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Influence de la matière organique dissoute sur la spéciation et la biodisponibilité des métaux : cas de la Seine, un milieu sous forte pression urbaine by Benoît Pernet-Coudrier( )

1 edition published in 2008 in French and held by 4 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

This thesis was carried out on the framework of the ANR BIOMET research project (JC05_59809). The main objectives were to improve the current knowledge on the influence of dissolved organic matter (DOM) on metal speciation and bioavailability in urban aquatic system. The understanding of the influence of DOM on trace metal speciation and bioavailability required that the chemical composition of DOM, more exactly its binding sites should be well understood. Therefore, one part of this research focused on the isolation and characterization of DOM. The characterization of DOM, with a multidimensional approach was realized with a lot of various techniques (such as elemental, isotopic, functional and molecular) that were of prime importance to better understand the influence of DOM on trace metal speciation and bioavailability. To accomplish these objectives, the techniques such as potentiometry with ionic selective electrode and the recent electroanalytical technique AGNES and bioassays such as a bioaccumulation test (Fontinalis antipyretica) and an acute toxicity test (Daphnia magna) were performed in order to: - study the copper and lead binding by isolated DOM fractions in order to give some binding parameters of hydrophilic DOM and to better predict the fate of the trace metal. - evaluate the protective role of urban DOM on copper bioavailability. Results showed some particular characteristics of DOM from wastewater effluent such as a high proportion of hydrophilic DOM, i.e. a low hydrophobicity and a low degree of aromaticity underlying the low refractory character of urban DOM. Nevertheless a higher content of various functional groups was determined in urban DOM than in natural DOM. A very high content of proteinaceous structures was particularly identified in urban DOM. Binding experiments revealed for the first time on urban hydrophilic DOM, a higher content of binding sites than in natural DOM and these sites are strongly correlated to amino groups. The values of binding constant seem to not vary according to the nature of the fraction or the origin. The different approaches used to evaluate copper bioavailability depicted a protective role of DOM to the organisms Daphnia magna and Fontinalis antipyretica. Nevertheless this protective effect is hardly explained by the free ion concentration due to a bioavailability of some organic complexes. This feature could be explain with the high content of proteinaceous structures in these DOM fractions, since proteins are well know to play an important role in the transport mechanisms of trace metals into the organisms. Moreover, the DGT device (diffusive gradient in thin films) shows a good efficiency to assess the bioavailable copper
L'exil comme patrie : les réfugiés communistes espagnols en RDA (1950-1989) by Aurélie Denoyer( Book )

3 editions published in 2012 in French and held by 4 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

The Spanish communist refugees welcomed to GDR are in the center of this study. However, the Spanish political exile in East Germany is not being treated as an object but as a field that allows to capture various themes : the French policy towards foreign Communist refugees on its territory during the Cold War, the integration policy in East Germany, the relationships between the SED and the PCE (Partido Comunista de España, the Spanish Communist Party) and the impact of exile on identity construction. The purpose of this study is diverse : this work not only wants to enrich the history of the Spanish exile as a special topic but also examines migration studies as a whole. It aims to contribute to the renewal of research on communism in general and the studies of the East German state in particular. In order to do this, we worked from the archives of many countries, in France, Germany, and Spain. We also conducted some interviews in Berlin, Paris and Barcelona with children of the first wave of Spanish political refugees hosted in the GDR. Following the work on archives and interviews, we tried to reconstruct the biographical trajectories of individuals pursuing the following objective: do not lose sight of the diversity of individual trajectories and collective situations
La valeur probante de la comptabilité de l'entreprise en droit fiscal by Thomas Pulcini( )

1 edition published in 2011 in French and held by 3 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

