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Entre Histoire et Vérité : Paul Ricoeur et Michel Foucault. Généalogie du sujet, herméneutique du soi et anthropologie by Simon Bourgoin-Castonguay( )

1 edition published in 2014 in French and held by 6 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Through a philosophical analysis of the concepts of history and truth, this dissertation aims at creating a dialogue between the works of two of the most important contemporary French philosophers: Paul Ricœur and Michel Foucault. Our main hypothesis is that through its history, the concept of subjectivity fluctuates between the will to know and the desire of understanding. These two positions, irreducible to one another, reveal the two methods under study: a genealogy of the subject ensuing from a historicization of the will of truth (Foucault) and a hermeneutics of the self based on a universal need for interpreting our finitude (Ricœur).However, this comparison does not aim at reconciliation. The idea is rather to reveal a blind spot by which it becomes possible to grasp the complementary aspects of these thoughts through what actually separates them: therefore, this thesis could be considered as a playful use of the distance
L'exil comme patrie : les réfugiés communistes espagnols en RDA (1950-1989) by Aurélie Dénoyer( Book )

3 editions published in 2012 in French and held by 5 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

The Spanish communist refugees welcomed to GDR are in the center of this study. However, the Spanish political exile in East Germany is not being treated as an object but as a field that allows to capture various themes : the French policy towards foreign Communist refugees on its territory during the Cold War, the integration policy in East Germany, the relationships between the SED and the PCE (Partido Comunista de España, the Spanish Communist Party) and the impact of exile on identity construction. The purpose of this study is diverse : this work not only wants to enrich the history of the Spanish exile as a special topic but also examines migration studies as a whole. It aims to contribute to the renewal of research on communism in general and the studies of the East German state in particular. In order to do this, we worked from the archives of many countries, in France, Germany, and Spain. We also conducted some interviews in Berlin, Paris and Barcelona with children of the first wave of Spanish political refugees hosted in the GDR. Following the work on archives and interviews, we tried to reconstruct the biographical trajectories of individuals pursuing the following objective: do not lose sight of the diversity of individual trajectories and collective situations
Les risques collectifs dans les agglomérations françaises : contours et limites d'une approche territoriale de prévention et de gestion des risques à travers le parcours des agents administratifs locaux by Mathilde Gralepois( )

3 editions published in 2008 in French and held by 4 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

This thesis is concerned with the conditions in which a territorial approach to the prevention and management of collective risks within city regions has emerged. This approach offers an endogenous definition of risks, linking them to the overall functioning of cities. With a focus on the role of technical and administrative officials, the thesis explores whether the formation of a territorial approach to risks leads to transformations in wider urban development policies The first section presents modes of the territorial definition of risks between 1960 and 2000, used by public officials aiming to justify and legitimate their roles within intercommunal institutions, such as the institutional enrolment of a public action at the level of the city region and the administrative structuring of a dedicated service. The second section analyses the conditions of its continuing importance in the public policy agenda between 2000 and 2006. Against all expectations, public officials found during this period neither an opening nor a foothold in planning policies for their actions. Nevertheless, they did find possibilities for maintaining its importance in the formation of a territorial approach to civil security. The thesis restores the administrative and political role of territorial agents to the core of analysis of public action and of evolving urban representations. Focusing on how the policy of risk prevention and management is framed by a set of technical and administrative discourses, the study retraces the hidden face of the political challenges associated with taking into account risks in wider urban development
L'arbitrage des différends fiscaux en droit international des investissements. by Arno E Gildemeister( )

1 edition published in 2011 in French and held by 4 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

