the output sensitivity function independently, reducing the effect of each narrow band signal in the disturbance. The algorithms are verified and validated on an experimental setup available at the Control Systems Department of GIPSA-Lab, Grenoble, France
Analyse et commande d'un système de mesure à courant tunnel by Irfan Ahmad( )

2 editions published in 2011 in English and held by 3 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

The objective of this thesis was to control the nano-positioning system using tunneling current with the real-time validation over an experimental platform developed in Gipsa-lab. This thesis lies in the domain of control for micro and nano-mechatronics systems for the applications of scanning probe microscopy and ultra-precise positioning. At nanometer scale, the problems of noise, vibrations, nonlinearity and instability influence the precision of the measurement. The objective was to deal with these constraints by using the modern techniques of robust control. In this thesis, a system of tunneling current measurement has been modelled and the control problem has been formulated in terms of desired measurement performances. Then, robust control design laws are analyzed in order to achieve better performances in terms of measurement precision and rejection of certain disturbances with robustness. These control laws are experimentally validated (at ambient atmosphere) for a platform of Gipsa-lab. At the end of this thesis, a dynamic modelling of MIMO system for an application of scanning the surface with an atomic resolution has been proposed and a MIMO controller in order to reduce the positioning error due to coupling has been validated in simulations
Contribution aux microsystèmes magnétiques : micromoteur asynchrone à palier magnétique by Victor Manuel Fernández Gómez del Campo( )

2 editions published in 1999 in French and held by 3 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

L'évolution des micro systèmes est en plein essor. Le développement de micromoteurs en constitue l'un des principaux axes actuels de recherche. Si les premiers micro moteurs étaient électrostatiques, les micromoteurs électromagnétiques ont récemment attiré l'attention de nombreux chercheurs. Le micromoteur asynchrone a pourtant connu une critique assez défavorable de la part de nombre de chercheurs. Sa fabrication - supposée forcément tridimensionnelle, donc complexe - et sa performance mécanique - estimée simplement insuffisante - sont à l'origine de ce mépris généralisé. Un problème supplémentaire qui défavorise la performance des micromachines est la réduction d'échelle, car elle entraîne une considérable augmentation relative dans leurs frottements, au point même d'empêcher leur fonctionnement. Afin de réduire les pertes dues aux frottements, une étude et une analyse de paliers magnétiques passifs miniatures sont proposées. Plusieurs prototypes illustrent cette approche. Dans le cadre de la validation de prototypes de taille millimétrique, cette thèse s'est orientée sur l'étude du micromoteur asynchrone. Un premier prototype, à géométrie planaire et de dimensionsØ 18 mm x h 2 mm, a été fabriqué. Le micromoteur intègre une suspension magnétique passive à aimants permanents. Ce moteur a atteint 4500 tr/min en développant un couple de 1,2 µNm
Contrôle et stabilité Entrée-Etat en dimension infinie du profil du facteur de sécurité dans un plasma Tokamak by Federico Bribiesca Argomedo( )

2 editions published in 2012 in French and English and held by 3 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

In this thesis, we are interested in the control of the safety factor profile or q-profile in a tokamak plasma. This physical quantity has been found to be related to several phenomena in the plasma, in particular magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) instabilities. Having an adequate safety factor profile is particularly important to achieve advanced tokamak operation, providing high confinement and MHD stability. To achieve this, we focus in controlling the gradient of the poloidal magnetic flux profile. The evolution of this variable is given by a diffusion equation with distributed time-varying coefficients. Based on Lyapunov techniques and the Input-to-State stability properties of the system we propose a robust control law that takes into account nonlinear constraints on the control action imposed by the physical actuators
Optimization of an X-ray diffraction imaging system for medical and security applications by Fanny Marticke( )

2 editions published in 2016 in English and held by 3 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