La comptabilité est utilisée en droit fiscal pour déterminer les bases imposables des principaux impôts auxquels l"entreprise est assujettie. C'est en raison de la crédibilité des informations qu'elle contient que la comptabilité est utilisée par le droit fiscal. La crédibilité de ces informations offre une garantie pour l'administration fiscale de remplir sa mission de contrôle avec efficacité. Mais, cette fiabilité permet, en outre, à l'entreprise de déterminer sereinement les bases d'imposition à déclarer et de se défendre en se fondant sur ses données en cas de contestation par l'administration fiscale des résultats déclarés. Néanmoins, dans certaines hypothèses la comptabilité d'une entreprise peut ne pas être considérée comme ayant une valeur probante suffisante et peut être rejetée par l'administration fiscale.Malgré l'importance de la jurisprudence et l'intérêt pratique de cette notion, l'étude de la valeur probante de la comptabilité de l'entreprise, ne semble pas avoir beaucoup inspirée les auteurs. La valeur probante de la comptabilité sera analysée tant sur ses fondements que sur ses caractères essentiels. Quelles sont les conditions que doit remplir la comptabilité pour servir valablement de preuve devant l'administration fiscale ? Dans quelles conditions cette comptabilité peut-elle être rejetée ? En cas de rejet, quels sont les moyens de preuve à la disposition de l"entreprise ? L'administration fiscale doit-elle ou non apporter la preuve lorsque la comptabilité de l'entreprise comporte de graves irrégularités ?
L'opposabilité et l'action en concurrence déloyale. by Hanane Sefiane( )

1 edition published in 2011 in French and held by 3 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

L'insertion du contrat dans la vie sociale a mis en lumière des conflits d'intérêts entre d'une part les parties contractantes, qui souhaitent que leurs prévisions contractuelles se réalisent et d'autre part, les tiers, qui ne veulent pas voir leur liberté limitée par un contrat auquel ils n'ont pas consenti. La théorie de l'opposabilité, assurant une fonction préférentielle, tranche le conflit d'intérêts antagonistes en réservant aux parties contractantes une exclusivité, la connaissance étant alors le critère d'attribution de cette situation préférentielle. Dès lors tout tiers qui avec connaissance incite ou aide un débiteur à violer son obligation contractuelle engage sa responsabilité à l'égard du créancier de cette obligation. Dans un contexte concurrentiel, l'opposabilité du contrat (ou du droit subjectif) va aboutir à créer une zone d'exclusivité en faveur des parties (ou détenteurs de droits) et étouffer la liberté concurrentielle des tiers. Le droit va alors délimiter une zone d'activité pour chacun. Nos travaux de recherches visent à étudier le phénomène d'opposabilité, entendu comme l'effet d'un acte ou fait juridique sur les tiers, dans un contexte concurrentiel ; et le mécanisme de conciliation qu'est l'action en concurrence déloyale. Après l'étude des solutions existantes, nous tenterons de dégager un critère du comportement déloyal permettant une appréhension globale et contextuelle de l'effet de l'acte concurrentiel sur un marché, afin d'ajuster le degré d'opposabilité suffisant à la protection des uns et à la préservation de la liberté concurrentielle des autres
Imperium et jurisdictio en droit judiciaire privé by Rudy Laher( )

1 edition published in 2014 in French and held by 3 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

The distinction between imperium and jurisdictio is one of the most ancient distinctions in European juridical science. In the hands of the sovereign, jurisdictio is the power to dispense justice, and imperium is the power to use force. This notional flexibility enables the distinction to structure the whole private judicial law. In this specific frame, jurisdictio is the power to formalize law - law is pronounced - while imperium aims at its concrete realization - law is materialized. This functional perspective can include all the powers of the judge, and also the powers of the arbitrator, the bailiff, the court clerk, the notary or the judicial auctioneer. But this is not the only interest of the distinction. Firstly, when it comes to the judgment, jurisdictio is the source of the authority of res judicata, or of the authenticity, while imperium is the origin of its force, whether in the binding force or the enforceability. Then, concerning the function of the judge, we can see that the success of the summary procedures, or the transformations of family and commercial litigations, present as a reinforcement of imperium at the cost of jurisidictio, and as a shift from judicature to magistrature. Finally, when it comes to the enforcement, the judge of execution or the procedure of exequatur show the necessity to supervise imperium with jurisdictio. Thus, through a constant interaction between intelligence and willpower, between authority and coercion, that is, in short, between jurisdictio and imperium, the procedural law guarantees the triumph of substantive law
Protection du consommateur et commerce électronique : droit français, européen et tunisien. by Laroussi Chemlali( )

1 edition published in 2011 in French and held by 3 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

