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To Mrs. Carr


The NYT has another article out in their "The Future of Reading" series". The accompanying video is interesting. What really caught me and caused me to write this quick post is one of the last things Stephanie Rosalia says in the video: "I never knew my school librarian.... The library should be the center of the school."

So thank you Mrs. Carr for making your library the center of the school at Woodside Elementary when I was there. I remember you!

WorldCat success story

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I just read Paul's story about the great experience he had with WorldCat and more importantly, the wonderful service he received from the librarians at a WorldCat library, the University of Canterbury (NZ).

I love to hear stories of how WorldCat helped connect a Web searcher with an item s/he is looking for, in a library. If anyone else has great stories like this, do share!