L'imagerie basée sur la diffraction des rayons X est une technique non-invasive puissante pour l'identification et caractérisation de matériaux différents. Comparée aux techniques traditionnelles utilisant la transmission des rayons X, elle permet d'extraire des informations beaucoup plus caractéristiques pour le matériau inspecté, comme les positions des pics de Bragg pour des matériaux cristallins et le facteur de forme moléculaire pour les matériaux amorphes. Le potentiel de cette méthode a été reconnu par de nombreuses équipes de recherche et de nombreuses applications comme l'inspection de bagage, le contrôle non-destructif, la détection de drogue et la caractérisation de tissus biologiques ont été proposées. La méthode par dispersion d'énergie (EDXRD) est particulièrement adaptée à ce type d'application car elle permet l'utilisation d'un tube à rayons X conventionnel, l'acquisition du spectre entier en une fois et des architectures parallélisées pour l'inspection d'un objet entier en un temps raisonnable. L'objectif de ce travail est d'optimiser toute la chaîne de caractérisation. L'optimisation comprend deux aspects : l'optimisation du système d'acquisition et du traitement des données. La dernière concerne particulièrement la correction des spectres de diffraction dégradés par le processus d'acquisition. Des méthodes de reconstruction sont proposées et validées sur des spectres simulés et expérimentaux. L'optimisation du système est réalisée en utilisant des facteurs de mérite comme l'efficacité quantique de détection (DQE), le rapport contraste sur bruit (CNR) et les courbes de caractéristiques opérationnelles de réception (ROC).La première application choisie, c'est l'imagerie du sein basée sur la diffraction qui a pour but de distinguer des tissus cancéreux des tissus sains. Deux configurations de collimation sans multiplexage combinant EDXRD et ADXRD sont proposées suite au processus d'optimisation. Une étude de simulation du système entier et d'un fantôme de sein a été réalisée afin de déterminer la dose requise pour la détection d'un petit carcinome de 4 mm. La deuxième application concerne la détection de matériaux illicites pendant le contrôle de sécurité. L'intérêt possible d'un système de collimation multiplexé a été étudié
Étude de corrélats électrophysiologiques pour la discrimination d'états de fatigue et de charge mentale : apports pour les interfaces cerveau-machine passives by Raphaëlle N Roy( )

2 editions published in 2015 in French and held by 3 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

L'estimation de l'état mental d'un individu sur la base de son activité cérébrale et de ses activités physiologiques résultantes est devenue l'un des challenges des interfaces cerveau-machine (ICM) dites passives, dans le but notamment de répondre à un besoin en neuroergonomie. Ce travail de thèse se focalise sur l'estimation des états de fatigue et de charge mentale. Son objectif est de proposer des chaines de traitement efficaces et réalistes dans leur mise en œuvre. Ainsi, un des points à l'étude a été la modulation des indicateurs de charge ainsi que la robustesse des performances de classification en fonction du temps passé sur une tâche (TPT). L'impact de la charge et du TPT sur les marqueurs d'état attentionnel a aussi été évalué. Pour ce faire, un protocole expérimental a été mis en œuvre afin de recueillir les signaux électro-encéphalographiques (EEG), cardiaques (ECG) et oculaires (EOG) de participants volontaires sains lors de la réalisation prolongée d'une tâche combinant charge en mémoire de travail et attention sélective. Des chaînes de traitement performantes incluant une étape de filtrage spatial et une classification supervisée ont été mises en place afin de classer au mieux ces états. La pertinence de plusieurs marqueurs électrophysiologiques a été comparée, notamment l'activité EEG spontanée et les potentiels évoqués (PEs), ainsi que différentes étapes de prétraitement dont les méthodes de filtrage spatial pour PEs. Des effets d'interactions ont été mis au jour entre les différents états mentaux, dont un effet négatif du TPT sur les performances en classification de la charge mentale lorsque l'on utilise des marqueurs mesurant la puissance moyenne de l'EEG dans des bandes de fréquence d'intérêt. La chaîne basée sur les PEs est en revanche robuste à cet effet. Une comparaison du type de stimuli utilisables pour éliciter les PEs a révélé que des stimuli tâche-indépendants permettent tout de même d'obtenir des performances très élevées, ce qui montre leur pertinence pour une implémentation en situation réelle. En perspective seront présentés des travaux en cours visant à mettre en évidence des marqueurs de charge mentale robustes à la tâche, ainsi que l'utilité des potentiels évoqués auditifs en paradigme de simple stimulus
Modélisation et optimisation de la maintenance et de la surveillance des systèmes multi-composants - Applications à la maintenance et à la conception de véhicules industriels by Romain Lesobre( )