B to C e-commerce is increasingly gaining popularity. The number of its followers has seen a drastic surge throughout the few recent years. Its advantages in terms of speed, convenience and proximity are not any more questionable by consumers. Nevertheless, the characteristic of this medium used to carry out online transactions as well as the specificities of the electronic environment - in particular the immateriality, the interactivity and internationality - influence considerably cyber-consumers confidence. Simultaneously, they increase their vulnerability. Thus, the need for an appropriate legal framework to regulate the rise of B to C e-commerce and protect cyber-consumers. Taking into account these requirement, community, French and Tunisian legislators set up a number of measures to reassure the latter and allow them to engage confidently in online commerce transactions. These measures have two targets: some of them were intended to grant cyber-consumers an intrinsic protection in the process of the online transaction. This protection is set to be an upstream transaction protection at the pre-contractual phase as well as during the contractual period; i.e. at the level of on line transaction finalization and execution. The others aim to guarantee the consumer an extrinsic protection throughout the process of e-commerce transaction. In this respect, two aspects are taken into account, namely: personal data processed during transactions and the aspects of private international law of cyber-consumer protection
La loi des femmes : La parité au Sénégal : représentations, enjeux et stratégies by Adélaïde Amelot( )

1 edition published in 2011 in French and held by 3 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

In May 2010, the government of Senegal passed a law instituting parity between men and women. The purpose of this work was to question how and why the introduction of the principle of parity in law constituted a political challenge for the female emancipation movement. Like many policies relevant to women, the law on parity is officially justified by the necessity of implementing a gender-based approach. We then examined the ability of gender, as it has been established in the West, to reflect the organisation of social relationships between the sexes in Senegal. The gender category emerged in the West in the middle of the last century as a reflection of the upheavals both in the relationships between men and women and in the social depictions related to the differentiation of the sexes. The intellectual, cultural and socio-historical questioning of the thesis then led to deconstructing the concept of gender with the aim of highlighting the social, political and cultural impulses that supported it. It then analysed how gender, as a construction of the power relationships between men and women, expressed itself in Senegal. What was the link there between power relationships between the sexes and relationships to power? How did gender, as expressed in Senegalese society, encounter gender as the intellectual and political elite constructed it as a category? This enquiry was prepared in support of the mobilisation in favour of enacting parity in law in order to highlight the issues that were apparent
Le droit de la génétique : à la recherche d'une branche du droit by Guillaume Bricker( )

1 edition published in 2013 in French and held by 3 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Within disciplines that are traditionally qualified rights public, private and criminal law new branches grow over the changing needs and human knowledge, according to their logic, but sometimes at the expense of the common law . This thesis seeks to determine what branch of law and to apply it to a concrete example: genetics.The concept of law that we propose to define is simple: it is a collection of standards for a specific purpose. A branch is a collection of standards. A discipline is a collection of branches.The distinction of each branch is the theory of fuzzy set, ie it must recognize a limited degree of uncertainty concerning the delimitation. This uncertainty is normal and depends on several factors, including the organization's existing standards or relations between objects right between them.This definition naturally follows two sets of operations.The first is determining the scope of the collection of rules and therefore report it to the standards that comprise it.The second concerns the organization of the rules of this collection. Without being critical of the definition of the branch, it can give a particular cohesion and it therefore presents a theoretical and practical interest.Several types of organization can be considered, and all depend on the material and the angle.However, these organizations can lead to the creation of a code, ie an organized plan by specially adapted and can be recognized by the public authority must be adopted by the doctrine as having a practical for a profession.Following this review, we propose, among other models, a particular organization the right genetics.This organization is the logic from acquisition to manipulation. It will set out the rules relating to access to genetic material and information on the one hand and the rules relating to the use and modification of genetic material from the other.This codification, at least doctrinal seems justified, given its usefulness to practitioners and researchers in genetics
La séparation du pouvoir dans l'Union européenne by Nilsa Rojas-Hutinel( )

2 editions published in 2014 in French and held by 3 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

The works on the division of powers in the European Union do not miss, but rare are the works which wonder about the identification of the nature of the power in the European Union. This thesis responds to this logic. The idea that the power in the Union could not be the same nature as the power of a sovereign State guided this research. Therefore, the pattern of separation of powers in the European Union should be modeled on the specificity of the EU and its power.To mark this difference, the expression division of powers, appropriate to the state functions, is abandoned for the benefit of separation of the power, which makes more account of the specificity of the power of the Union while posing the need to characterize the power before to separate, to organize it
Vision contemporaine de la Grèce antique : mythe et cinéma selon Pier Paolo Pasolini by Sylwia Frach( )