One might not think that tax disputes should ordinarily be susceptible to resolution through arbitration. However, recent years have seen the unfolding of an arbitral jurisprudence that puts taxation to the test of international investment law. The present thesis seeks to give an account of and evaluate this phenomenon, which raises numerous legally complex and politically delicate issues.These arbitrations consist, fundamentally, in balancing the need to protect investors with the respect for the fiscal sovereignty of the host State. The pursuit of these two competing goals lays the ground for inevitably thorny questions. Thus, arbitrators are called upon to examine the validity and reach of stabilization guarantees or of tax exemptions granted to foreign investors, or even to determine if a tax measure amounts to a disguised expropriation, a prohibited discrimination, or inequitable treatment, in the meaning of an investment treaty.Before resolving these issues, arbitrators must ascertain whether the State has really - and validly - consented to submit the exercise of its taxation powers to the scrutiny of a ' private ' legal process, and whether the relevant guarantees enshrined in investment treaties apply to the tax measures in question.An analysis of these matters reveals that arbitrators can address questions of tax law without any particular difficulty and that arbitration is a practical method of dealing with these international tax disputes. Moreover, the solutions reached by international arbitral tribunals are, on the whole, satisfying, as arbitrators take into account the particular needs entailed in balancing the public and private interests at stake
Influence de la matière organique dissoute sur la spéciation et la biodisponibilité des métaux : cas de la Seine, un milieu sous forte pression urbaine by Benoît Pernet-Coudrier( )

1 edition published in 2008 in French and held by 4 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

This thesis was carried out on the framework of the ANR BIOMET research project (JC05_59809). The main objectives were to improve the current knowledge on the influence of dissolved organic matter (DOM) on metal speciation and bioavailability in urban aquatic system. The understanding of the influence of DOM on trace metal speciation and bioavailability required that the chemical composition of DOM, more exactly its binding sites should be well understood. Therefore, one part of this research focused on the isolation and characterization of DOM. The characterization of DOM, with a multidimensional approach was realized with a lot of various techniques (such as elemental, isotopic, functional and molecular) that were of prime importance to better understand the influence of DOM on trace metal speciation and bioavailability. To accomplish these objectives, the techniques such as potentiometry with ionic selective electrode and the recent electroanalytical technique AGNES and bioassays such as a bioaccumulation test (Fontinalis antipyretica) and an acute toxicity test (Daphnia magna) were performed in order to: - study the copper and lead binding by isolated DOM fractions in order to give some binding parameters of hydrophilic DOM and to better predict the fate of the trace metal. - evaluate the protective role of urban DOM on copper bioavailability. Results showed some particular characteristics of DOM from wastewater effluent such as a high proportion of hydrophilic DOM, i.e. a low hydrophobicity and a low degree of aromaticity underlying the low refractory character of urban DOM. Nevertheless a higher content of various functional groups was determined in urban DOM than in natural DOM. A very high content of proteinaceous structures was particularly identified in urban DOM. Binding experiments revealed for the first time on urban hydrophilic DOM, a higher content of binding sites than in natural DOM and these sites are strongly correlated to amino groups. The values of binding constant seem to not vary according to the nature of the fraction or the origin. The different approaches used to evaluate copper bioavailability depicted a protective role of DOM to the organisms Daphnia magna and Fontinalis antipyretica. Nevertheless this protective effect is hardly explained by the free ion concentration due to a bioavailability of some organic complexes. This feature could be explain with the high content of proteinaceous structures in these DOM fractions, since proteins are well know to play an important role in the transport mechanisms of trace metals into the organisms. Moreover, the DGT device (diffusive gradient in thin films) shows a good efficiency to assess the bioavailable copper
Territoires et représentations du genre dans l'école de la banlieue : l'enseignement féminin dans la banlieue sud-est parisienne de 1880 aux années 1950 by Cécile Duvignacq-Croisé( Book )

2 editions published in 2011 in French and held by 4 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

In the last two decades of the 19th century came the fast development of Parisian suburbs and the beginnings of the state school system. Laws bearing the names of Paul Bert, Ferry and Goblet were the foundation of a republican, secular educational system, as well as they designed public education for women. In the south-west of Paris, urbanism and education followed a joint development. A study of female education through learners and teachers until the implementation of coeducation in the late 1950s reveals the evolution of educational models and gender representation in suburban areas. It highlights the part played by schools in the systematization of the social role of women and the place attributed to them within the city; it also allows for a better understanding of the relationship between the capital and its suburbs, the latter differentiated in the way they are experienced not less than in the way they are planned and built, as well as through representations of the urban space. With the representations it promotes, female education highlights the social diversity of the Parisian south-west, and its socio-demographical mutations. Through the evolution of school structures and educational offer, expectations from parents and the elite, it becomes an indicator of the powers and agents at play there - local competitions and initiatives, discrepancies between local efforts and regional or national policies. The school system focuses the inequalities between Paris and its suburbs, and from one suburb to another. This history of women, education and suburbs addresses three distinct eras : the turn of the 20th century and the beginnings of the secularization of the school system, the Interwar period and the growing competition between genders and between Paris and its suburbs, and the 1950s, when educational policies openly factors in urban hierarchical organization. Between political powers and civil society, female education appears as an essential vehicle for the organization of the south-east suburbs, and the creation of a suburban identity
Analyse syntaxique à l'aide des tables du Lexique-Grammaire du français by Elsa Tolone( Book )

