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bookbazaariniphone.png WorldCat staffers love their mobile phones, no doubt. And now there's one more reason to love them even more--another new iPhone app is now available that includes library data via WorldCat and the WorldCat Search and Registry APIs. Called Book Bazaar, the free app was developed by Bayview Labs in Mountain View, CA,

With Book Bazaar, you type in a title, author, keyword or ISBN to compare prices for books at online or local bookstores, and now libraries. Developer Rizwan Virk was quoted in the official announcement as saying, "Book Bazaar is made for book lovers who want to find a specific book right away. The best and easiest way to find a book is at a local library, and so we want to support local libraries as much as possible."

We like this idea! Book Bazaar is available for U.S. iPhone users at the moment, but I understand more platforms are in development. I don't know offhand--but maybe someone can test and tell me--if you have an iPod Touch or an iPad, can you also download and use Book Bazaar? Let everyone know in the comments section.

See additional photos of the different screen shots on the WorldCat Facebook page. You can download Book Bazaar in the iTunes App store.