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200,000th user!

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We hit the 200,000 registered user milestone on WorldCat today at 10:09:04 am Eastern Daylight Savings time. We have e-mailed the lucky registered user to make sure he or she is amenable to having a bit of publicity. So unfortunately we haven't heard back yet...but we hit the mark today and we're still climbing! So keep those registrations coming. We'll be celebrating the next milestone again before you know it!

We are so close. It will be any minute now, that the lucky 200,000 WorldCat user will register!! Will it be you? Will it be a friend you recommended? Stay tuned--we'll keep you updated as the day progresses...

Man, we are closing fast on the 200,000 registered user on Worldcat. We are only 619 people away from the goal--and chances are, we will cross the line either today or tomorrow.

It's now that I can also reveal the prize--a brand-spankin' new WorldCat t-shirt!

If you haven't registered yet, take a minute today to do it now. If you're the lucky winner, we'll e-mail you privately and make sure you're willing to have your name published and get a few minutes of fame. We will ask you for your preferred postal mailing address, so your t-shirt arrives where you'd like it to.

If you're already registered, (and curious about how to get your hands on your own snappy WorldCat t-shirt) sign up to receive WorldCat news by e-mail. Of course, as a faithful blog reader you'll be totally up to date, but this way you're covered in case you take a holiday from your feedreader!

If you haven't told your friends, family and co-workers to register on, now's the time. We're averaging about 500 new sign-ups a day, so at this pace we should hit our milestone this week!

*trumpet sound*
We're getting excited here, as the number of new registered users on WorldCat keeps going up. At last count, we're at 194,634. I know this number might seem small right now to some, but the more people hear about WorldCat and use it--the more front and center the Library becomes in everyone's minds as a great place to go for information, knowledge and life-changing learning. Online and in person.

If you have friends who haven't created a profile on WorldCat yet, now would be a good time to mention it to them. We're going to be watching that registered users count pretty carefully until we hit the 200,000 milestone. There's even talk of featuring the 200,00th profile in some way...stay tuned for details!