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nytfirstlook.jpgWe were tickled pink on Monday evening to see the New York Times FirstLook blog was featuring a mashup made from the NYT Best Sellers API and links. Built by Wade Guidry of the Collins Memorial Library at the University of Puget Sound, the mashup uses Yahoo Pipes, to let Puget Sound library users find New York Times Best sellers for hardcover nonfiction, paperback nonfiction, and hardcover fiction via RSS feeds. It makes a lot of sense, if you're looking to see what the rest of the U.S. thinks is worth reading--from titles available at your library.

A nice touch in their catalog, too, is the library map display. So when you find an item you're interested in, it shows you the handy schematic of where you find it in the library building. I know all too well the woes of wandering all over, looking at call numbers on shelves in an unfamiliar library location.

While we won't be able to include that level of granularity on for a long time (!) Wade's mashup shows how putting two things together, with a little developer elbow grease, can really create a super useful tool that more than doubles the value. (Of course, since he's a WorldCat Mashathon alumni, would we expect anything less?)