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We've had a long spate of grey skies and dreary weather in my part of the world, but this morning I woke up to sunny blue skies. Something about having sunshine hit your eyelids first thing when you wake is almost guaranteed to make you feel good. Maybe it's spring fever, but I'll take it, I'll take it!

So I was already thinking about springtime and our long-since-planned, waiting-to-be-enacted landscaping project in the backyard this morning. Last night my neighbor and I were talking about whether the price of oil would affect the price of our planned asphalt drive. He was certain the cost would go up over last year's quote.

So I had home projects on the brain when I logged into e-mail this morning. And what a nice coincidence I found, when my friend Kelly sent a note about her green attempts as a homeowner. Now she lives in a warmer climate than I--her Spring has already started! But her entries inspired me to look again at green landscaping options for our project.

Maybe you, too, will find some inspiration from these green lists on WorldCat. At some point I will get to move my digging from online sources to the soil...but until then it is fun to see what inspiration others have found in WorldCat. What color are your dreams?