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Editor's note: this is a special guest post in a new occasional series to highlight how helps specialized searchers find what they're looking for. Taneya Koonce is both a librarian and a genealogy researcher, making her an especially interesting guest blogger. If YOU'RE interested in submitting a guest post about specific searchers for the WorldCat blog, please leave a comment and we will follow up with you.

As an information professional who pursues genealogy as a hobby, I am always interested in utilizing and sharing resources more likely to be known to professionals in my field. During the past few weeks, I've been delighted by one of the popular genealogy-blogging themes, 52 Weeks to Better Genealogy where each of the prompts so far this year have been designed to encourage genealogists to further explore and use their library resources; in fact, the series creator is a librarian herself . Week 5 of the series has particular emphasis here because the goal was to encourage hundreds of genea-bloggers to explore and I'm a huge personal fan of WorldCat.

So, from Jan 30 - Feb 5 many geneabloggers took an opportunity to check you out WorldCat - did you notice any spikes in your usage? I wrote to WorldCat to let them know of these goings-on in case they were unaware, but someone was paying attention! Alice, one of the WorldCat bloggers wrote me back noting that she'd seen this and asked me to do a guest post. I was honored at the invitation! If you'd like to read some of the responses to the challenge, you can visit the group roll-up feed at the GeneaBloggers website though at the time of this writing, everyone is now working on Week 7 so you may have to scroll down some to see those from Week 5.

The posts are a great opportunity for WorldCat to better understand searching behavior and how a variety of individuals interact with the site as they seek to make improvements and updates. I hope too that all my fellow geneabloggers out there have also come to understand just how valuable this resource can be for family history research. I use this site almost daily. And it's great that it's also on my Android phone.... :-)