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Thu Oct 16 17:59:35 2014 UTCviaf-932326680.13Burma0.390.63The High Gothic93232668np-maclaurin, katherineMaclaurin, Katherinelccn-n80046780Budek Films and Slides, incviaf-92125457Maclaurin, Katharine B.lccn-n80046781Herbert E. Budek Films and Slides (Firm)np-blakeney, janice eBlakeney, Janice der hoeven, gayVan der Hoeven, Gaynp-maclaurin, katherine bMaclaurin, Katherine films and slidesBudek Films and Slidesnp-gable, carl iGable, Carl, janice englishBlakeney, Janice EnglishMaclaurin, Robert C.ArtSlidesHistoryJuvenile worksPictorial worksArchitectureChurch architectureFranceAntiquitiesHindu antiquitiesHindu architectureTemplesArchitecture, GothicIndiaHindu sculptureMaya artItalyHindu artTravelBuddhist artSculpture, KhmerSculpture, RomanArt, KhmerSculptureCambodiaSculpture, GreekParthenon (Athens, Greece)Rome (Empire)Russia (Federation)--Saint PetersburgArt, Japanese--Heian periodThailandArchitecture, MedievalArchitecture, ByzantineArchitecture, SpanishSpainBuddhist art and symbolismRussia (Federation)--MoscowArchitecture, Early ChristianBurmaIndonesia--JavaBuddhist architectureBuddhist antiquitiesArchitecture, ItalianRelief (Sculpture)Art, MexicanArchitecture, RomanAztec artMexicoSculpture, Japanese--Heian periodPainting, Japanese--Heian periodRussia (Federation)--Velikii╠ć NovgorodJapanCathedralsArtArchitecture--Heian period196019611964196519661967196819691970197419771987199119932002468191278723.5N8195.A5134ocn003507018visu19680.47Maclaurin, Robert CIndian artHistory103ocn011862213visu19680.33Maclaurin, Robert CBuddhist artComparative study of Buddhist art in China, India, and Japan, with descriptions given in the guide92ocn005926733visu19660.33Maclaurin, Robert CArt and architecture of CambodiaArtExplores the temples of the Khmer empire in Angkor, noting free standing and relief sculpture. Points out that the temple-moutain at Phnom-Bakheng symbolizes the universe, and that each of its levels represents a Hindu paradise91ocn009303842visu19670.33Maclaurin, Robert CRoman sculpture93ocn025053034visu19660.26Maclaurin, Robert CParthenon sculptures 442-438 B.C.Shows the sculptural decorations of the temple divided into three sections: the figured frieze in low relief, the metopes carved in high relief, and the pedimental sculptures carved in the round81ocn011471115visu19690.27The History of French architecture Set 10 : The 18th and 19th centuries84ocn005179365visu19640.47Maclaurin, Robert CThe Architecture of LeningradPresents views of public buildings and churches from the 18th and 19 Centuries which are the major attraction of Leningrad82ocn011471071visu19670.59The History of French architecture Set 6 : Late Gothic church architecture74ocn003290585visu19680.30Maclaurin, Robert CByzantine architecture in MoscowShows scenes and architectural details of Byzantine churches in Moscow74ocn005648567visu19740.13Maclaurin, Robert CBurmaJuvenile worksPictorial worksExamines the topography, history, and people of the nation of Burma74ocn003290600visu19660.47Maclaurin, Robert CMedieval architecture in NovgorodSet of slides showing various examples of medieval architecture in Novgorod, Russia72ocn024421115visu19680.47Heian period sculpture and paintingHistorySlides73ocn054678462visu19660.47Maclaurin, Robert CArt and architecture of JavaExplores the architectural history of central Java. The set includes examples of buildings influenced by Buddhist India, most notably the temple-mountain of Borobudur, while the influence of Hindu India can be seen in the temple complex of Lara-Djonggrang at Prambana73ocn005054721visu19680.47Maclaurin, Robert CHistory of Spanish architectureHistory72ocn004083337visu19640.47Maclaurin, Robert CMayan art, Chichen ItzaShows the ruins of Chichen Itza, once the largest Mayan city in the Yucatan76ocn010214614visu19650.26Maclaurin, Robert CRoman architecture set 2Examples of buildings from Pompeii, Rome, Ostia and Verona. Shows typical Roman architecture of viaducts, baths, and forums, as well as examples of early Christian basilicas73ocn007239692visu19770.19The Hill tribes of ThailandShows scenes in the daily life of the hills peoples of Thailand. The hill tribes are unrelated to the greater population of Thailand61ocn008706745visu19670.63The High GothicCovers the period 1194-1248, focusing on the cathedrals of Chartres, Reims, and Amiens, with details of their most outstanding features63ocn009445983visu0.47Maclaurin, Robert CA history of Mexican artHistory62ocn011906221visu19650.47Maclaurin, Robert CEarly Christian architectureA study of the development of early Christian architecture, pointing out its basis in Roman architecture and the influence of ByzantiumThu Oct 16 15:27:05 EDT 2014batch13742