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Guess who is one of the most popular book apps, as ranked by Alexa traffic data? Did you guess GoodReads? You'd be right. Shelfari? Right again. WorldCat? Yes!

Of course, this nifty site from AppAppeal uses Alexa data--which may or may not be totally accurate. But since most of the Web world agrees that it's better than nothing, we'll go with it.

So one of WorldCat's traffic partners, GoodReads, actually captured the top slot for North America and many other parts of the world...but WorldCat was ranked highest in China, Algeria, Peru, Austria, Poland, Greece and Taiwan.

In terms of page views, though, had almost half for North America, second only to Shelfari. Here's a clip from their report:

" reaches 35.6% of the users with 46.6% of all page views.... A ranking is calculated based on a combination of visitors and pageviews."

We're also the 2800th most popular Web site in the Philippines, according to the site. Despite only having 10,140 materials in WorldCat classified as Tagalog!

Visualizations like these are fun to play around with...and good to know where people are finding WorldCat most useful to find their local libraries and materials in libraries worldwide.

item.jpgHold the phone! (The iPhone, that is.) Now there's another mobile barcode-scanning app called (pronounced like 'Label Us') that now links to was developed by Nearest Island to help you find "product transparency on a single, open platform. Learn and share information about products and companies."

The barcode-scanning system works on all kinds of things--soup, electronics, socks, books and more. But what we care about here are things found in libraries. And books are among the many things found in libraries...

So on you can find books in libraries, see reviews and other data about books and other products. It uses 'channels' to bring it other people's perspectives on items, and includes a reputation system to help filter the results.

Here's the quotation from the Co-Founder and CEO David Rea from the official announcement:

"We are pleased to connect the smart, environmentally and socially-conscious shoppers who use to learn about the products they buy to one of the original green living ideas, the library, Having library data from more than 10,000 libraries consolidated into one site made it easy to connect our users to their local library to find the books and materials they're interested in."

Using, you can scan barcodes or search for books and then connect to to find the libraries who hold those items. is one of several mobile applications designed for users to access library information from WorldCat. See screen shots on the WorldCat Facebook page.

A new WorldCat API available to all


Now anyone and everyone can create apps and mash-ups using library data from WorldCat, because the WorldCat Basic API is here!

This new API is a simple interface to WorldCat. It's envisioned to be most useful for lightweight or mobile apps, developed by people outside the library space. Still, anyone is welcome to build noncommercial services with it. [Commercial services are also welcome, but they must go through the WorldCat partnership team to gain access.]

It supports up to 1,000/queries per day in OpenSearch and retrieves results in RSS or Atom. It also provides:

  • Information about books, videos, music and more in WorldCat

  • Information about authors, titles, ISBNs and OCLC numbers

  • Standard bibliographic citation formats in HTML (APA, Chicago, Harvard, MLA, and Turabian)

  • A link back to for geographically-sorted library information

  • An easy way to include library results in comparison-shopping Web sites, mobile or Facebook apps

To gain access to the WorldCat Basic API, select the WorldCat Basic API on the WorldCat Affiliates Tools page. Sign in with your WorldCat Affiliates account and then you'll be taken to a specific site where your individual WS Key will be auto-generated. If you already have a WorldCat Search API WSKey, then you do NOT need a WorldCat Basic API WSKey.

By making the collective library data in WorldCat as accessible as possible to ALL developers, we hope to generate more awareness and traffic to libraries in general. Which is really good for everybody, isn't it?

Happy coding! We'll be excited to see what new and interesting apps and mashups you create!