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Getting Digital

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I have to confess that I'm a person of instant gratification. I think almost anyone growing up in the age of digital media and the internet has to be. I also love getting a great deal on stuff. And that's why I love that my local library has so many electronic options. Downloadable auido books and downloadable movies! It's like, why would I pay for movie subscriptions when I can get movies from my library? Granted, some of the downloadable movies aren't exactly new releases, but I find myself watching repeats of old movies on TNT more than I find myself buying newly released movies OnDemand at home anyway. I especially love that the status is "always available". If only I could also get them on my ipod....maybe someday.

I'm still mastering how to find these items in, but one way that seems to work for me is to search for and then narrowing down to find in libraries for "just this edition" instead of all editions. These are just some items that my library offers access to, I know there are a lot more records out there.