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bostonmarathon2010.jpgIf anyone else is like me, I always get inspired in the springtime (okay, it's springtime here in the northern hemisphere...) to lace up the running shoes and pound the pavement. Especially on days like the Boston Marathon--which is today.

But being eager to go for that first spring jog and completing 26.2 miles are two different propositions altogether. So most of us turn to an expert for some advice when contemplating some serious training. Lots of people I know who weren't runners *before,* joined a marathon training group and found the whole process fairly smooth. (I won't say easy, but smooth.) Others went out and "just did it" after reading a book. I'd say I plan a combination approach, when I'm ready to take on the challenge. Whatever your style, these lists from WorldCat users are sure to help:

"Things to Check Out (marathon training)" from mhill16
"Marathon books" from Michelle Williams
"Running" by jlh830
"Distance running" by nilgesc
"running" by tgorden

Of course, materials abound on the Boston Marathon itself in WorldCat. Celebrate the runners in your life, and go for a jog this afternoon. Perhaps down to your local library!