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facet.pngYou might have already noticed this--it's been available for a few weeks now. But for the record, wanted to let you know...Now you can select multiple facets when you search, thanks to new checkboxes in the left side "narrow by format" column in the brief results display.

Here's an example, of how it can help:
I did a search on CYBER MONDAY and got 91 items returned.
Then I refined my search by simply checking the "eBook" format checkbox, and the results went from 91 to two (2): Santa Shops on eBay and the webolution of shopping to 2010. Interesting to note on that last title--it was written in 2001. I am curious to read it, to see how many of the predictions came true.

But wait! There's more! The terms used to describe facets have also been updated to include additional information to help you more quickly identify the items you're looking for. For example, "internet resource" has now been broken down into smaller chunks, such as "downloadable image" and "web site" (See it in the classic WorldCat developer search for "dogs.")

No go forth and search! Faster! And more powerfully.

Just in time for those final research essays of the term. Or Cyber Monday shopping. You choose!

Since we installed the new icons on, it's easier for users to identify what kind of material they are looking at.

Instead of seeing something like: Internet Resource, Book, Computer File

You see:ebookicon.gif

What is yet to come, is a way to make it easier for users to find these items. We're working on that.

Here are some of my favorite searches on

English stuff that might be (but not always depending on copyright) free*

This is how I find some e-content items today, but it's likely to change eventually:




We are constantly refining and looking at item types that we might be missing or misrepresenting. If you see something, please let us know.

*These searches are not 100% accurate because we also look at other fields, like physical size, but they're pretty darn close (except for the free stuff).

content-cover-small.jpgCory Doctorow has made the first collection of his essays, "Content: Selected Essays on Technology, Creativity, Copyright and the Future of the Future," available as a free PDF download. He is also providing (as he's done with previous books) a "matching service" to connect folks who would like to support his efforts with libraries and educators. From the page on the book release:

If you’re a teacher or librarian and you want a free copy of Content, email with your name and the name and address of your school. It’ll be posted below by my fantastic helper, Olga Nunes, so that potential donors can see it.

If you enjoyed the electronic edition of Content and you want to donate something to say thanks, check below to find a teacher or librarian you want to support. Then go to Amazon,, or your favorite electronic bookseller and order a copy to the classroom, then email a copy of the receipt (feel free to delete your address and other personal info first!) to so that Olga can mark that copy as sent. If you don’t want to be publicly acknowledged for your generosity, let us know and we’ll keep you anonymous, otherwise we’ll thank you on the donate page.

Very cool idea. Once I've read the book (I've read some of the essays already over the years, and assume the rest will be as good), I'll get a review up on and let y'all know.


Getting Digital

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I have to confess that I'm a person of instant gratification. I think almost anyone growing up in the age of digital media and the internet has to be. I also love getting a great deal on stuff. And that's why I love that my local library has so many electronic options. Downloadable auido books and downloadable movies! It's like, why would I pay for movie subscriptions when I can get movies from my library? Granted, some of the downloadable movies aren't exactly new releases, but I find myself watching repeats of old movies on TNT more than I find myself buying newly released movies OnDemand at home anyway. I especially love that the status is "always available". If only I could also get them on my ipod....maybe someday.

I'm still mastering how to find these items in, but one way that seems to work for me is to search for and then narrowing down to find in libraries for "just this edition" instead of all editions. These are just some items that my library offers access to, I know there are a lot more records out there.