2 editions published in 2013 in French and held by 3 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Pasolini's vision of ancient Greece is barbaric because the filmmaker refuses any neoclassicalidealization. This vision of antiquity was already famous in European culture through the textsof Nietzsche. Pasolini is particularly inspired by two disciplines he often refers to : anthropologyand psychoanalysis.The barbarian theme is also linked to a barbaric environment, with agreement between the formof expression and form of content. Pasolini rejects archaeological reconstruction. He combinesblinding brightness of Morocco (were the mythical part of the Oedipus Rex is turned), archaicarchitecture in stone of Cappadocia (Colchis in Medea), and the ramparts of a Syrian city Aleppo(Corinth in Medea) with costumes from different archaic cultures and music mostly from non-Western countries (African, Tibetan, Japanese, Romanian).With the practice of contamination and pastiche, Pasolini wants to recreate the timelesslanguage of myth, the primary language of the peasant civilization. The relationship between theGreek myth and the rural world revolves mainly around the notion of cyclicity
Apport de la mesure en continu pour la gestion de la qualité des effluents de temps de pluie en réseau d'assainissement by Céline Lacour( )

1 edition published in 2009 in French and held by 3 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

L'objectif de ce travail de thèse est de démontrer qu'il est possible d'utiliser des mesures en continu de turbidité pour suivre la pollution particulaire dans les réseaux d'assainissement et d'évaluer l'apport de ces mesures pour la gestion des réseaux en temps réel ou en temps différé. Dans une première partie, la mise en oeuvre de la mesure en continu de turbidité est décrite. Les éléments principaux contribuant à l'incertitude sont identifiés et des méthodes de calcul des incertitudes adaptées sont proposées. Les questions de fiabilité et de représentativité de la mesure de turbidité sont traitées et aboutissent à des solutions d'installation des sondes in situ et à des protocoles de suivi et de maintenance. Enfin, les perturbations affectant le signal sont quantifiées et des méthodes de filtrage sont comparées. La deuxième partie est consacrée à l'analyse du comportement de la turbidité à partir des données acquises sur deux sites du réseau unitaire parisien en 2006. 80 événements pluvieux sont décrits par leurs concentrations moyennes et maximales et par leurs courbes de distribution masse/volume. Ces critères ont été intégrés dans des typologies qui ont ensuite été mises en relation avec des paramètres de débit et de durée de temps sec ayant précédé l'événement. Cette analyse permet de caractériser la variabilité de façon détaillée. La variabilité de la décantabilité des particules a été également étudiée à partir de données provenant de bassins de décantation. Enfin, deux applications sont proposées. La première est une évaluation en temps différé de flux de polluants. Deux modes d'exploitation de prélèvements d'échantillons réalisés sur un nombre fixé d'événements pluvieux sont comparés. L'un n'utilise que les résultats d'analyses des échantillons au laboratoire pour établir une concentration moyenne. L'autre utilise les prélèvements pour établir des relations entre turbidité et paramètres polluants, ensuite appliquées à des mesures en continu de turbidité. Une seconde série d'applications porte sur l'utilisation de la turbidité pour la gestion en temps réel des flux. Deux configurations-types génériques ont été étudiées. Pour chacune, une stratégie utilisant seulement le débit est comparée à une stratégie utilisant turbidité et débit. Les simulations sont effectuées pour de larges gammes de paramétrage des configurations et avec des données réelles de débit et de turbidité en entrée du système. Pour les applications d'évaluation de flux comme de gestion en temps réel, le gain apporté par la turbidité est chiffré et s'avère significatif
L'effet de la musique dans les bannières publicitaires sur Internet by Caner Dincer( Book )

3 editions published between 2008 and 2014 in French and held by 3 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Le développement de la publicité sur Internet et la présence croissante de la musique dans notre vie quotidienne nous a conduit à étudier les bannières publicitaires sonores. Partant des travaux antérieurs, nous tentons de comprendre l'effet de la musique sur l'attitude de l'internaute en faisant varier le genre musical et le tempo. Nous avons étudié l'impact des caractéristiques musicales sur les réponses à la publicité, mais aussi le rôle de la préférence, de l'activation, de la typicalité ainsi que ceux du type d'implication et de l'expertise musicale de l'internaute. Dans cette étude, des échelles sont adaptées et validées dans le contexte turc. Notre étude a montré que les influences affectives et cognitives de la musique pouvaient agir en même temps sur les réponses à la publicité. La présence de musique augmente la mémorisation de la bannière. La cohérence entre le tempo et le genre musical favorise la préférence. C'est pourquoi ces deux éléments, faciles à manipuler, ne doivent absolument pas être négligés dans une campagne publicitaire. En outre, le role de l'implication est démontré permettant un meilleur ciblage des internautes
Turbulences et ondes en milieu naturel stratifié : deux études de cas : étude du mélange turbulent et des ondes internes du lac Pavin (Auvergne, France) ; influence des ondes de Rossby sur la concentration en chlorophylle de surface dans l'upwelling du Pérou by Céline Bonhomme( )

