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Good news: the widely available app Pic2Shop--the barcode-scanning app for mobile phones that includes library data from WorldCat--is now available in the Android marketplace.

Android users, compare books and other materials like crazy. Built using the WorldCat Search API and WorldCat Registry APIs, the app works worldwide. Check out other mobile apps that third-party developers have built using WorldCat data over on the Developer Network application gallery.

briefresults.jpgWe've had a WorldCat mobile pilot going since January of 2009. But recently, however, we've evolved the mobile site to now run on a mobile Web browser. That's right. No app to download, no prompting to update the latest app each time you go to the app just "works" when you use the browser of your phone. And the experience is similar to the browser on your "big" screen. Beta release We're in beta release now, which means mobile views are targeted for iOS and Android platforms. Other smartphone browsers such as Blackberry and Windows 7 Mobile--as well as feature phone support--are in the works for future releases. (If you have a "smartphone" that is not iOS or Android, we'd love to have you try it and send feedback to the team...) If your library has a localized view of WorldCat--often it's a big search box loaded on the library's home page--there are mobile-specific sites built for your individual library, too. Try it out and send feedback So go to on your phone and try a suggested search. You'll see cover art (if available), e-mail a link or citations and get location-based holdings information for nearby libraries. Of course, you'll get library details such as map/directions, and visitor information such as hours and phone numbers. From, you'll also connect to your library's online catalog to see shelf status and reserve information. More mobile goodness for WorldCat available... You've heard here about many partner-developed, third-party apps like RedLaser, Pic2Shop, iRecommend and others that are also available with WorldCat library information embedded. If you have ideas for an app that includes library data, let us know!