2 editions published between 2011 and 2012 in French and held by 4 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Lexicon-Grammar tables, whose development was initiated by Gross (1975), are a very rich syntactic lexicon for the French language. They cover various lexical categories such as verbs, nouns, adjectives and adverbs. This linguistic database is nevertheless not directly usable by computer programs, as it is incomplete and lacks consistency. Tables are defined on the basis of features which are not explicitly recorded in the lexicon. These features are only described in literature. To use these tables, we must make explicit the essential features appearing in each one of them. In addition, many features must be renamed for consistency sake. Our aim is to adapt the tables, so as to make them usable in various Natural Language Processing (NLP) applications, in particular parsing.We describe the problems we encountered and the approaches we followed to enable their integration into a parser. We propose LGExtract, a generic tool for generating a syntactic lexicon for NLP from the Lexicon-Grammar tables. It relies on a global table in which we added the missing features and on a single extraction script including all operations related to each property to be performed for all tables. We also present LGLex, the new generated lexicon of French verbs, predicative nouns, frozen expressions and adverbs.Then, we describe how we converted the verbs and predicatives nouns of this lexicon into the Alexina framework, that is the one of the Lefff lexicon (Lexique des Formes Fléchies du Français) (Sagot, 2010), a freely available and large-coverage morphological and syntactic lexicon for French. This enables its integration in the FRMG parser (French MetaGrammar) (Thomasset et de La Clergerie, 2005), a large-coverage deep parser for French, based on Tree-Adjoining Grammars (TAG), that usually relies on the Lefff. This conversion step consists in extracting the syntactic information encoded in Lexicon-Grammar tables. We describe the linguistic basis of this conversion process, and the resulting lexicon. We evaluate the FRMG parser on the reference corpus of the evaluation campaign for French parsersPassage (Produire des Annotations Syntaxiques à Grande Échelle) (Hamon et al., 2008), by comparing its Lefff-based version to our version relying on the converted Lexicon-Grammar tables
Constitution et transformation du rapport au temps des individus : l'analyse des dimensions réflexives de la conduite de vie by Caroline Guillot( )

2 editions published in 2010 in French and held by 3 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

This thesis focuses on workers' relationships with time. It is concerned with the ways they construct and transform it, and proposes a comprehensive approach to the reflexive dimension of their “life conduct”. In our view, societal changes in temporalities (related to women's entry into the labor market, the diffusion of ICT, etc.) tend to create new constraints on individuals' activity programs. These changes create new challenges for personal time management, but also for the individual herself, specifically her reflexivity. Indeed, individuals do not passively accept the complexity of their schedules, but rather seek to control it. Achieving this requires constant "effort", but the strength of this effort is not necessarily constant over time. Based on a survey involving semi-structured interviews conducted between 2006 and 2008, we built a typology of different relationships with time, i.e. general temporal attitudes that individuals create and adopt to articulate the different spheres of social life and cope with the different situations they encounter in their daily lives. We demonstrate that not all individuals face complexity in the same way, and that they are not all equally reflexive in their daily lives. Using four ideal-types, we observe the private and professional constraints they are facing and the tools they use, both technical (paper or electronic agendas) and social (people and institutions). Finally, the observation of two exceptional situations (unexpected events in everyday life and changes of residence) reveals how people are changing their relationships with time
Turbulences et ondes en milieu naturel stratifié : deux études de cas : étude du mélange turbulent et des ondes internes du lac Pavin (Auvergne, France) ; influence des ondes de Rossby sur la concentration en chlorophylle de surface dans l'upwelling du Pérou by Céline Bonhomme( )