2 editions published in 2015 in French and held by 3 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

This thesis research work focuses on the maintenance operations scheduling and the development of a design methodology for maintenance. The aim is to suggest a customized maintenance service offer for each vehicle and able to adapt to user constraints. In the transport industry, these constraints are defined by a limited number of maintenance opportunities and vehicle unplanned stops with significant financial consequences. This service offer should enable both to improve the vehicle uptime and to reduce the maintenance impact on operating costs. In this framework, the developed maintenance policy ensures, with a given risk probability, maintenance free operating periods for a multi-component system. During these periods, the system should be able to carry out all its assigned missions without maintenance actions and system fault. And the end of each period, the considered policy evaluates if a maintenance action is required to ensure maintenance-free and fault-free operation on the next period with a specified confidence level. When a maintenance action is mandatory, decision criteria considering the maintenance costs and the maintenance efficiency are used to select the operations to be performed. This form of dynamic clustering, called time-driven clustering, integrates both the component reliability models, the system structure and the available monitoring information. In our case, the monitoring information refers to the component state information and information on the component operating conditions. The process flexibility makes possible to make a maintenance decision in using different information levels for system components. The policy parameters, namely the period length and the confidence level value, are optimized based on the total maintenance cost. This cost, evaluated on a finite horizon, is composed of directs costs related to maintenance operations and indirect costs generated by system immobilizations. In order to reach a significant operating costs reduction, the maintenance policy optimization alone is not sufficient. It is essential to have a broader approach to involve the system and its maintenance since the conception. In this context, the developed design methodology suggests to prioritize the components impact on the operating costs. This prioritization is performed thanks to a defined importance factor. Then, multiple design options are evaluated by simulation in priority component. The selected options lead to reduce the operating costs. This work contains simulation results that illustrate the methods mentioned above. Moreover, a heavy vehicle sub-system is used as a test-case
Modélisation et contrôle d'un réfrigérateur cryogénique Application à la station 800W à 4.5K du CEA Grenoble by Fanny Clavel( )

2 editions published in 2011 in French and held by 3 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Cette thèse concerne le développement de nouvelles stratégies de contrôle d'unréfrigérateur cryogénique soumis à de fortes variations de charge thermique. De telles perturbationsvont se rencontrer lors du refroidissement des aimants supraconducteurs des futurs réacteurs defusion (tokamak JT-60SA par exemple).La modélisation d'un réfrigérateur de test, offrant une capacité de refroidissement de 800Wà 4.5K, a été effectuée sous le logiciel Matlab/Simulink. Celle-ci est basée sur les équationsthéoriques de la thermodynamique, de la thermique et de l'hydraulique et prend en compte lespropriétés non linéaire de l'hélium à basse température.A partir de ce modèle, une stratégie de contrôle multivariable a été proposée sur les deuxparties du réfrigérateur : la station de compression et la boîte froide. Les résultats expérimentauxmontrent de nettes améliorations et une plus grande stabilité du réfrigérateur en présence decharges pulsées par rapport à la stratégie initiale (PI).Un observateur de la charge thermique du bain d'hélium liquide a également été développé.Le modèle utilisé est construit par identification à partir de mesures internes au réfrigérateur. Ilpourrait servir comme outil de surveillance aux opérateurs
Approche LPV pour la commande robuste de la dynamique des véhicules : amélioration conjointe du confort et de la sécurité by Anh Lam Do( )

2 editions published in 2011 in French and held by 3 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

