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Guess who is one of the most popular book apps, as ranked by Alexa traffic data? Did you guess GoodReads? You'd be right. Shelfari? Right again. WorldCat? Yes!

Of course, this nifty site from AppAppeal uses Alexa data--which may or may not be totally accurate. But since most of the Web world agrees that it's better than nothing, we'll go with it.

So one of WorldCat's traffic partners, GoodReads, actually captured the top slot for North America and many other parts of the world...but WorldCat was ranked highest in China, Algeria, Peru, Austria, Poland, Greece and Taiwan.

In terms of page views, though, had almost half for North America, second only to Shelfari. Here's a clip from their report:

" reaches 35.6% of the users with 46.6% of all page views.... A ranking is calculated based on a combination of visitors and pageviews."

We're also the 2800th most popular Web site in the Philippines, according to the site. Despite only having 10,140 materials in WorldCat classified as Tagalog!

Visualizations like these are fun to play around with...and good to know where people are finding WorldCat most useful to find their local libraries and materials in libraries worldwide.

Amazon May Be Acquiring Shelfari

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It looks like Amazon is acquiring another book-focused property, Shelfari.
As you may recall, Amazon also acquired AbeBooks about three weeks ago. What can we discern from this for the library world? Well, clearly, despite those periodic naysayers predicting the demise of books in a digital world, books are still big business. And, we’re probably going to see a lot more consolidation in the market as more smaller, niche social sites become integrated with more larger players.

So how do we keep libraries visible in the face of such consolidation? It seems to me like it’s up to us to help grow and nurture the sites we love, regardless of their size. When you find a great book and want to tell a friend about it, where do you typically go to get a link you can share? If you’re like most people, I’m guessing it’s Amazon. But Amazon doesn't have to be the only place. In fact, as we’ve seen, there are a myriad of interesting book-related sites out there to connect to. Or why not link to and promote library usage? The great thing is, we’re all in this together, and we have the power to drive the usage and visibility of the sites and applications we care about.

What do you think? Any predictions on other acquisitions or ideas about keeping libraries visible?

p.s. If you're wondering about ways to share things from, this may be helpful:

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