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We've just incorporated WorldCat Identities into navigation proper, rather than having to satellite out to a listing and then find your own way back. You can get to a WorldCat Identities page from the "Find more information about" drop-down in the Details section of a detailed record:
find more info about.jpg

WorldCat Identities is one of those fun things we like to play around with, here at OCLC. It showcases things you don't find many other places--like you can see the most widely held works by a writer, or how one fictional character is related to another one, or get a visual for publication timelines, or audience recommendation levels, or, or, or...there's a lot of good stuff there.

In fact, here's our own Andy Havens talking about WorldCat Identities:

So who's your favorite WorldCat Identity? Tell the world, in your comments. Or tweet it with the tag #wcid

Updated note:The Barack Obama Identities page linked to above does not list the subject headings with him as President. It turns out, WorldCat Identities reflects a writer or a character's bibliographic footprint. Everything on an Identities page is actually pulled from a bibliographic record in WorldCat. So WorldCat needs people to write more items (and have libraries acquire them) about Obama now that he is the POTUS, and the Identities page will update accordingly.

The excitement continues to build around the movie Slumdog Millionaire, nominated for 10 academy awards this year. I went to see it over the holidays and loved it. This morning there was a related story on NPR about it that caught my ear.

So if the economic downturn has limited your trips to the movie megaplex, your library can still deliver the goods:

  • 138 libraries have the audiobook

  • 205 libraries have the soundtrack

  • 752 have at least one of the 18 book editions and formats available.

I'm sure as the video is made available, the DVD will appear here, too. Potentially little known fact: the book was originally published under the title Q & A.

Lucky for you, an entrepreneurial WorldCat user, Joseph Hafner, was thoughtful enough to gather all relevant materials into a single Slumdog Millionaire list.

Watch the movie trailer from YouTube: