Results tagged “photos” from WorldCat Blog

Most people don’t get too excited about search result pages. We type in some terms; we get some results back. We expect the results to be helpful, and we expect all this to happen in a few seconds. We don't ask for much more than that.

At OCLC we take search a little more seriously than most folks. But even so, I was really surprised when I started experimenting with the new digital image collections that have been integrated into Just adding 'cntnt' to a search term will limit your search to the new collections.

A fellow Tribe fan sent me a link to a search on "Cleveland Indians" which pulled up about 60 digital images mostly from the Cleveland Memory Project. I love this shot of Satchel Paige in his Cleveland uniform.

That was cool. But a quick cut-and-paste, and I had a handful of images of diners, and then a great result set for "automobiles".

But my favorite searches so far have been on "political cartoons" which unearthed around 30 great cartoons from the 1960's and earlier, and a search I did for my mom, who collects postcards, which brought up several thousand wonderful old postcards.

So try some searches using the limiter 'cntnt' and see what you find. And share your discoveries with the rest of us by posting the links in the comments below or on your own blog.