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A new WorldCat API available to all


Now anyone and everyone can create apps and mash-ups using library data from WorldCat, because the WorldCat Basic API is here!

This new API is a simple interface to WorldCat. It's envisioned to be most useful for lightweight or mobile apps, developed by people outside the library space. Still, anyone is welcome to build noncommercial services with it. [Commercial services are also welcome, but they must go through the WorldCat partnership team to gain access.]

It supports up to 1,000/queries per day in OpenSearch and retrieves results in RSS or Atom. It also provides:

  • Information about books, videos, music and more in WorldCat

  • Information about authors, titles, ISBNs and OCLC numbers

  • Standard bibliographic citation formats in HTML (APA, Chicago, Harvard, MLA, and Turabian)

  • A link back to for geographically-sorted library information

  • An easy way to include library results in comparison-shopping Web sites, mobile or Facebook apps

To gain access to the WorldCat Basic API, select the WorldCat Basic API on the WorldCat Affiliates Tools page. Sign in with your WorldCat Affiliates account and then you'll be taken to a specific site where your individual WS Key will be auto-generated. If you already have a WorldCat Search API WSKey, then you do NOT need a WorldCat Basic API WSKey.

By making the collective library data in WorldCat as accessible as possible to ALL developers, we hope to generate more awareness and traffic to libraries in general. Which is really good for everybody, isn't it?

Happy coding! We'll be excited to see what new and interesting apps and mashups you create!

For those developer/tech-oriented among us, we have some good news.
worldcatsearchapi badge.jpgWorldCat Search API enhanced
The WorldCat Search API now enables developers to limit the results returned to an individual library, without authentication.

With this functionality enhancement, the eligibility requirements for the WorldCat Search API have also been updated.

NB: ALL 200+ current WorldCat Search API WSKeys will remain active through at least September 1, 2010. This eligibility change should affect very few future requests for service. In addition, there is even more good news if your library doesn't currently qualify--or if you're a developer who is not connected to a library.

WorldCat Basic API planned
As much as we love, we've wanted to provide an additional general Web service to WorldCat for a long time now. So we're very excited that later this year you'll have access to a simple API into WorldCat that anyone and everyone in the world can use, for noncommercial use. Called the WorldCat Basic API, it will provide a mashable access point for lightweight apps built by developers who may or may not have ties to the library community.

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