1 edition published in 2008 in French and held by 3 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Dans les milieux aquatiques, les facteurs liés à l'hydrodynamique et au mélange aux échelles de la turbulence sont déterminants pour le transport des substances chimiques et des micro-organismes. Ce travail s'intéresse à ces phénomènes physiques et se situe à la frontière entre la limnologie physique et l'océanographie physique, au travers de l'étude de deux cas : le lac Pavin (Auvergne, France) et la région d'upwelling au large du Pérou. Un des intérêts de ce travail réside dans le changement d'échelle de l'observation de milieux naturels aquatiques allant de l'échelle millimétrique (étude de la microstructure dans le Lac Pavin) à l'échelle de la centaine de kilomètres (étude des ondes de Rossby). Le Lac Pavin est le seul lac méromictique français, ce qui signifie que le compartiment inférieur du lac ne se mélange pas annuellement. La méromicticité concerne pourtant bien d'autres bassins, plus connus et plus vastes comme la Mer Noire, la Mer Caspienne, le lac Baïkal, d'où son importance écologique. Sa méromicticité lui confère des propriétés physiques particulières, étudiées dans le cadre de cette thèse. L'étude de la variabilité du mélange diapycnal à différentes échelles de temps et d'espace dans le lac Pavin au travers de mesures de microstructure et de surveillance en continu des principaux paramètres physiques a conduit à mettre en évidence la variabilité de la stabilité de la colonne d'eau à l'échelle interannuelle. Par ailleurs, les propagations d'ondes internes de gravité sont étudiées dans ce cadre particulier à l'aide d'un modèle linéaire bidimensionnel. Elles génèrent des mouvements advectifs verticaux importants dans toute la colonne d'eau dont il faut tenir compte dans les protocoles d'échantillonnage chimiques ou biologiques. Enfin, une intrusion sous lacustre semble avoir une grande importance dans la détermination de la profondeur du mélange hivernal et le maintien de la méromicticité. La zone de l'upwelling du Pérou est parmi les plus poissonneuses au monde. Elle est caractérisée par une forte productivité primaire, observable par satellite. L'observation des ondes de Rossby a permis de mettre en évidence qu'elles génèrent plus de 50% de la variabilité observée à l'échelle intra saisonnière sur la concentration en chlorophylle de surface, à distance des côtes. Les ondes transportent la chlorophylle vers le large et participent à la détermination de l'extension de la zone de forte productivité primaire. A travers des mesures variées allant de la microstructure à l'observation satellite et grâce à l'utilisation de modèles conceptuels, la thèse met en évidence l'influence certaine des facteurs hydrodynamiques sur l'organisation des paramètres biogéochimiques de ces deux écosystèmes
Habiter l'h?tel : un reflet de la pr?carit? dans les agglom?rations de Caen, Lisieux et Rouen by Florent Herouard( )

1 edition published in 2008 in French and held by 3 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Si le garni a pratiquement disparu, des personnes continuent, sans autre solution, de r?sider ? l'h?tel qu'il soit meubl?, h?tel de tourisme ou de cha?nes. Ceux-ci servent de fait et massivement de logements sociaux. Cette mise ? disposition pallie la saturation des lieux d'accueil institutionnels n?cessaires dans un contexte de pr?carisation acc?l?r?e. Loger ? l'h?tel aujourd?hui est plus que jamais signe de grande d?saffiliation sociale
Contribution des matériaux de couverture à la contamination métallique des eaux de ruissellement by Pauline Sainte( )

1 edition published in 2009 in French and held by 3 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