1 edition published in 2008 in French and held by 3 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

In aquatic environments, hydrodynamics and turbulent mixing are key parameters which determine the transport of chemical substances and microorganisms. This work focuses on these phenomena and comes within the scope of today's physical limnology and oceanography issues as seen through two case studies: Lake Pavin (Auvergne, France) and the upwelling region off Peru. One major interest of this work is the change in observation scales of the aquatic environment ranging from millimetre (microstructure investigations) to kilometre scales (Rossby wave study). Lake Pavin is the only meromictic lake in France, which means that the bottom layer of the lake does not undergo seasonal mixing. Meromixis concerns other wider basins than Lake Pavin, such as the Black Sea, the Caspian Sea and Lake Baïkal for example, and can be of great ecological importance. Meromixis creates particular physical conditions in Lake Pavin, that are studied in the framework of this PhD. In particular, this work highlights diapycnal mixing and water column stability variability at different spatial and time scales in Lake Pavin using microstructure and continuous measurements. Moreover, internal gravity wave propagations in the water column are studied in the particular framework of meromixis by using a two dimensional model. These waves generate significant vertical advective water movements, which must be taken into account for sampling protocols in the lake. At last, a sublacustrine intrusion seems to have great importance in the determination of mixing depth during seasonal overturn and in the maintaining of meromixis. The Peru upwelling zone is one of the most fish aboundant ocean region in the world. It is characterized by strong primary productivity, which can be detected by satellite observations. The satellite observation of Rossby waves shows that they influence more than 50% of the intra-annual sea surface chlorophyll concentration variability at a few hundreds of kilometres from the shore. Waves transport chlorophyll offshore and contribute to the extension of the high productivity zone. Through various measurement techniques and satellite observations, and using conceptual models, this work shows the influence of hydrodynamic factors on the organisation of biogeochemical parameters in these two ecosystems
L'opposabilité et l'action en concurrence déloyale. by Hanane Sefiane( )

1 edition published in 2011 in French and held by 3 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Law rules relations between individuals. From an economic angle, it defines an activity range for each operator. Our research work aims at studying the french concept of “opposabilité” in a competitive background. The question is about analysing the effects of a contract or an exclusive right regarding third competitors; and the reconciliation proceeding that is the action on unfair competition. We will attempt to draw a criterion from unfair behaviour that enables a better analysis of the effect of competitive action on a market and therefore on this market's own operators, to adapt the “opposabilié” degree to allow protection of some and preservation of freedom for others
Mobilités et lien social : sphères privée et professionnelle à l'épreuve du quotidien by Leslie Belton-Chevallier( )

1 edition published in 2009 in French and held by 3 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

There are many questions which are held about social ties. Here we aim at focusing more especially on the way these ties are organised at the individual scale: how are social ties arranged for individuals in everyday life? As reflection of social ties, real (i.e, moves) and virtuals (i.e. ICT's uses) mobilities provides means to understand how private and professional ties are balanced between superposition and separation. In fact, moreover the hypermodern ideal of fluid (or total superposition), other topologies which have various degrees of opening exist: the network and the region. These three co-existent topologies show that the agency of spheres and social ties among mobile practices is a complex task. It is the product of social ties themselves. They are effective in their vertical (norms) and horizontal (relationships) dimensions. Moreover, as the core element of the described ties, the individual himself is an important part of this daily work of orchestration
Élaboration par solidification dirigée et comportement mécanique de céramiques eutectiques à base d'oxydes réfractaires : rôle de la microstructure sur la fissuration et la déformation plastique à haute température by Loïc Perrière( )

2 editions published in 2008 in French and held by 3 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

