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Recently, at the American Library Association (ALA) conference, one of my colleagues, Arnold Arcolio, gave a presentation about the WorldCat Local usability studies we've done over the past two years. Most of these studies were conducted in collaboration with partner libraries who piloted WorldCat Local. We've decided to make this summary of findings available on the website for anyone:

If you have any questions or comments regarding this summary, please contact Arnold at

What's next?

We are continuing to usability test WorldCat Local and to make improvements to the application based on customer and user feedback we receive through various channels. Our most recent usability testing is being completed at academic and public libraries in Illinois. A few of the concepts we're looking at involve improvements to the search results pages and library filtering, improvements to the search of multiple databases in one interface for metasearching, and improvements to the display of electroinc access on the item record pages.

If you've already visited this week, you might have already noticed the redesigned detailed display. The new design helps you locate and get an item more quickly, and puts social actions and evaluative content right up top--so you can tell fairly quickly if an item is the resource you want. My personal favorite thing is the new larger, persistent search box at the top.

In addition, the "More like this" box helps you find related content that is lower down in the page. In fact, we've now aggregated all the information about an item onto a single page instead of hiding it under several tabs, making it much easier to see everything about an item without making multiple clicks.

One note: there were a few minor issues that surfaced during this major redesign. We're working to resolve these few small things as fast as we can.

new detailed record smaller.jpg