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Libraries in 2088


Last week, my husband told me to watch a short film on mobility in 2088 where engineers and designers who work for Honda R&D are asked to describe what transportation will be like in 2088, basically 80 years from now. For some, it seemed they had thought about what life would be like in 80 years, and for others it seemed like the thought had never crossed their mind. I find that surprising in an industry where planning for your next big release of a car starts years and years before the finished product will hit production.

For me, the answer I liked most out of the film was 'transportation by foot'. It's so basic, and people have been traveling by foot since we started walking upright. It's environmentally safe, it requires nothing other than our own two feet and the ability to walk, and doesn't require an expensive infrastructure in order to work.

So that, of course, leads me to my next question...

What will libraries be in 80 years?

80 years ago, visiting the library and getting a print copy was about your only option from what I've been told. Now, patrons are reading books, viewing movies, and listening to audiobooks all online. Online - a concept that didn't exist 80 years ago.

Whatever the future of the library, I am pretty certain about one thing: The concept of a Library has been around for as long as civilization has been around. I don't think it's going anywhere.