This work concerns the development of advanced control methods for automotive suspensions to improve road holding and passenger comfort, while satisfying the technological constraints related to the suspension actuators (passivity, nonlinearity, structural limit). In the first part, we propose two control schemes by polytopic LPV (Linear Parameter Varying) approach and by Strong Stabilization with genetic algorithm optimization to solve the comfort/handling and comfort/suspension travel conflits. In the second part, to solve the full semi-active suspension problem, we develop first a generic strategy for general LPV systems subject to actuator saturation and state constraints. The problem is studied in the form of resolution matrix of linear inequalities (LMI) that allows synthesizing an LPV controller and an anti-windup gain to ensure the stability and performance of the closed-loop system. Second, the theoretical result is applied to the case of semi-active suspension control. The proposed methods are validated by an evaluation based on an industrial standard and simulations on a nonlinear quarter vehicle model
Développement de méthodes de tatouage sûres pour le traçage de contenus multimédia by Benjamin Mathon( )

1 edition published in 2011 in French and held by 3 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

In this thesis, we first study the constraint of security in watermarking. In the WOA (Watermarked contents Only Attack) framework, an adversary owns several marked contents and try to estimate the secret key used for embedding in order to have access to the hidden messages. We present a new mean for spread-spectrum watermarking based on circular distributions in the private watermarking subspace. Thanks to this technique, we are able to minimise the distortion (on expectation) caused by the watermark in the WOA framework using the Hungarian optimisation method and the transportation theory. Then, we show that secure watermarking can be used in practical works with the example of still image watermarking. In the second part, we are interested about the problem of active fingerprinting which allows to trace re-distributors of illegal copies of a numerical content. The codes we use here are the ones proposed by Gabor Tardos. These codes are resistant against collusion attacks e.g. a group of malicious users who forges a new content by mixing their copies. Since watermarking techniques allow the embedding of these codes in numerical contents, a new worst case attack taking into account the security level of the watermarking system is proposed to reduce the accusation rate of the coalition. We show that secure watermarking is more efficient that insecure one (with similar robustness) for fingerprinting application. Finally, traitor tracing codes are implemented on video sequences by using spread-spectrum techniques in order to demonstrate that the accusation of adversaries is practically possible
Estimation sous contraintes de communication : algorithmes et performances asymptotiques by Rodrigo Cabral Farias( )

2 editions published in 2013 in French and English and held by 3 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

With recent advances in sensing and communication technology, sensor networks have emerged as a new field in signal processing. One of the applications of his new field is remote estimation, where the sensors gather information and send it to some distant point where estimation is carried out. For overcoming the new design challenges brought by this approach (constrained energy, bandwidth and complexity), quantization of the measurements can be considered. Based on this context, we study the problem of estimation based on quantized measurements. We focus mainly on the scalar location parameter estimation problem, the parameter is considered to be either constant or varying according to a slow Wiener process model. We present estimation algorithms to solve this problem and, based on performance analysis, we show the importance of quantizer range adaptiveness for obtaining optimal performance. We propose a low complexity adaptive scheme that jointly estimates the parameter and updates the quantizer thresholds, achieving in this way asymptotically optimal performance. With only 4 or 5 bits of resolution, the asymptotically optimal performance for uniform quantization is shown to be very close to the continuous measurement estimation performance. Finally, we propose a high resolution approach to obtain an approximation of the optimal nonuniform quantization thresholds for parameter estimation and also to obtain an analytical approximation of the estimation performance based on quantized measurements
Sur la résolution des problèmes inverses pour les systèmes dynamiques non linéaires. Application à l'électrolocation, à l'estimation d'état et au diagnostic des éoliennes by Oumayma Omar( )

2 editions published in 2012 in French and held by 3 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

This thesis mainly concerns the resolution of dynamic inverse problems involvingnonlinear dynamical systems. A set of techniques based on the use of trains of pastmeasurements saved on a sliding window was developed. First, the measurements areused to generate a family of graphical signatures, which is a classification tool, in orderto discriminate between different values of variables to be estimated for a given nonlinearsystem. This technique was applied to solve two problems : the electrolocationproblem of a robot with electrical sense and the problem of state estimation in nonlineardynamical systems. Besides these two applications, receding horizon inversion techniquesdedicated to the fault diagnosis problem of a wind turbine proposed as an internationalbenchmark were developed. These techniques are based on the minimization of quadraticcriteria based on knowledge-based models
Méthodologies de conception ASIC pour des systèmes sur puce 3D hétérogènes à base de réseaux sur puce 3D by Mohamad Jabbar( )

