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The WorldCat Mobile pilot was recently enhanced to now include cover art when available. It also now provides a link to your local library catalog--much the same way does now. This additional functionality means you can potentially set a hold, view status and reserve a book or video through your mobile phone, as soon as you discover it in WorldCat.

As always, keep sending feedback about your mobile pilot experience, to help improve the service for everyone.

For all our friends in Canada, I wanted to let you know that we've fixed the selection labeling on the WorldCat Mobile pilot app. Now Canada is listed as a location along with France, Germany, the Netherlands, New Zealand, change location page.jpgthe UK and the US.

One note is that U.S. results will still appear in your results set (as for many border citizens, the closest holding library may actually be in the U.S.)--but Canada should now appear as a location on its own.

If anyone in Canada would like to test this feature and send us feedback, we'd appreciate it!

worldcat-iphone-image.jpgThere's a WorldCat Webinar on the WorldCat Mobile pilot coming up this Wednesday, April 29.

WorldCat Mobile pilot Webinar
Wednesday, April 29, 2009
10:00 - 11:00AM US Eastern Daylight Savings time (3:00 - 4:00PM BST)

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Facebook event page

That is day after tomorrow--hard to believe April is almost over already?

Hosted by Mark Allcock, global business manager in the OCLC UK office, the session is designed so you can ask questions, give feedback, and get the latest on recent and planned enhancements.

There are two more Webinars planned for next month. So if you can't make it this week, mark your calendar now for May 21. Webinar

Thursday, May 21, 2009
9:00 - 10:00AM US Eastern Daylight Savings time (2:00 - 3:00PM BST)
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Thursday, May 21, 2009
4:00 - 5:00PM US Eastern Daylight Savings time (1:00 - 2:00PM US Pacific Daylight Savings time)
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The WorldCat Mobile pilot continues to gain momentum. We've seen a real hockey stick in terms of unique visitors this month. Check out the stats:

  • January '09 1,329

  • February '09 1,691

  • March '09 9,521

Downloads (across all phone types to date) hover right at the 11,300 mark, with more than half of the people (7,756) using the Web "lite" version--that is, if your phone doesn't download the mobile app correctly, a mobile-specific Web site pops up. Suprisingly enough, Blackberries are outrunning iPhones, but not by much. (1,316 Blackberry downloads to 1,160 iPhone downloads.) It could be the experimental iPhone Web app is preferred by iPhone users.

We've broken the 100,000 mark, with 110,362 searches to date into WorldCat from mobile devices. 42,583 searches came in, in the month of March.


Thursday, April 2. The WorldCat Mobile pilot is being featured in a "Library Open Solutions" Webinar from WiLS, the Wisconsin Library Services group this Thursday, April 2 at 3-4 pm EDT. Cindy Cunningham, the Director of Partner Programs for OCLC, will present at the session.

If you're a librarian, you can register here to learn more about what we've learned about putting WorldCat on the small screen. Hint: it's a lot more than just screen size.

Wednesday, April 29. In addition, the WorldCat team will sponsor a free WorldCat Mobile Webinar on April 29 at 10-11 am EDT. Register for it now to see how it works, get the latest news and find out more about the plans to expand the pilot into Europe.

We're two weeks into the WorldCat Mobile pilot and you've already uncovered a lot of future functionality and would-be-nice-to-have features--in addition to helping identify specific troubles with certain models of phones. Thanks to the 1,315 people who have already downloaded the app to their mobile phone, there were 39,474 queries made to through the app. in January.

Extrapolating from the usage statistics, most people seem to be starting their searches at the "home" screen (1,209 users made 26,450 queries). But then 452 people started at the "change location" section (452 users made 4,218 queries)--which just goes to show that lots of people are either reading my hints or more likely, you're using the app on the go, for travel. Finally, the down economy may be prompting people to find more libraries, more often, because the 263 people who used it created 5,355 queries.

All in all, it's a fantastic start for the WorldCat Mobile pilot, and if you haven't tried it yet, go on and give it a go. If you have tried it and received an error message, brace yourself and would you be willing to try again? Our partner organization with the pilot has been making fixes and putting in patches almost 'round the clock. If you try it again and still have problems, please send us feedback so we can get it fixed.

A very long time ago (2005! gasp!), I wished for all the library content in the world to fit in your pocket. We're a whole lot closer to that now, with the launch of the new WorldCat mobile pilot. The six month-long pilot will gather data to help inform future WorldCat mobile efforts, and is currently available to people in the US and Canada.

To download the application, go to on your mobile phone's Web browser.

The current mobile pilot complements the recently released experimental iPhone app for WorldCat, built from the WorldCat Search API.

Once you've used on your mobile phone, please give us your feedback with details of your experience and/or suggested enhancements.

This pilot was developed through a partnership with the mobile technology organization Boopsie. You, too, can partner with WorldCat by linking in.

Wondering if your phone will work? Here's a list of supported devices, which include iPhones, Blackberries, Nokias and more.