In the general context of energy savings at a global scale, the improvement of the thermal efficiency of both terrestrial and aeronautical gas turbines will require to increase the turbine inlet gas temperature. The development of new materials, stable up to 1 500°C, is thus necessary. In this context, Directionally Solidified Eutectic Ceramics (DSEC), prepared from Al2O3 and Ln2O3-based systems, could be a potential solution. Their microstructure consists of two single-crystal phases continuously entangled in a threedimensional interpenetrating network without grain boundaries, pores or colonies. The outstanding stability of these microstructures gives rise to a high strength and creep resistance at high temperature. Our research consisted first in obtaining, by directional solidification, several eutectic systems, either binary or ternary (with addition of a toughening third ZrO2 phase). The six most promising DSEC (3 binary systems: Al2O3 - Y3Al5O12, Al2O3 - Er3Al5O12, Al2O3 - GdAlO3, and 3 ternary systems: Al2O3 - Y3Al5O12 - ZrO2, Al2O3 - Er3Al5O12 - ZrO2, Al2O3 - GdAlO3 - ZrO2) have then been selected to study some of their mechanical properties. Several crack propagation patterns have been detected after biaxial flexure testing, and partially explain the toughening which has been proven for DSEC. Attention has been paid to the possibility of crack deflection in the various phases and in the phase boundaries, a phenomenon which may markedly improve the toughness of these eutectic ceramics. These observations have been correlated to internal stress calculations and piezo-spectroscopic measurements. Finally, the study of the creep behavior showed that the deformation mechanisms evolve with the macroscopic solicitation (temperature and stress). microstructure. Moreover, post mortem TEM observations exhibited that creep mechanisms are strongly dependant on the entangled microstructure
Le droit fiscal à l'épreuve de la mondialisation : la règlementation des prix de transfert au Sénégal by El Hadji Dialigué Ba( )

2 editions published in 2011 in French and held by 3 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Symbole de la souveraineté de l'État, le droit fiscal est fortement éprouvé par la mondialisation.Les prix de transfert en sont un témoignage éloquent. Les règles en matière de détermination desprix de transfert ne garantissent pas un résultat exact. Le principe de pleine concurrence estd'application délicate. Les comparables qui en assurent la bonne application ne sont pas toujoursdisponibles. Dès lors, la justification des prix de transfert est souvent difficile et parfoisimpossible. À ce titre, la réglementation sénégalaise doit être mise à jour, notamment dans le sensde prévoir les méthodes nouvelles de détermination des prix de transfert et des obligationsdocumentaires spécifiques.Du fait du caractère limité du contrôle unilatéral des prix de transfert, les États développent deplus en plus la coopération internationale. Mais, pour utile qu'elle soit, la coopération fiscaledemeure elle aussi limitée. C'est pourquoi, le Sénégal doit s'inspirer de l'expérience des pays del'OCDE pour instituer une politique d'accords préalables en matière de prix de transfert. De lamême manière, il est nécessaire d'instituer, à titre transitoire, un régime de protection fiscale. Cesmécanismes de contractualisation et de facilitation fiscales sont très efficaces, mais demeurentégalement limités.Le meilleur moyen de contrôler les prix de transfert qui sont un phénomène transnational estd'adopter une stratégie au niveau supranational. La communauté des États ne saurait fairel'économie de la création d'un ordre fiscal mondial. Ce nouvel ordre devra reposer sur une lexfiscalia et une aequitas fiscalia vectrices d'un droit commun fiscal mondialisé élaboré et mis enoeuvre à travers une véritable gouvernance fiscale mondiale qui ne doit pas laisser en rade lespays en développement, sous la supervision d'un observatoire mondial des prix de transfert et lecontrôle d'un tribunal fiscal international
Enjeux éthiques de la fin de vie dans la médecine moderne et traditionnelle : le cas du Gabon by Steeve Elvis Ella( )

1 edition published in 2011 in French and held by 3 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