This thesis aimed to develop a tool for the evaluation of annual metallic flows emitted from roofing materials at the scale of a watershed in the architectural and meteorological context of Paris conurbation. The methodology used in this work is based on (1) the assessment of annual metallic emissions from different metallic materials typically used for roofing in the region considered through an experimental test bed, (2) the establishment of a methodological framework for modelling the metallic flow emitted from the roofs of catchment area, which is based both on the modelling of metal emissions from the materials at different spatial and temporal scales (depending on rainfall, geometry of the roof ...) from data obtained on the test bed, and on the quantification of metallic surface areas of roofs in the catchment area. The first part of the work has been based on the exploitation of experimental test beds of 1 / 2 m², testing 12 metallic materials from 5 families (zinc, copper, lead, steel, aluminium) in various implemented (panels, gutters, fixing brackets, exposed on two different sites. 13 metallic species were quantified in the collected runoff which allowed (1) to acquire a large database of annual runoff rates by different materials, highlighting that the annual runoff rates obtained can be fairly important, with an order of magnitude of several grams per square meter per year for the constitutive elements of materials, (2)to classify these materials according to their polluting potential, through the definition of an index of metal contamination taking into consideration the emissions of Cd, Cu, Ni, Pb and Zn and the differences in toxicity of metals. A modelling of metal emissions from the materials at different time scales has been conducted, leading to the conclusion that the rainfall quantity and the duration of exposure are fundamental parameters. It appeared that the rainfall value is sufficient to model metallic emission from materials for long time scales but not enough to model these emissions on a few weeks period. A more complex model, based on an assumption of accumulation / dissolution of corrosion products on the surface of the material gives satisfactory results for these time-scales periods. The spatial extrapolation of results obtained on the test bed scale was based on other experiments, first on test beds, leading to the conclusion that the length of flow has no influence on the mass of metal entrained in the runoff, which can be calculated from the rainfall quantity, the projected area and inclination of the panel (which is negligible when it is below 50 °), and then at the real roof scale for a validation step. In the second part of this work, quantification of surface areas of roofs at the scale of the catchment was conducted using a classification tool image analysis based on the radiometry of materials. The results are encouraging, with about 75 to 80% of roofs ranked on the basis of classification. The main errors are due to confusions between materials presenting nearby radiometry (slate / zinc, for example, which can be close depending on the amount of sunshine). Exploratory work was conducted for the consideration of singular elements - usually realized in metal -, from the use of unified technical documents. The evaluation of metal surfaces concerned has proved difficult to implement in an automatic way because of the small size of these elements, not visible on an aerial photo
Etude à la bonne gouvernance : la responsabilité administrative entre droit et éthique by Aurelia Mostoghiu( )

1 edition published in 2013 in French and held by 3 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

La question de la bonne gouvernance se pose actuellement de plus en plus avec beaucoup d'acuité au sein du monde, en général, et dans l'Union Européenne, en particulier, condition sine qua non d'adhésion pour tout ancien et futur membre. Le succès d'une bonne gouvernance s'appuie notamment sur un haut niveau de responsabilité des gouvernants dont le rôle réside dans l'effort de renforcer l'État de droit et la démocratie. Le déficit observable de cette responsabilité dans les pays issus du bloc communiste, principalement la Roumanie, est causé par la faible institutionnalisation, par les composantes défaillantes de l'État de droit, par l'instabilité juridique, par le processus incertain des réformes irréversibles et par la précarité de la dimension éthique des conduites. Ces causes ont inévitablement déclenché un phénomène symptomatique de la crise de l'établissement de l'État de droit : la corruption. Les enjeux de la corruption ont déterminé l'intervention indélébile de la Commission européenne, même après l'adhésion de la Roumanie. Paradoxalement, la lutte anticorruption, inexorablement imposée par l'Union Européenne, a envisagé des perspectives d'harmonisation normative juridique et éthique. En somme, moins de corruption conduit à plus de responsabilité. Parfois, le processus de mise en œuvre effective des réformes s'avère risqué à cause du clivage des partis politiques, menés par des intérêts privés. Pour cela, le rôle de l'éthique, grâce à la pédagogie pratique, doit davantage être valorisé. Désormais, il faut enrichir les responsables politiques et administratifs d'une conduite intègre, d'une haute conscience, purement et simplement les responsabiliser
L'influence des droits de la consommation et de la concurrence sur la théorie des vices du consentement by Karim Jakouloff( )

1 edition published in 2013 in French and held by 3 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