2 editions published in 2013 in French and English and held by 3 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

In this thesis, we study the exploration 3D NoC architectures through physical design implementations using real 3D technology used in the industry. Based on the proposed 3D design flow focusing on timing verification by leveraging the benefit of negligible delay of microbumps structure for vertical connections, we have conducted partitioning techniques for 3D NoC-based MPSoC architecture including homogeneous and heterogeneous stacking using Tezzaron 3D IC technlogy. Design and implementation trade-off in both partitioning methods is investigated to have better insight about 3D architecture so that it can be exploited for optimal performance. Using homogeneous 3D stacking approach, NoC architectures are explored to identify the best topology between 2D and 3D topology for 3D MPSoC implementation. The architectural explorations have also considered different process technologies highlighting the wire delay effect to the 3D architecture performance especially for interconnect-dominated design. Additionally, we performed heterogeneous 3D stacking of NoC-based MPSoC implementation with GALS style approach and presented several physical designs related analyses regarding 3D MPSoC design and implementation using 2D EDA tools. Finally we conducted an exploration of 2D EDA tool on different 3D architecture to evaluate the impact of 2D EDA tools on the 3D architecture performance. Since there is no commercialize 3D design tool until now, the experiment is important on the basis that designing 3D architecture using 2D EDA tools does not have a strong and direct impact to the 3D architecture performance mainly because the tools is dedicated for 2D architecture design
Contributions to facial feature extraction for face recognition by Huu-Tuan Nguyen( )

2 editions published in 2014 in English and held by 3 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

La tâche la plus délicate d'un système de reconnaissance faciale est la phase d'extraction de caractéristiques significatives et discriminantes. Dans le cadre de cette thèse, nous nous sommes focalisés sur cette tâche avec comme objectif l'élaboration d'une représentation de visage robuste aux variations majeures suivantes: variations d'éclairage, de pose, de temps, images de qualité différentes (vidéosurveillance). Par ailleurs, nous avons travaillé également dans une optique de traitement temps réel. Tout d'abord, en tenant compte des caractéristiques d'orientation des traits principaux du visages (yeux, bouche), une nouvelle variante nommée ELBP de célèbre descripteur LBP a été proposée. Elle s'appuie sur les informations de micro-texture contenues dans une ellipse horizontale. Ensuite, le descripteur EPOEM est construit afin de tenir compte des informations d'orientation des contours. Puis un descripteur nommée PLPQMC qui intégre des informations obtenues par filtrage monogénique dans le descripteur LPQ est proposé. Enfin le descripteur LPOG intégrant des informations de gradient est présenté. Chacun des descripteurs proposés est testé sur les 3 bases d'images AR, FERET et SCface. Il en résulte que les descripteurs PLPQMC et LPOG sont les plus performants et conduisent à des taux de reconnaissance comparables voire supérieur à ceux des meilleurs méthodes de l'état de l'art
Rejet adaptatif de perturbations en contrôle actif de vibrations by Marouane Alma( )

2 editions published in 2011 in French and held by 3 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

This thesis work is a part of adaptive disturbances rejection on some flexible structures in active vibration control (AVC). The objective was to develop adaptive control strategies for the active disturbances rejection, and to implement them on real process located in the Automatic Control Department of GIPSA-Lab in Grenoble. In the first part, the rejection of unknown narrow-band disturbances (Sinusoidal and multi-sinusoidal) was treated using adaptive control laws in « feedback » based on the internal model principle. These control laws have been validated experimentally on an active suspension platform. In the second part, adaptive algorithms for the minimization of the effects of "broadband" disturbances in "feedforward" have been proposed, analyzed and tested in practice on a flexible structure of active vibration control
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