The stakes of ethics at the end of life in modern and traditional medicine : A case study of Gabon.Though the colonization inherited modern medicine has successfully been established in Gabon, it has, nonetheless, not completely eclipsed the traditional medicine derived from the ancestors .Therefore, two legacies coexist day by day in order to cater to an ever increasing number of people seeking health care. How effective are they? Does either type of medicine have substantial means to come to term with all the illnesses and sufferings that plague mankind? What happens when they could no longer provide treatment? How do they develop health care relation? Does the case of the so-called "dying person" or rather, terminally ill patient mark the end of humanity or does it represent the beginning of this one? Is the dying person doomed or does death means an inescapable end of any kind of life? These are the questions that this dissertation thoroughly addresses upon the basis of one point : Ethics. It was formerly known as the study of virtue, the doctrine of virtue, or best yet "metaphysics of morals". Ethics was entitled to postulate principles aimed to rule human community life beyond human values and ideological stances. Ethics from this thesis' perspective is based upon a philosophical theory concerned about human condition. It is an answer to a the following Socratic question :" What is Mankind?" The answer being that he's every human being in the face of whom no one can escape and who, moreover, forbids murder. It's ethics with a human face; when at the end of life each person will have to come face to face with the other when they are fatally ill, and experiencing sufferings and pain to the core of their being. This ethics epitomizes the relationship between two beings : One who is seeking treatment and expresses it through a call, while the other is able to provide that treatment through his awareness and expertise. He responds to that call by saying : Here I am. Ethics with a human face takes every one back to their true selves; to their own mortal condition thanks to the ordeal of the other as a dying person. As a result, everyone will have to grapple with the idea of mediation instilled in them by the face of the dying person is not given but built. Ethics of the end of life gives way to a wide array of philosophical thought where it is the other that gives me life
Protection du consommateur et commerce électronique : droit français, européen et tunisien. by Laroussi Chemlali( )

1 edition published in 2011 in French and held by 3 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Le commerce électronique B to C se popularise de plus en plus et le nombre de ses adeptes ne cesse de croître d'année en année. Ses avantages, pour les consommateurs, en termes de rapidité, de commodité et de proximité ne sont plus à prouver. Néanmoins, la particularité du medium utilisé pour effectuer des transactions en ligne et les spécificités de l'environnement électronique, notamment l'immatérialité, l'interactivité et l'internationalité influent considérablement sur la confiance des cyberconsommateurs en même temps qu'elles accroissent leur vulnérabilité, d'où la nécessité d'un cadre juridique adapté afin que l'essor du commerce électronique B to C ne néglige pas la protection des cyberconsommateurs. Conscients de cet impératif, les législateurs communautaire, français et tunisien, ont mis en place un certain nombre de mesures de nature à rassurer ces derniers et leur permettre de s'engager dans des transactions de commerce en ligne en toute confiance. Ces mesures sont de deux ordres : les unes sont destinées à assurer au cyberconsommateur une protection intrinsèque au processus de la transaction en ligne ; cette protection se manifeste en amont de la transaction, lors de la phase précontractuelle, mais également pendant la période contractuelle, c'est-à-dire au moment de la finalisation de la transaction en ligne et de son exécution. Les autres ont pour objectif de garantir au consommateur une protection extrinsèque au processus de la transaction du commerce électronique. Deux aspects sont, à cet égard, pris en compte : la protection des données à caractère personnel traitées dans le cadre d'une transaction en ligne et les aspects du droit international privé de la protection du cyberconsommateur
La stratégie juridique du portage de titres en droit des sociétés : Quelle a été l'évolution de la pratique du portage de titres en droit français ? by Narjisse Doukkali( )

