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In a rare case of "Wow, I can't believe I hadn't done that yet..."

Heather_wee.pngI have been meaning to tell you about this fabulous blog post that a genealogy blogger, Heather Kuhn Roelker, posted back in January. I know, I know...see above disclaimer. Anyway--she shares a story about how she discovers and how her search eventually leads her to the library who holds the materials related to her Great-Great-Great-Grandfather. She'd been searching for information on him for a very long time.

So even though there was some delay in actually locating the materials...due to some very awesome librarians, she eventually gets the letters and explains:

"I immediately found the contact information for the McCormick Library of Special Collections and sent a request, along with the citation from WorldCat. Within two weeks a copy of the archive arrived. Only a genealogist would understand the anticipation and excitement I felt when the packet was delivered."

It's a wonderful thing to know that helped her connect to her family's roots. Plus, who can resist the heartwarming story of overcoming research obstacles to triumph in the end?
Note we do have a few resources specifically for genealogists for Check them out. But my main question is: have you searched for your family history recently?