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Celebrate Bike to Work week


bike_month_dates170x170.gifI found out yesterday that OCLC, the library cooperative that stewards WorldCat, has made two bikes available for staff who would like to bike to work. This is to help celebrate national Bike to Work week in the U.S. The cool part is, you check out the bikes through the library! Any other libraries out there offering bikes for check out?

But seriously, there are some committed bikers who've made some good lists on WorldCat. And of course in many parts of the world --notably Holland--bikes are the primary form of transportation. Benefit from the collected wisdom:

My pet peeves are bikers who
A. Ride on the sidewalk (kids excepted, but for adults this is ridiculous)
B. Ride against traffic (for both kids and adults, this is DANGEROUS)
C. Don't signal (even more important on a bike than in a car!)

So there you have it--my soapbox for safe biking. Enjoy the week and celebrate by donning that helmet and getting out there!