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As you may already know, you can add the search string "cntnt" to a search in order to limit your search to digitized images in library collections.

So if you're still looking for ideas for a costume for Halloween, try this search:

Many of the images are for historical or stage costumes. And while that might not be exactly what you're looking for, it may give you some more creative (and educational) ideas than you'll get from a general web-search for costume images. While those results are certainly vast, I'm not sure how useful hundreds of pictures of people dressed as Darth Vader and pirates are when what you want are interesting brainstorming ideas. Some other thoughts for All Hallows' Eve searches:

Again... these images aren't going to set you up for ready-made, store-bought costume ideas. But they are a great source of inspiration for those of us who like to get a bit more creative -- or, dare I say, literary -- in our costuming. Just doing this search, for example, uncovered the Folger Shakespeare Library collection for me... with some wonderful watercolors of 36 costume ideas for a production of Romeo and Juliet. Wonderful costume idea fodder and so much more interesting than, well... another Darth Vader.

Are you ready for Halloween?


Contributed by Jasmine de Gaia

The popularity of Halloween seems to be increasing steadily - I just read the other day that two-thirds of all grown-ups will celebrate Halloween and half of them will spend more than $100 doing so. With Oct. 31st just a a few days away perhaps you're still trying to put together a costume or helping your kids map out their trick or treating routes. Whatever your Halloween festivities, the library has some great resources to generate some ideas or help get you in that spooky frame of mind. Take a look at all the great Halloween lists other WorldCat users have created, covering everything from decorating to costumes to movies and even the history of Halloween. Check out the identities of some favorite Halloween characters, such as Jack the Ripper or related authors like Stephen King.
Happy Halloween!

Halloween for grown-ups


Halloween is one of my favorite holidays (right up there with "Sweetest Day"... NOT!) I love it because it has always been, at least since I was a kid, pre-commercialized. It was always about dressing up (maybe as Your Favorite Cartoon HeroTM). Maybe as a box of cereal. Maybe as an adverb (make the letters "LY" on the back of a dark shirt with masking tape -- instant costume). Why? To get the free candy. Gimme the free candy. Plot the route that brings me past the most houses that give out good candy.

Maybe the marketing starts earlier or is heavier now than it was 30(ish) years ago... But, at its heart, Halloween is and has been about one thing: socially sanctioned bad behavior.

For kids, it's an easy sell. Dress up goofy, scream, get candy. But I want Halloween, too. I'm lucky enough to have a grade-school age son who loves weird, complex costumes. So that's good, 2nd hand fun. And I still get a kick out of carving jack-o-lanterns. But... I see, coming down the pike, a time when I won't have a young kid and will need to work at keeping the spooky spirit alive. How's that gonna happen? I want to be badly behaved in ways that are (relatively) safe and fun.

Well, time to get creative, I guess... What about a zombie theme party? Jamaican mixed drinks.Voodoo music. All kinds of zombie movie options. Brains. Zombie games.

Or a make-your-own costume party. Or a make-your-own historical costume party. Or one of those "host a murder" parties. Or something to do with pirates.

I don't know, for sure. I know that I'd like other people to give me some ideas.

So when all y'all creative people out there think about what to write about, promote, link to, collect and share about Halloween... remember us old folks. We like to have scary fun, too.