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We've updated our CiteMe and WorldCat Facebook applications for use on organizational Facebook Pages. Of course you can still use these applications on your personal profile. Now your group, school or library page can provide these library services too.

If you attempted to add these applications to your organization's Page in the past, you should check the Page settings to make sure the applications are not listed there. If they are, click the "X" to remove the out-of-date application. Then you can add the updated application back to your organization's Facebook Page. This will make sure you have the updated application.

The instructions below are written for the CiteMe application, but apply to the WorldCat application as well. Just substitute WorldCat where you see CiteMe.

To get started:

  1. Search for CiteMe, select it from the search results and go to the CiteMe page.
  2. Click the button "Add to my Page" that appears under the CiteMe logo on the CiteMe Page.Use the Add to Page button shown in this screen capture.
  3. Select the Page to which you wish to add the application. Then click "Close" to exit that window.Choose the Pages that you are allowed to admin, as shown in this screen capture.
  4. Go to the Boxes Tab on your organization's Page. The CiteMe application will appear there.
  5. If you want to show CiteMe on the Wall of your organization's Page, click the pencil icon and select "Move to Wall tab".This screen capture shows the menu selection for
  6. The CiteMe application will now appear on the Wall of your organization's Page.This screen capture shows CiteMe on the Wall as the steps have been completed.
  7. You can also have the CiteMe application on your Tab. Go to the Tab section of your organization's Page and click the plus sign, then choose CiteMe or search for it using the "Search available tabs" box.CiteMe also appears on the Tabs as shown in this screen capture.

Now you will have CiteMe on the Tabs and the Wall of your organization's Facebook Page. This is a great way to put a citation tool right where your students prefer to be.

You can add the applications to your personal profile too:

  1. Search for the CiteMe application and click the "Go to Application" button.
  2. Allow the application access to your Facebook profile. (This step is required by Facebook not our application.)
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the application where you will find "Add to profile" button. Click that.
  4. Confirm where you would like the application to appear on your personal profile. You can choose "Wall and Info Tab" or "Boxes Tab".
  5. Click "Keep" from the application as it appears on your profile.
  6. Use the pencil icon to move this application to your Boxes Tab if you do not want it on your Wall and Info Tab.
  7. You can also add CiteMe to your personal profile Tabs. Click the + sign on your Tab row and use the "Search available tabs" box to locate CiteMe. Choose that and CiteMe will appear on your Tabs.

Again, you can use these same instructions for adding the WorldCat application.

Let us know how this works for you and whether you get feedback from your students.

Updated Facebook Apps!

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The work is all done! Now you can add your WorldCat Facebook application and the CiteMe application to your Facebook profile in your Wall or in the Boxes tab of your profile.

I put mine in the side bar of my Wall as you can see below (or friend me to see it all!).


Or you can put this into your Boxes tab:


To add these applications to either your Wall or your Boxes tab, go to the Edit applications screen. If you look back to my post from last week, you'll see some instructions for getting to the Edit applications screen. Then you click the "Edit" link to get this settings window. Click profile and then you can add the applications to your Wall or Boxes:


After you add the application, you should see it on the left-hand side of your Wall or at the bottom of your Boxes page. Make sure you check both.

I hope this helps you! Please post a comment to this message if you have problems added these applications. Or post a message to the WorldCat in Facebook application discussion page and the CiteMe application discussion page.

Changes to the Facebook profile have caused a lot of confusion for the people and companies that have applications on the Facebook platform.

The new profile has advantages and disadvantages which have been widely discussed. I like the new format, but I am not happy that I have to do more work to make use of the applications I used so easily in the past.

For instance I have added the WorldCat in Facebook application and the CiteMe application. But neither of those applications appears in my profile. So I tried to re-add each app. That didn't work because Facebook knows that I already have those applications. I just can't find them.

Sound familiar? Here's how you fix that.

First go to your Facebook profile by clicking the "Home" button.

Next, click "Edit" on the Application box.

Now you'll see a bunch of your applications and five options for displaying those applications.

Your options are:

  • Authorized applications
  • Bookmarked applications
  • Applications you've added to your profile
  • Applications that have Wall permissions
  • Applications that have additional permissions

If you want the application to appear in the application box (step 2 above) on your profile page, you have to add it to the Bookmarks list of applications. But before you can do that you have to find that application.

It might be in the list of authorized applications, or bookmarked applications or one of the other five lists mentioned above. Click each one of those and look for the WorldCat and CiteMe applications. They will look like this:




You need to click the edit button and then you'll see the Edit Application Settings:


You can change the settings if you like, but the important stuff is on the "Bookmark" tab or link. Click that and you'll see the option to bookmark the applications. Just click the box on that screen as shown here and click "Okay":


Do that for the WorldCat application and the CiteMe application. Then go back to your profile using the "Home" button. The two applications should appear on the right-hand side of your profile page in the Application box. If you can't see them there, click the "more" link:


And then you should see something like this:


You can click and drag these icons up to the top where they will appear in the Application box without clicking "more." And then you can get to your WorldCat and CiteMe apps quickly!

But is that what you wanted?

What I want is to show off my favorite application in the tabs on my public profile view, like this:


But we can't do that right now because we need to make some changes to the applications to support this new profile function. Give us a bit of time. When we make the changes, we'll post again here on our blog or on the WorldCat in Facebook application discussion page and the CiteMe application discussion page.

WorldCat for iPhone

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iphone app crop.jpgI don't have an iPhone yet, but I just found (another) reason to want one: there's now a WorldCat app developed for it, available for download at iPhone Toolbox the Apple Web site apps section (for free). If you have an iPhone, download it and let us know how it performs for you. In fact, we might even send you a free WorldCat t-shirt in exchange.

CiteMe on Facebook

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A nifty new WorldCat app has just been released on Facebook called CiteMe. Type in a title, author, subject, or isbn and presto! A formatted citation comes up, right in the Facebook environment.

Of course, if you're looking to do a whole bibliography in a click, staying on the site is the way to go. You can build a list of all your works and generate your Works Cited page, quickly and easily. But for one or two listings or a quick refresher when you're posting out--this new Facebook app can't be beat!

Amazon Joins the Party


The AllFaceBook blog is reporting two new applications for Facebook both created by Amazon. I've added the Amazon Giver application. I'm just clicking through it now. I'm excited to see this given my experience with Amazon Wish Lists, which I've blogged earlier.

This is a big step for a major e-tailer. Moving out to the social Web introduces some interesting questions for businesses, and for libraries. I've been working through some of these questions myself since we introduced the WorldCat in Facebook application. The socialization of content raises new questions for everyone:

  • How deeply do we allow users to integrate our content into third-party sites

  • Which social platform (or platforms) do we develop for? Facebook? OpenSocial?

  • Do we build on Facebook and Bebo's (AOL!?) implementation of their platform or MySpace's implementation of OpenSocial?

These questions need to be asked in the context of the organizations audience which means that new tools for measuring that audience (and for measuring success) will be needed. How valuable are the page views to your site if most of your content is consumed via RSS? How do you manage usage statistics reported from multiple social networks? What does "engagement" mean for your organization?

The recent Graphing Social Patterns West conference highlighted the shift from measuring impressions to measuring engagement. One of the more interesting AppNite demos at GSP West was developerAnalytics, a Facebook application that measures the virality and engagement of an app as well as revenue generated from the app. This is just an early example of the tools that businesses will need to master as they socialize their content through the Web.

There is a lot to learn in this emerging environment. Here at WorldCat, we are eager to learn. And as we learn, we'll bring web-scale to libraries.