1 edition published in 2012 in French and held by 3 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Le droit des sociétés a été depuis sa création et de façon encore plus prononcée de nos jours, un ensemble de règles stratégiques au service d'entrepreneurs et d'associés désireux d'exceller dans le monde des affaires. Le portage d'actions est l'une des techniques juridiques développées par le droit des sociétés qui manifeste le plus justement le caractère stratégique de cette matière.Le portage d'actions est une convention dite sui generis qui permet de prendre temporairement et indirectement une participation au sein d'une société. Le portage est la convention par laquelle un porteur, généralement une personne morale (société ou organisme financier), convient avec une personne physique ou une autre personne morale, dite donneur d'ordre, qu'il souscrira ou achètera des actions pour le compte de celle-ci à charge pour elle de les lui racheter au terme d'une période déterminée et moyennant un prix convenu par avance.L'utilité de cette convention est double : elle permet, d'une part, de décharger le donneur d'ordre de la propriété des actions pendant une période déterminée en la confiant au porteur, et d'autre part, d'assurer au donneur d'ordre un certain contrôle sur les actions pendant la durée du portage, ainsi que leur appropriation à l'expiration de cette durée. Le portage d'actions connait d'innombrables applications licites et répond ainsi à de nombreuses finalités. En effet, cette convention peut avoir pour but de garantir une certaine discrétion au donneur d'ordres étant donné qu'elle permet de cacher son identité que ce soit dans un but offensif (prise de participation agressive dans une société où le donneur d'ordre serait mal perçu) ou défensif (faire face à une éventuelle prise de contrôle inamicale en confiant à un porteur allié la propriété d'actions constituant un noyau dur). Le portage d'actions permet également l'arbitrage entre deux groupes d'actionnaires, lorsque le capital d'une société est détenu par6moitié par deux groupes d'actionnaires, mais aussi l'appropriation par le porteur d'actions proposées à la vente, en cas de refus d'agrément du cessionnaire et dans l'attente de trouver un substitut à ce dernier. Toutefois, la technique du portage connaît également quelques pratiques douteuses, à la limite de la fraude à la loi qui remettent manifestement en cause ce type de convention. En effet, il a été observé que le portage pouvait être utilisé pour servir à remplir les conditions légales relatives au nombre minimum d'actionnaires, ou pour permettre à un donneur d'ordre qui ne peut avoir la qualité d'actionnaire d'accéder à terme au capital d'une société.La technique du portage d'actions du fait des diverses applications plus ou moins licites qu'elle connait et du fait de son caractère stratégique amène à se poser de nombreuses questions. Les principales problématiques qui ressortent sont, d'une part, celles ayant attrait à l'évolution juridique du mécanisme même du portage et à sa compatibilité avec la qualité et le statut d'associé et, d'autre part, celles ayant attrait au contexte juridique entourant cette technique et au caractère stratégique de l'utilisation de ce type de convention. Enfin, cette thèse sera également l'occasion d'étudier les parallèles existant entre le portage d'actions et la technique de la fiducie
Apport de la mesure en continu pour la gestion de la qualité des effluents de temps de pluie en réseau d'assainissement by Céline Lacour( )

1 edition published in 2009 in French and held by 3 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

The purpose of this thesis is to prove the usefulness of continuous turbidity measurements for the monitoring of particulate pollution in combined sewer systems, and assess the contribution of these measurements to real-time and lagged control of sewer systems. In the first part, the implementation of continuous turbidity measurements is described. The main uncertainties components are identified and appropriate calculation methods for the uncertainties are proposed. The issues of reliability and representativeness of turbidity measurements are treated and lead to solutions for the in situ installation of turbidimeters and the definition of proper monitoring and maintenance protocols. Finally, the noise which disturbs turbidity measurements is quantified, and filtering methods are compared. The second part is devoted to the analysis of turbidity behaviour, drawing from data monitored on two sites in the combined sewer of Paris in 2006. Eighty rain events are described by their mean and maximum concentrations and by their mass/volume distribution curves. These criteria are used to define typologies, which are then linked to flow parameters and to the antecedent dry weather period of the event. This analysis leads to a detailed description of variability. The variability of the settling characteristics of the particles was also studied using data coming from sedimentation tank. Finally two applications are developed. The first is an assessment of lagged pollutant loads. Two methods for exploiting samples taken during a fixed number of rain events are compared. The first method only uses the results of sample analysis to establish an average concentration. The second method uses samples to calibrate relationships between turbidity and pollutant parameters, which are then applied to continuous turbidity measurements. Another group of applications deals with the use of turbidity for real time control of pollutants flows. Two kinds of configuration were studied. For each one, a strategy only using flow data is compared with a strategy using turbidity and flow data. Simulations are performed for a wide range of configuration parameters with real flow and turbidity data at the entrance of the system. For the application of assessment of pollutants flow as well as for real time control applications, the improvement brought by turbidity was assessed and proved to be significant
L'influence du droit de la concurrence sur le droit et l'économie bancaire by François Gue( )

1 edition published in 2013 in French and held by 3 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

With the financial crisis that erupted in 2007, repeated financial scandals, the difficulties currently faced by banks are all elements that encourage both european and national competition authorities to pay closer attention to the sector. These concerns reflect the reading of the economic, legal and regulation of Competition in the banking sector. When, where European institutions like the various Member States are trying to find a way to stop the effects of the crisis. Competition is at the heart of the debate. The search for a balance between Competition and economic stability is indispensable. From the perspective of accelerating the process of European financial integration, are recurring themes. Competitiveness of banks, banking regulations, structural reforms of the banking sector.The followed objective by the thesis analysis is to demonstrate the importance for banks to fully understand the various aspects of Competition. Including such periods of financial turmoil, the Competition appears as the most effective tool to give the banking sector means and adequate framework for its development. Competition allows detecting both economic and social challenges facing the banking sector
Integration of China's domestic market during the reform era by Cheng Li( )

2 editions published in 2009 in French and English and held by 3 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

On the occasion of the thirtieth anniversary of China's economic transition, this thesis deals with several facets of the integration of Chinese domestic market over such an exciting era. Chapter 1 discusses first a variety of institutional reforms aimed at reinforcing the central control over regional affairs and improving the integration of domestic market. Several stylised facts about the local protectionism, which come from a recent survey implemented by a respected institution, are also illustrated in the chapter. Chapter 2 offers a brief review of the literature relative to China's internal integration. Generally speaking, the studies have proceeded along six major lines: similarity of production structure, price convergence, synchronization of business cycles, domestic trade linkages, interregional capital mobility and population migration. Chapter 3 examines the trade pattern within China. In the spirit of McCallum (1995), we find that after controlling for various traditional gravity factors, the trade flows within a Chinese province are 23 to 28 times as dense as those between provinces over the period of 1992-2003. Such findings suggest a highly fragmented product market within China. A trend toward market integration is, however, derived from the evolution analysis. The regressions by sub-period samples show that since the mid-1990s, the magnitudes of border effects have exhibited a dramatic decline. Chapter 4 investigates the capital mobility and capital allocation efficiency among Chinese provinces. We show first that the provincial savings and investment rates are significantly and positively correlated over the period of 1978-2006. According to the Feldstein-Horioka's argument (1980), this relationship can be interpreted as evidence of low capital mobility. Furthermore, by testing the causality between provincial aggregate investment and income, we fail to provide consistent evidence to support the hypothesis of efficient capital allocation in China. Chapter 5 addresses the labor force migration among Chinese regions. After a short introduction of reforms of hukou system, we derive a simple wage gap equation including education level, market potential and provincial border indicator as explaining variables. In using city and sector-level data, we find that other things being equal, the wage dispersions within provincial borders are significantly less pronounced than those among provinces over the period of 2003-2005. According to the law of one price, such findings imply a weak mobility of labor force among provinces
Genre de discours et positionnements énonciatifs dans les guides touristiques : le "Guide du Routard" et le "Guide Gallimard by Annabelle Seoane( )

2 editions published in 2012 in French and held by 3 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Dans le cadre d'une démarche d'analyse de discours, cette thèse se donne pour objectif d'établir le mode de fonctionnement du discours des guides touristiques en tant que point de connexion entre production discursive et lieu social. Au-delà d'un discours de description d'un référent donné, il s'avère un véritable système d'explicitation de soi dans un contexte bien plus large d'énonciation.Notre étude se concentre essentiellement sur deux guides touristiques : le Guide du Routard et le Guide Gallimard. Nous tâcherons de les inscrire dans une double dynamique : d'abord dans une dynamique institutionnelle : le genre. Convention discursive, il est le cadre à la fois structurant et contraignant et il s'ancre dans un environnement contextuel fortement imprégné de représentations socioculturelles, qu'il contribue en retour à conforter ou à transformer. Ensuite, dans une dynamique individuelle : la recherche de positionnements énonciatifs différenciateurs à travers une mise en scène de sa parole spécifique et le déploiement d'un ethos propre à l'instance énonciatrice.Ces deux dynamiques sont en constante interaction et révèlent la connexion entre prise en charge, texture énonciative et contexte.Le discours des guides touristiques se considère alors comme un vecteur de représentations qui s'inscrivent dans la construction d'un savoir partagé. Il propose ainsi un transfert inter-discursif qui permet une approche discursive de l'identité et de l'altérité. Ce système de représentations s'avère poreux aux pratiques communicationnelles et tisse par là-même une passerelle entre le discursif et extra-discursif, la clef de voûte de notre étude
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