The theory of the defect of consent offers a generic protection of the contracting party against all risk of consent modification. Having noticed its inadequacy, the laws of consumerism and competition have chosen to adopt a set of specific rules aiming to protect on one hand the consumer, and on the other hand the professional, both in a weak negotiating position, against these same risks. Within the consumerism law, this has been achieved under the European Rights impetus. The 11 May 2005 directive concerning unfair business-to-consumer commercial practices has largely dictated the content of the protective measures nowadays applicable to customers. In the same way, the Second Title of the First Book of Consumer Code, dedicated to commercial practices, consists of a preliminary chapter establishing the unfair business-to-consumer commercial practices. It follows by the 1st chapter, where the 1st section deals with misleading commercial practices, whilst the 2nd chapter, 5th section deals with aggressive commercial practices. Hence the competition law has resorted spontaneously to this option. Fourth Book includes fourth Chapter, where the second Chapter relates to the ban of competitive restrictive practices. These ones, forbidden per se, apparently have no link to this theory of the defect of consent. However, if we look closer, some of them have indirectly the aim to balance present forces at the negotiation stage via a distribution contract between professionals. In fact some will be keen to ban certain professional's behavior that, having a certain economical advantage, could be tempted to play in such a way so as to acquire unjustified contractual advantages from contractual partners, economically dependent. In doing so, the latter would need to have their consent protected.By developing such legislation, special laws have distanced themselves from their mutual purpose. Thus, if it is true that the consumerism law offers a set of rules aiming to prevent any defect of consent should it arise, it equally proposes a multitude of preventive rules but of a delicate maneuver - this being an original approach within the theory of defect of consent of common law, trying to repress the abuse effectively altering the contractual consent. Their comprehension as well as the putting it into practice would require a certain skill, to the point of risking the protection effectiveness that it aims to provide. As to the competition law, a set of rules aiming to forbid per se sensitive behavior, it would endanger only particular interests of professionals in a weak negotiating position, and not the whole market, manifestly tending to divert the matter from its initial result.To find a solution to these observations would imply to take into account the possibility of cutting off special rights of certain legal rules aiming to protect contractual consent they are under the obligation of, in favor of the theory of defect of consent. Such solution would lead to re-focusing on consumer and competition laws around their respective result, which are on one hand the protection of consumer's personal interests, and on the other hand market protection. It would then mean that the contracting party, sheltered by special rules, would not see their protection level diminish. To be re-assured there's the need to determine the nature of the improvements the theory of defect of consent would require, so as to include a part of the litigation of special law. The latter, inspired by a study of special law, could then benefit of the whole contractual under the common law
La loi et son interprétation à travers le Code civil (1804-1870) by Sylvain Bloquet( )

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Endorsing a broad conception of law, the authors of the french Civil Code does not confine the judge in a close exegesis of the legislation.Civil doctrine of the XIXth century, shared between a memory of tradition and memory of foundation, intended to interpret the Civil Code respecting the spirit of its authors
Les sociétés étrangères en France by Léa Marion-Teyssier( )

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Territoires et représentations du genre dans l'école de la banlieue : l'enseignement féminin dans la banlieue sud-est parisienne de 1880 aux années 1950 by Cécile Duvignacq-Croisé( )

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In the last two decades of the 19th century came the fast development of Parisian suburbs and the beginnings of the state school system. Laws bearing the names of Paul Bert, Ferry and Goblet were the foundation of a republican, secular educational system, as well as they designed public education for women. In the south-west of Paris, urbanism and education followed a joint development. A study of female education through learners and teachers until the implementation of coeducation in the late 1950s reveals the evolution of educational models and gender representation in suburban areas. It highlights the part played by schools in the systematization of the social role of women and the place attributed to them within the city; it also allows for a better understanding of the relationship between the capital and its suburbs, the latter differentiated in the way they are experienced not less than in the way they are planned and built, as well as through representations of the urban space. With the representations it promotes, female education highlights the social diversity of the Parisian south-west, and its socio-demographical mutations. Through the evolution of school structures and educational offer, expectations from parents and the elite, it becomes an indicator of the powers and agents at play there - local competitions and initiatives, discrepancies between local efforts and regional or national policies. The school system focuses the inequalities between Paris and its suburbs, and from one suburb to another. This history of women, education and suburbs addresses three distinct eras : the turn of the 20th century and the beginnings of the secularization of the school system, the Interwar period and the growing competition between genders and between Paris and its suburbs, and the 1950s, when educational policies openly factors in urban hierarchical organization. Between political powers and civil society, female education appears as an essential vehicle for the organization of the south-east suburbs, and the creation of a suburban identity
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