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WorldCat for iPhone

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iphone app crop.jpgI don't have an iPhone yet, but I just found (another) reason to want one: there's now a WorldCat app developed for it, available for download at iPhone Toolbox the Apple Web site apps section (for free). If you have an iPhone, download it and let us know how it performs for you. In fact, we might even send you a free WorldCat t-shirt in exchange.

Where's WorldCat

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goofy worldcat back small.jpg

The WorldCat team is working on developing appropriate merchandise such as WorldCat t-shirts, mugs, etc.--so that you can show the world how much you love finding things online in libraries. It's a project in process, but you can start to see the results in Flickr. Bob and I had some fun at a recent library conference in California with Goofy Lost and Found. We're definitely still working out the kinks at this point, but we've started a WorldCat group pool--and we'd love to have you join us.

If YOU have a penchant for t-shirt design and have a cool idea you think might be worthy of WorldCat wear, let us know! We always love seeing clever creativity connected to our favorite online library catalog.

Man, we are closing fast on the 200,000 registered user on Worldcat. We are only 619 people away from the goal--and chances are, we will cross the line either today or tomorrow.

It's now that I can also reveal the prize--a brand-spankin' new WorldCat t-shirt!

If you haven't registered yet, take a minute today to do it now. If you're the lucky winner, we'll e-mail you privately and make sure you're willing to have your name published and get a few minutes of fame. We will ask you for your preferred postal mailing address, so your t-shirt arrives where you'd like it to.

If you're already registered, (and curious about how to get your hands on your own snappy WorldCat t-shirt) sign up to receive WorldCat news by e-mail. Of course, as a faithful blog reader you'll be totally up to date, but this way you're covered in case you take a holiday from your feedreader!